Looking for the best combination of service and value to get your car from point A to point B? Reading door-to-door auto transport reviews to find the most dependable shipping company? Your car’s too important to scrimp on, yet when you need auto shipping, you want the least expensive car transport quote you can get without sacrificing great customer service service. So do we.

Transporation Comparison
  • Cost of Shipping

    Airline-Class Equivalent

    Pickup / Drop-off Date

    Fully Insured


    Recommended For

  • Open Transport

    Best $$$ Value

    "Coach" Class Service


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Most vehicles

  • Enclosed Transport

    40% - 60% more than Open

    First-Class or Business Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Unique, Sentimental or >$70,000

  • Express (Open or Enclosed)

    30% additional

    You choose: Coach or 1st Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    When urgent transport required

car transport door to doorWhat determines the cost of open / door-to-door car shipping?

The cost for door-to-door transport is driven primarily by (1) distance / miles, (2) city vs. rural location, and (3) whether the vehicle runs or not. Secondary factors include (4) whether you choose an open trailer or an enclosed one, (5) the vehicle’s size, weight, & if there is heavy equipment and (6) how fast you want it to arrive / demand for spots at that time of year.

If you say “I need to move my car from L.A. to New York City,” chances are that an auto transport company for cars like ours has auto haulers scheduled to leave in the next few days − with a couple of remaining spots we can book you on, at a very good price, because that’s quite a popular route. However, if your car needs to go from Oshkosh to Big Sur, those rural locations require the car hauler to go far off the beaten path, with other cars on board – which would cost more than the same miles on a frequently-traveled route.

Locations near cities and interstates are the most affordable, but we never use terminal shipping. Before delivery, you will receive a phone call from the trucker, to verify your area. Most residential areas are surrounded by narrow streets, making it difficult for the transport driver to take his truck to easily reach you, so he might ask you to meet him at a safe and open nearby location for you to receive your car.

car shipping door to door

Your auto transport quote will be lower if your car runs and drives on its own, than if the driver needs help to load your car. When a car requires a winch, or extra work to start or steer, the additional effort costs the transport driver more time.

8 out of 10 customers find door-to-door car shipping on an open trailer offers the best combination of service and value.

The price to ship a car using door-to-door transport service using an “open carrier” (the type that can haul 3-10 vehicles at a time) is most economical. Usually, the longer the distance, the bigger the trailer. And if your vehicle’s value is more than $70K, we’ll recommend choosing an enclosed trailer for greater protection and peace of mind. 

A vehicle’s size is another factor in determining price. An extended-cab, long-bed truck with heavy equipment may take up more than 1 bed, and a Hummer or luxury SUV is extra-heavy. This may mean the driver can fit only 9 vehicles on a 10-bed truck in order to meet highway regulations & safety inspections, which is a pricing factor as well.

Our Quick Quote car transport system constantly scans all available truck inventory to get you the very best prices from our network of >8,500 qualified truck drivers who compete to quickly fill their trucks each day. We provide you with a range of options, and 4 excellent real-time quotes to choose from.

Your door-to-door transport car delivery quote is not just highly competitive; we guarantee the price for 14 days. That’s twice the average in the auto transport industry − and if prices go up, we absorb the cost. You can also count on the fact that the car shipping quotes you receive are all-inclusive: no taxes, no fuel surcharges, no surprises throughout the entire transport. 100% insurance is also included for your peace of mind. And in the unlikely event you ever need to file a claim, you have a zero deductible so no paying extra money. You never have any additional out-of-pocket expenses. 

"Being retired, we’re on a budget. Easy Car Shipping was the best combo of price, reputation and door to door car shipping. Our vehicle was picked up and also dropped off within the window of dates we agreed on, and because our dates were somewhat flexible, that helped keep prices low also. Good experience.” Marty Temkin, 2014 Cadillac ATS, Bloomfield Hills, MI to Prescott AZ

ship car door to doorHow long does door-to-door auto transport take?

This is really a 2-part question: (A) How long before a truck is available for your desired receiving date? (B) How long does it take to drop off the vehicle, once it’s on the truck?

(A) Your time window depends on whether you select standard or express-door-to-door transport. Standard pickup dates are usually 2-7 business days after your order is placed. Actual pick-up and drop-off dates may have a margin of +/- 1 or 2 days, and are best for those who have some flexibility in their schedule, in exchange for a great price.

Express shipping offers pickup within 1-3 days, and a choice of guaranteed (a) pickup date or (b) drop-off date or (c) shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off. If you find yourself in a sudden time-crunch, our express door-to-door transport service can save the day. If it’s available on your route, this option can help you make up time in case you need it. 

(B) After your vehicle has been picked up, the time-interval depends on the distance. For long hauls, auto transport takes about 1 day for every 500 miles. For shorter distances, check out our Car Shipping Tips for a neat little chart of distance vs. days.

Of course, an occasional delay due to bad weather, traffic, holidays, an occasional mechanical issue or even the actions of other customers might be beyond our control. But we always work hard to meet all our commitments, and we train our network of drivers to communicate with you regularly. If you choose expedited or express shipping, that comes with a money-back price guarantee plus a $100 bonus if we fail to meet our commitment by even 1 day.

