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Ship to a golf cart communityA golf cart isn’t just for the course anymore – it’s a useful mode of transportation. Do you drive it around your senior community? Or take the kids trick-or-treating in your cart? If you live on a big property, you may even take your golf cart to the mailbox every day. If you’re heading south for the winter, your cart may hope to join you. Or if you aren’t using yours anymore, you may be shipping a golf cart to an eBay buyer. Either way, you’re looking into golf cart transport companies who can give you the best combination of service and price.

How much does it cost to ship a golf cart?

Golf cart shipping costs ~$1 per mile for 1-500 miles. So, a 350 mile trip would cost $350. The longer the distance, the lower the price: Shipping a golf cart ~1000 miles drops it to $.75 cents a mile, or $750. To ship a golf cart coast to coast can be as little as $.40 cents per mile.

A golf cart shipping rate may vary based on your cart size, whether it’s running, whether you choose enclosed car transport or express shipping, and seasonal demand. Factors like proximity to major highways can play a part, as some golf course communities are quite a bit off the beaten path. Enclosed golf cart shipping is 40-60% more, though that option is typically not called for in most cases. Our Quick Quote system generates 4 options for you: instant real-time quotes that we honor for a full 14 days: twice the industry norm, even if costs go up in the meantime.

How long does it take to ship a Golf Cart?Golf Carts loaded on an open transport trailer

Golf cart delivery takes between 1-6 calendar days from the date your cart is picked up to when it’s dropped off. A driver usually covers about 500 miles per day. The first available pickup date is for golf cart transport is typically 2-7 business days after an order is placed, and express golf cart transport is usually available within 24-72 hours. While that involves an additional 30% fee above the baseline, it’s rare that a customer needs an such rapid shipment, or even a fully-guaranteed pickup or drop-off date: and we try to make sure you don’t need to spend a dollar more than you need. You get the best value when you select standard delivery, which is when you give a window of dates and are quite comfortable with the driver’s schedule being adjusted +/- 1 or 2 days to accommodate other shipments on the transporter that may have a tighter deadline than yours.

“We got a Ford Think when it was new and have enjoyed driving it around my neighborhood ever since. When we decided to move to Georgia, I thought I was going to have to sell it because I didn’t know how I was going to transport it. It’s kind of awkward and bulky. The guys at Easy Car Shipping told me they had transported dozens of these, which reassured me that they would get it handled. Sure enough, they delivered it on time and I’m looking forward to using it in my new neighborhood too.” Martin Kinsey, 2002 Ford Think Golf Cart, Las Vegas NV to Savannah GA

When you want to move a golf cart, there may be some “sand traps” along the way. But we’ve been buying, selling and transporting golf carts and other vehicles for decades, so we’re pretty good at mitigating some of the possible holdups. Once you click to book an order or call to say, “ship my golf cart,” we identify which of our carriers is best suited for pickup in your area, given the dates you request. At Easy Car Shipping, we have an on-time delivery record of 83% -- better than most airlines.

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"Well done - I have a Ford Think, it’s a golf cart and a car. Other transporters couldn't figure out how to transport it. My coordinator knew what I was dealing with and made sure the driver knew how to load it." - Martin Kinsey

Las Vegas, NV to Savannah, GA - $700

Car Photo

2002 Ford Think Golf Cart

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"After calling multiple transport companies, I spoke to Chris at ECS and was pleasantly surprised to see he knew exactly what an EZ GO was, and the exact dimensions.  Within a couple of hours we had the transport booked.  I opted for enclosed transport because of special customization on this golf cart. Cost less than expected, and the driver delivered direct to my door.” - Thomas Zemeckis

Miami, FL to Virginia Beach, VA - $500

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2013 EZ Go

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"I bought a Gem E4 Golf Cart while vacation in Tucson, I decided to take it to St Paul, very easy to work with the carrier. Thanks for making it so stress free." - Gerald Finney

Tucson, AZ to St Paul, MN - $700

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2013 GEM E4

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Enclosed trailer for your golf transportShould I consider enclosed golf cart transport?

Open transport works quite well for 8 out of 10 customers, including golf cart owners, and it offers the best value. But if you’ve done your research through resources like Axle Geeks and ordered a brand new, beautiful golf cart, having it arrive in pristine condition may be important to you. But even if you’re moving your older model and it’s going through the mountains in winter, enclosed golf cart transport could be something to consider.

Enclosed trucks typically carry just 2-6 vehicles (compared to 7-10 on open carriers), so with this service each vehicle or golf cart gets more individualized attention and of course shield vehicles from inclement weather.

“I wasn’t really searching for a golf cart because I already had one, but I was online and found this great-looking golf cart with custom paint and bigger wheels and tires, and I thought ‘I have to have it.’ After convincing my wife that we needed it, I bought it and then realized it’s actually tough getting a golf cart transported. Who would have thought that a smaller car would be harder to get picked up?! After calling multiple transport companies, I spoke to a transport coordinator at Easy Car Shipping and was pleasantly surprised to see he knew exactly what an EZ GO was, and what the exact dimensions were. He told me he’d make some calls to see what transport options he has and within a couple of hours we had the transport booked. I opted for enclosed transport because of all of the customization on this golf cart. I paid less than what I thought I would have to pay for this transport, and the driver was super nice – delivering directly to my door.” Thomas Zemeckis, 2013 EZ Go, Miami to Virginia Beach Enjoying golf

Whether you choose open or covered transport, you’ll be glad to know our overall claims rate is less than 1 in 1,200 shipments. That means that 99.92% of deliveries arrive in the same condition as the vehicle left. It’s one of the reasons we are among the best golf cart transport companies in the country.

Why is Easy Car Shipping best for shipping golf carts?

Simply put, because we offer the optimal combination of service and value. You want the best golf cart moving services possible – that just makes good sense. And you want a the best golf cart shipping rates. You have the opportunity to score on both counts. Our 4.8 star ratings speak for themselves – but we don’t say this just to talk ourselves up. We assign a dedicated Transport Coordinator to every shipment, so you’ll have a direct line to reach the same person for updates. You’ll also have the name and cell phone of the driver during transit.

Enjoying your golf cart after delivery“I bought this street-legal GEM in Arizona while we were staying there on our long-term vacation and thought I’d use it only when we come to Tucson each year. But I loved it so much, I decided to ship it back home for the summer and keep it there. The driver took extra care to make sure that any loose parts such as my seat and the luggage compartment were secured and would not be lost in transit. He called before delivery and made it convenient for me to be able to receive the golf cart at a local shopping center.” Gerald Finney, 2005 GEM E825, Tucson AZ to St. Paul MN

You want a transport company for golf carts you can trust. You want their back nine to match their front nine – in other words, consistency. Whether you’re an online buyer, someone who sold a golf cart and now has to get it delivered, a snowbird, or a golf enthusiast moving to a new state – our nationwide golf cart transport service is head and shoulders above the rest.

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