Terms and Conditions: Easy Car Shipping

Easy Car Shipping is a licensed, bonded and registered property Transport Broker registered with the USDOT (MC#517651). This agreement is solely between the customer and his / her or its duly authorized agent (hereafter referred to as the “Customer”) and Easy Car Shipping (the “Company”), previously also known as State 2 State Auto Transport.


1. As a licensed and bonded Transport Broker, Easy Car Shipping works only with similarly reputable drivers / transporters (“Carriers”) who are also properly licensed and insured to transport vehicles nationwide.

2. A “Vehicle”is defined as the car, truck, motorcycle or any such unit for which Easy Car Shipping has issued a written Quote or booked an Order. The Company may decline or cancel an order at its discretion if issues arise.

3. The Customer warrants that he or she is the legal or registered owner of the Vehicle, or has been given authorization by the legal or registered owner to arrange transport for the Vehicle.

4. If the Customer is designating another person (an Agent) to meet the Carrier at time of Pick-up or Drop-off, it is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure that designated person is aware of these terms.

Preparing the Vehicle for transport / The Pick-up & Drop-off Process

5. The Customer is responsible for preparing the Vehicle for transport. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, etc. need to be removed and/or properly secured.

• If the Vehicle is modified (such as lowered, lifted, or extended), has a roof-rack, camper-top or is otherwise altered from the stock model, the Customer must notify Easy Car Shipping in the Pick-up Notes section of the Order, or by phone, so that the Company can ensure the Vehicle is assigned to the appropriate Carrier and modifications are clearly documented. Easy Car Shipping’s Quote may be subject to change if the Vehicle has been altered or modified, to compensate for additional costs related to height, weight, width etc.

6. At the time of Pick-up, the Carrier will make a thorough inspection of the Vehicle’s exterior, and the Customer will sign and receive a copy of the inspection report (also called a Bill of Lading, or “BOL”).

7. At the time of Drop-off, the Customer will inspect the Vehicle and sign the same inspection report / BOL again. If there is any possible damage observed at the time of delivery, Customer must describe the issue on the BOL / inspection report provided by the Carrier, prior to signing the BOL / inspection report. Easy Car Shipping and its Carriers cannot be held responsible for any damage discovered after the Customer has signed the BOL / inspection report and the Carrier has left the Vehicle.

8. If the transported Vehicle becomes inoperable for any reason during transport, the Customer agrees that a charge of $150.00 will be added to the Quote Total. Neither Easy Car Shipping nor its Carriers are responsible for any damage that might be caused by a freezing engine, cooling system and/or batteries.


9a. A Customer who chooses the “Discounted Cash Price” option provides a credit card when the Order is placed, which will be kept securely on file by Chase Paymentech for up to 30 days. The credit card will be authorized for up to $300 -- yet unlike many other shippers, Easy Car Shipping does not actually charge any Customer’s credit card until the day the Customer’s Vehicle is assigned to a designated Carrier and the Customer is notified by phone and/or email titled “Dispatch Assignment Update”.

• On the actual Vehicle Pick-up Date, the Company will process the deposit portion of the Quote Total and will send the Customer an email with the actual Credit Card Deposit amount. The Balance Due (which is the Quote Total minus the Credit Card Deposit) must be paid in cash or by cashier’s check directly to the Carrier by the Customer at the time of Drop-Off. A Customer who selects “Discounted Cash Price” cannot later decide to pay the Carrier by credit card on the Drop-Off Date.

9b. A Customer who chooses the “Pay in FULL by Credit Card” option also provides a credit card when the order is placed, and the Credit Card will be charged the full payment (Discounted Cash Price + 5% service fee). The Company charges a Customer’s card only after the Vehicle is assigned to a designated Carrier and the Customer has been notified by phone and/or email titled “Dispatch Assignment Update”.

10. Easy Car Shipping charges NO cancellation fees, provided that the Customer cancels the Order prior to when the Company assigns a Carrier and issues the Dispatch Assignment Update to the Customer. If an Order is canceled by the Customer after the Dispatch Assignment Update is received, then a Cancellation Fee equal to the deposit amount that was due will be charged to the credit card on file to offset administrative costs, logistics and lost fees. If your entire payment was scheduled to be charged on your credit card, the Cancellation Fee will be exactly $250. 

Timing for Pick-up and Drop-off | Date Guarantee Only for Express Option

11. Easy Car Shipping strives to accommodate every Customer’s pick-up and delivery needs. The Company shall provide the Customer with an estimated Pickup and estimated Drop-off date. Although most transport deliveries occur seamlessly on the date requested by the Customer, Open and Enclosed Pick-up and Drop-off dates are only an estimate − unless the Customer has selected the “Express Open” or “Express Enclosed” pricing option (which provide for a Guaranteed Pick-up Date or a Guaranteed Drop-off Date).

12. Easy Car Shipping will schedule transport as quickly as possible after an Order number is assigned. The lead-time for Standard shipping is typically 2-7 calendar days.Shorter routes typically take only a couple of days to be assigned and picked up. On some difficult routes, the time between receiving the Order and the actual Pick-up Date may take up to 10 days.

13. The lead-time for Express Open and Express Enclosed shippingis typically 48-72 hours, but can range from same-day to 72 hours, depending on Pick-up address and dates. The Express transport option may not be available for all Pick-up or Drop-Off locations, nor at all times of the year – especially before, during or immediately after a holiday. Even if a Customer selects the “Express” option during the Quote and / or Booking process, the Company reserves the right to notify the Customer that all Express transport capacity has been filled.

