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move car virginia beachDo you work at the Stihl headquarters in Virginia Beach, but they told you they’re transferring you to the Intermountain Stihl in Aurora, Colorado? Maybe you live near the Blue Ridge mountains or the Appalachian mountains and want to transport your SUV?

Are you a dealer with a growing customer base in New York, New Hampshire, Idaho, or South Carolina?

One way or the other, you need to find a rock-solid vehicle transport company.

How long does auto transport take from Virginia Beach?

You’ve got a car relocation from Virginia Beach? To where? Our nationwide shipping allows you to go clear to the West Coast - San Diego, San Francisco, or Idaho - if you’d like, which will in large part determine the time it takes for car delivery. If you’re sending the Suburban to your son at Stanford, the car will likely take over a week to get there. But if you finally found a 2015 convertible Volvo, but it’s in New Hampshire, you should have it in 2-4 days. You can refer to the chart on our website for total area distances and timelines.

Also, it's easier to book a route to a major city compared to a rural community or an area harder to get to, so that can affect the timing of your delivery. There are just more drivers traveling to the largest cities compared to small towns on the beaten path.

While standard shipping services from a populous city is typically arranged within 2-7 days from the time you contact us, you can get fast delivery of your vehicle through express auto transport. We may be able to pick it up in as few as 24 hours, and here are the advantages: You get pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of: either pick-up date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off.

And if we don’t hold up our end? You receive a refund of the difference between the standard shipping price and express shipping price, plus an extra $100! It's no wonder we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States!

Car transport companies will tell you that the time of year you ship a car can affect on your vehicle delivery, because weather can play a part. Snow and hail, for instance, can cause a delay in your delivery, as well as traffic during holidays.ship car virginia beach

Interested in a free quote? Just fill out our easy online quote form to see we get you the best rate for your door to door service.

How much does it cost to ship a car in the state of Virginia?

Do you live at Camp Pendleton? We offer a discount to active-duty members of the military. Call us with the location details.

Are you looking at the cost of shipping from Virginia Beach to your daughter at Wellesley? We know you want the best service, but also the best price for your Virginia auto transport or any other south atlantic region of the U.S. Because we have 30-plus years of experience in the business, we’re a transport company for cars with an advanced network of contacts bringing you the most competitive pricing for vehicle shipping - whether you need your car to go to North Carolina, West Virginia, Idaho, or San Antonio.

With our Quick Free Quote, you can find out the price right now, and you’ve got that price – guaranteed for 14 days. That’s twice the industry average for different companies, which is about a week or so. Just another reason we're a top shipping company across the US states!

Do you want more control over the price? Some of the options you get from auto transport companies can cause the price to go up or down.

The length of time the auto transporter is on the road influences the cost. If it’s going over mountains or getting off main arteries to remote towns it can take longer, which raises the cost. If you need it fast and require express auto transport it’s more expensive also.

Then another strong consideration is what type of carrier you need.

move truck virginia beachIs open car shipping right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Maybe your dad just can’t enjoy the Mustang anymore that you and he rebuilt in the ‘70s. If you want it shipped to you, you’re going to need classic car transport. If so, you’ll likely want an enclosed carrier instead of an open carrier, to protect it from rain, dirt and exposure to sun as it travels a long distance.

Are you ready for some off-roading in your Xterra? Most family SUVs, vans, or cars worth less than $70,000 are transported safely in open standard carriers. They stack 7-10 cars and travel on highways pretty frequently - they are the more common method of shipping for door to door service.

If you’re a dealer shipping Mercedes to affluent out-of-town customers - in West Virginia, Colorado, or Washington D.C. - you want the added TLC the car gets when it’s enclosed the whole way. Enclosed transport in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or another surrounding zip code, offers you the peace of mind you want for luxury transport.

Do you collect vehicles like Bentleys? For exotic transport, we also strongly suggest an enclosed trailer. It’s too important to scrimp when you’re shipping high-end cars.

As auto shippers who know the business, we offer you all the information you need to make a decision about your vehicle transportation.

Need an instant car shipping quote? We have an online quote calculator for you to see our competitive prices. Or you can give us a call! As car movers, we take pride in our customer service and offering free auto transport quotes.

