Transporting My Car Versus Driving It

Moving to a new locale can be an exciting but exhausting experience, and, in addition to questions of packing up and closing down one household as well as establishing a new one on the other end of your move, you may need to consider what to do with your vehicle.


Can I Get My Car Transported from a Dealership?

Buying a vehicle can be exciting, though all the steps between finding your dream car on the lot and getting it home in your driveway can often be complex, time-consuming, and stressful. Plus, add on today’s supply chain disruptions, and finding the perfect vehicle at the right price at a dealership near your home is becoming more and more challenging. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the shipping option available to you when buying a car from a dealership.


How Supply Chain Issues are Affecting Purchasing a New Car

The pandemic impacted almost all types of business, with vehicle production suffering greatly. Anyone who’s looked into buying a new car recently may have noticed higher prices and lower availability of most new cars than they would have expected. Below, we dig into some of the main ways that supply chain disruptions are affecting the car buying process and what some are doing in response.


Benefits of Using an Auto Transport Broker

If you’re planning a long-distance move anytime soon, you’ll need to work with an auto transport broker. These companies operate as logistic vehicle providers to arrange the transport of vehicles from one point to another. Whether you’re moving across the country or planning an international move, here’s to know about the pros of using an auto transport broker.


Driving With a Heart Condition: What to Know

Overall, most people with heart conditions can drive. However, people with a history of loss of consciousness or draining should talk with their doctors about driving safely. In some cases, people with specific heart conditions might not be allowed to drive or will require regular check-ups of their condition to continue driving.


Best Materials for Seat Covers

It may not be something you have given a lot of thought to, but what makes a great upholstery option for your car seats? Obviously, you want something comfortable to sit on! Aside from that, it might also be a nice idea to pick something stain-resistant, easy to clean and good-looking.


What Determines the Cost of Auto Transport

Whatever your logistical reasons for needing to ship your car, if you’ve been tracking rates recently in preparation, you may have noticed prices have gotten much steeper. With the various components that go into transporting and shipping cars, there are many factors at play that have contributed to this service becoming more expensive. Below, we dig into some of the main cost factors that go into shipping your car.


Car Parts Frequently Damaged by Potholes

Winter snows are melting and the sounds of spring begin to multiply. You know: “what the beep was that?” and “where the beep did that beeping pot beeping hole come from?” (thank you censors). If this sounds like your commute, know that you’re not alone.


Do Cars That Park in Garages Last Longer?

Do you keep your car sheltered inside a warm garage, or outdoors exposed to the elements? You might not be surprised to learn that cars parked inside garages are better protected from being worn down by the weather! Not to worry though - you can still expect your car to last for years if you keep it outdoors.


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