14. We strive to accommodate every Customer’s schedule. At times, delays may occur – even with a Guaranteed Pick-up or Drop-off Date. Delays may be due to weather conditions, traffic or other issues that are not foreseen.

• For Express shipping, our unique and industry-leading guarantee: If the Company or Carrier does not meet the date listed on the “Dispatch Assignment Update”, the Company will refund the difference in cost between the Express option and the applicable standard Open or Enclosed option, PLUS also provide the Customer with an additional $100 refund.

15. Easy Car Shipping offers door to door service, and the Vehicle will not need to be dropped off at a terminal. The Carrier will pick up and deliver each Vehicle at or as close as possible to the addresses provided by the Customer. However, if for safety reasons a Carrier feels they can’t enter the specific street or neighborhood, the Carrier retains the right to ask the Customer or the Customer’s Agent to meet in safe location to load and unload.

Insurance Coverage | Limits of Liability

16. Easy Car Shipping will assign the Vehicle to a Carrier. The Carrier is the responsible party for any damage claim. Easy Car Shipping will work closely with the Customer and the Carrier to ensure that all legitimate claims are processed and paid in a timely manner.

17. Easy Car Shipping and its Carriers are not responsible for damage caused by ACTS OF GOD such as fires, flooding, hail, sand storms, tornadoes, heavy storms or other uncontrollable weather conditions or events.

• Glass damage and small chips, scratches or minor damage that result from normal road conditions or normal wear and tear not related to negligence by the driver is not covered. Enclosed transport is available at an additional cost if appropriate, at Customer’s discretion, to ensure the condition of the Vehicle.

• Easy Car Shipping and its Carriers are not responsible for mechanic failures unless negligence on the part of the Carrier caused the mechanical failure.

• The Customer is responsible to secure any loose parts or items on the Vehicle prior to transport and to notify Easy Car Shipping of any major oil or fluid leaks that Customer may be aware of related to the Vehicle.

18. Although it is rare that damage occurs while a Vehicle is being transported, if any damage should occur, all moneys owed for transport must be paid before Customer can initiate a claim. Damage must be noted directly on the Bill of Lading and signed by the Carrier, regardless of weather or time of day. Signing the Bill of Lading without any notation of damage verifies the Vehicle was delivered in satisfactory condition with no damage during transit.

19. If a Customer has selected the Discounted Cash Price, the Customer may not withhold the balance of the payment that is due in cash to the Carrier at the time of pickup − even if the Customer has a valid claim related to late delivery or visible damage.

• In the unlikely event of any dispute with a Carrier (driver), the Customer is to contact Easy Car Shipping for resolution. The Company is committed to diligently working out the situation in a way that is equitable and mutually satisfactory, staking its reputation on favorable customer reviews.

20. Easy Car Shipping must be notified by the Customer of any damage noted on the Bill of Lading on the next business day (by phone at 855-980-4100or by emailing david@easycarshipping.com) so the Company can promptly facilitate a claim with the Carrier.

• The Customer will be asked to provide a detailed description of damage, written repair estimate(s) and clear photos of damage. These follow-up items should be submitted within 10 days to Easy Car Shipping by fax (888-499-6607) or the email above.

• Easy Car Shipping will provide the Customer with the Carrier’s insurance certificate and complete contact information once a claim is filed with the Company.

21. The Vehicle is fully covered by the Carrier’s insurance, which is verified and validated by the Company on a continuous basis. In the unlikely event of any loss, the Customer will have no liability and zero deductible.

• Note: According to FMCSA regulations, a Vehicle must be free of non-related contents such as luggage, personal items, house-hold items, etc. during transport. Carriers are not licensed by the FMCSA to carry household or personal items. Easy Car Shipping and its Carriers are not responsible for any Vehicle contents other than standard equipment or other vehicle-specific items such as a child car seat, car cover, or any integral equipment that must travel with the Vehicle.

Inspection Report and Bill of Ladings

Our carriers will be performing a complete inspection of the exterior of your vehicle and mark down any imperfections on the vehicle at the time of pick up. Some carriers use a paper form of the inspection report others will be using a modern version with an electronic app. They will ask you to review the inspection report before signing and then either leave you a paper copy of the inspection report, or email you the electronic version. Please make sure you provide the proper email address to the carrier in order form them to email it to you. In the event you don’t receive it, please call our office and we will email you a copy of the electronic version.  

Social Media and Online Reviews

We strive to earn your 5-star reviews. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please call our office and we will work to correct the issue. We reserve the right to use any of the pictures taken by the carrier using the electronic app on our website or our online advertising. Additionally, we also reserve the right to use customer reviews on our website. You may opt out be letting us know you would not want to have your vehicle pictures or reviews possibly used in our future advertising by emailing us at sales@easycarshipping.com


Both Customer and Easy Car Shipping agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the County of Orange, California to resolve any legal matter arising from these Terms and Conditions.

By submitting the transport order online or by phone, the Company understands that the Customer is accepting the Terms and Conditions (in lieu of your signature) that are on this document. By paying the Company your deposit via credit card or other method, you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions.

We look forward to serving you well, and strive hard to ensure your full satisfaction. Feel free to call us anytime.

The Easy Car Shipping Team


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