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"After calling multiple transport companies, I spoke to Chris at ECS and was pleasantly surprised to see he knew exactly what an EZ GO was, and the exact dimensions.  Within a couple of hours we had the transport booked.  I opted for enclosed transport because of special customization on this golf cart. Cost less than expected, and the driver delivered direct to my door.” - Thomas Zemeckis

Miami, FL to Virginia Beach, VA - $719

Car Photo

2013 EZ Go

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"Very prompt pick-up and delivery. Communicated every step of the way. Dropped off right at my doorstep. Friendly and reliable service!" - Grace Cho

Seattle, WA to Norwalk, CA - $899

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2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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"Great experience, car was waiting for us at our designated pick up spot! Truck was in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend them!!" - Danny Kelly

Loma Linda, CA to Fort Collins, CO - $889

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2017 Honda Ridgeline

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"The driver parked the truck outside of my complex and drove my car to my apartment to deliver it. Very good service!" - Frank Park

San Diego, CA to Savannah, GA - $1299

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2011 Ford Edge

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"This was my first time shipping a car. Pick up in Laguna Beach, CA was on time and the driver gave me a specific time window which I appreciated. Then the drop off was in Seattle and again perfectly on time and driver showed up with my Prius in great condition. The whole process went very smoothly and I will definitely use them again if I need to ship a car." - Dina Waters

Laguna Beach, CA to Seattle, WA - $1279

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2008 Toyota Prius

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"Everything was wonderful! Transport came a day earlier than anticipated and dropped off earlier, too! Easy and painless process. I had never transported a car before and had no idea what to expect, but they made it truly easy! Thanks!!" - Ariella Kessler

Deerfield Beach, FL to Patchogue, NY - $929

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2018 Toyota RAV4

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"Searched for a rust free Charger for months. Bought it in AZ, but it was an inop. They had to work hard to get it out of the backyard and loaded. Thanks for picking it up quickly and getting it delivered within 10 days. Love the car. Time to get to work on it." - Jason Proust

Peoria, AZ to Denver, CO - INOPERABLE VEHICLE - $779

Car Photo

1970 Dodge Charger

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Why choose Easy Car Shipping for vehicle transport in Virginia Beach?

You really don’t want to hand over the keys to the first auto transporter that promises you the cheapest way. What you need is reliable car shipping experts to do a good job. Have you been burned by car movers in the past so now you're searching for better service? moving cars virginia beach

We’ve met many customers in that situation who were thrilled when we could step up the pace to save the day. But with us you get more than just service. We stay in constant contact with you throughout the entire process. Easy Car Shipping even assigns you a transport coordinator – your own company contact to walk you through the job. You have full communication during the length of the process.

When you look at car shipping services, always check their online reviews. You can see that our former, real customers are crazy about us. After all, we’ve got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Whether you check out our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as we use our advanced network of drivers to make sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way.

Want an auto transport quote? Then you're in the right place! Just fill out our simple online form for your car transport service to get an instant, free quote.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Virginia Beach.

Are you in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area for the winter? You probably want your Club Car to drive around the state of Virginia. We can provide golf cart transport for you.

Did you find a new bike online for the Neptune Festival but it's in Idaho, South Carolina, or Washington D.C.? We will ship a motorcycle from wherever you find one. We also transport campers and smaller RVs - from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Did you sell your Ford F350 to someone in Oklahoma or West Virginia? You can ship a truck from Virginia Beach and Norfolk through us. Do you have a bakery or other business and need van transport in Virginia Beach or the state capital to send them for repairs or some other purpose? We also ship vans with handicap ramps and similar features.

No matter the type of vehicle, we can ship it with door to door service. We can give you a free auto shipping quote for your car transport service.

moving car virginia beachAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Yes, you are. And it’s spelled out in your quote, so you can see the details from the beginning of the job. We contract with drivers who have full coverage, and if, on the rare occurrence, something happens, there’s no deductible. You wouldn’t take a road trip without insurance, and we want you to have that same security with us.

You can turn to us at Easy Car Shipping for your unique situation, confident that there are few surprises with a company that knows cars as well as we do. And remember, you get individualized service so your car is delivered the reliable way.

No one can match auto shipping in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay with the competence and convenience we provide you. Let us know what you need. Volkswagen or Vauxhall, we’re a transport company you can trust to do the job right. Shipping cars is what we do.

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