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"Very happy with the shipping of my "project" car. It did not run, had no brakes, and was a narrow tread width. Despite these difficulties, it was transported with no damage or problems." - Joseph Teijido

Portland, OR to Savannah, GA - $1429

Car Photo

1969 Ford Mustang

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Map Photo

"I had an amazing experience with them. I needed to ship two cars within  a week and reached out to them via Yelp. They were quick to respond, gave me an EXCELLENT quote and were very thorough and easy to talk to. They explained things and had great customer service via email and on the phone. They had everything set up for me so quick and easy. The dispatcher they chose was amazing and got our cars half way across the country so fast!!! Their emails were very professional and first class. I would definitely recommend this company. They give great quotes, have great customer service and it was the easiest, most stress free car Shipping experience I've ever had!!! I'm very thankful!!!!" - Sada Jackson

Burbank, CA to Kansas City, KS - $1049

Car Photo

2017 Ford Edge

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $1049

Car Photo

2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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"Quality service when moving my vehicle. I called 5 different transporters and they were the only ones to help me. The service was very quick from the time the vehicle was loaded (1 day). Recommend." - Mike Poutre

Scottsdale, AZ to Los Angeles, CA - $479

Car Photo

2006 Porsche Cayenne

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"I appreciate the great effort in getting my vehicle delivered. With all the headaches of moving again, at least this one was simple. The drivered allowed me to fill the trunk with my personal items. It wasn't anything valuable, but I needed this stuff as soon as the car arrived." - Denise Kroger

Oklahoma City, OK to Seattle, WA - $1289

Car Photo

2012 Audi A6

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"I can’t say thank you enough! They gave me a quote really fast and picked up my car much sooner than I had expected. I had my Pacifica shipped from Oregon to Illinois, they had it to me in 5 days! Excellent communication from the company and the driver along the way, I had no worries at all! To top it off they gave me the best quote around! Very pleased with my experience!" - Traci Kessell

Clackamas, OR to E Saint Louis, IL - $1229

Car Photo

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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"Affordable and dependable - Thanks for the solid price and the guarantee to get it delivered by the date I needed it. I planned to use for the family vacation. Worked out great." - Alexander Matrovich

Philadelphia, PA to Laguna Beach, CA - $1499

Car Photo

2014 Mercedes GL 450

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"I read reviewson about 15 brokers, Steve at ECS made it easy to choose them. They made the process incredibly smooth, even so far as meeting us to drop off the car way after business hours. The delivery was quicker than promised and they accommodated our schedule." - Theresa Bowman

Beverly Hills, CA to Manhattan, NY - $1369

Car Photo

2016 Lexus NX200

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"Thanks Easy Car Shipping for making our car transport effortless and so quick!We were worried, but you put our fears to rest. Thanks for doing a fantastic and reliable job." - Esther Shin

Anaheim, CA to Livermore, CA - $529

Car Photo

2015 Toyota Camry

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"My car was delivered yesterday in perfect condition. The company was fast, communicative, and dependable. David and his team were available every step of the way. Thank you!" - Ken Griffin

San Marcos, CA to San Francisco, CA - $649

Car Photo

1988 Land Rover Defender 110

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vehicle shipping door to doorWhy choose Easy Car Shipping for reliable door-to-door auto transport service?

With our years of experience, we’re one of the best-rated car transport companies, with reviews averaging 4.5 stars. One reason for that is we assign a specific Transport Coordinator to manage your order from start to finish, so you have a direct line with the name of an accountable person every step of the way. Many of our team members are actual vehicle experts, not just desk jockeys.

This means we know how to ship cars with unique needs -- such as the height implications of an SUV with ski racks, a truck purchased at auction without a motor, or a handicap-equipped van with special modifications.

For you, this lessens the chance of any surprise and increases the likelihood of your praising our reliable auto transport to friends and neighbors.

“My daughter started her freshman year and we thought she could do without a car at UT Austin, but a month in we realized it would not work after all. Calling other companies we where told we would have to drop off our car at their location for terminal shipping. That didn't seem like a good option for us. We chose the cheapest option, since it was not urgent at that point. Chelsea was grateful the truck driver gave her a phone call and was able to drop it in the parking lot of her off-campus complex, and we were relieved she got door to door service. Very satisfied with the service and the great price.” Nancy Mayo, 2009 Nissan Versa, Louisville KY to Austin, TX

move car door to door

Should I consider enclosed door-to-door auto shipping?

Unless your vehicle’s value is more than $70,000 or is a rare classic with a lot of sentiment, you can probably skip the option of enclosed auto transport (which would otherwise be 40-60% more, since enclosed trucks have fewer spaces and therefore cost more for the same trip -- just as a first class cabin on an airplane is smaller and comes with a premium price).

For the vast majority, door-to-door service on an open trailer is more than perfectly fine – and it offers the best value.

We’ve been providing dependable auto shipping for many years, and the door-to-door vehicle transport experience of most of our customers has been seamless.

When it comes to safely, successfully getting your vehicle to its final destination, you can sit back, relax, and let us be in the driver’s seat.

“Moving across the country can be so stressful. Dealing with R.E. agents, furniture movers and school transfers, I was at least glad that my door-to-door auto transport experience was a breeze. For budget reasons my husband wanted the standard option with the open trailer, which turned out just as well: We saved a few dollars compared to enclosed, and our car arrived without a scratch (more than we already had). Moving closer to my parents is great, and I have recommended this company to other friends.” Maggie Haggerty, 2012 Honda Odyssey, Huntington Station, NY to Riverside, CA

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