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exotic transLike a precious newborn safely swaddled in the arms of his mother, you want the most protective measures taken with your favorite car. When your “baby” is an exclusive model, such as a Lotus Exige or a Viper, it requires added attention to be certain its value is maintained. What happens when you need to get your high-end vehicle shipped to another location?

Enclosed car transport is the best way to ensure your exotic car arrives at the other end in the same condition as it left. Whether our Ferrari or Bugatti is headed only a short distance to a car show, an event or a vacation destination, or you’re moving across the country, you need a reliable enclosed auto shipping specialist for the job.

We understand exotic car dealers and owners’ values

When you’ve achieved certain goals in life, you get to enjoy some of life’s little pleasures. Driving a Lotus or McLaren might be one of the more modest rights you’ve earned along the way. You climb life’s mountains with others who share your views and values. And as you enjoy the views from peaks – as well as the experience of easily handling tight curves along the way. That’s part of what a great sports-car symbolizes. That’s part of what you love and expect, almost as a given. When you need sports-car transport, you want someone who’s as comfortable in that environment as you are.

Exotic car ready for pickup at a dealership

If you’re an exotic car dealer, your customers expect a level of service that’s a cut above even a typical luxury dealership -- and you’ve probably built a reputation on delivering exactly that. So have we. Whether it’s about speed, service, or ability to work well with your client’s advisors, colleagues, house managers or other members of their team who may be involved in vehicle selection and delivery – you need someone who speaks a certain language and is able to interact well at that level. Your reputation everything, and you know that when you’re delivering an exotic car, even seemingly trivial matters can make the difference on the path to keeping a client happy. 

“I sold a vehicle to a picky buyer and I needed to make sure the transport company was going to be super-professional when delivering the vehicle: even better than our usual high standard. I asked around from a couple of other sales guys and several of them recommended Easy Car Shipping. They transported the vehicle in a 2-car enclosed trailer, getting it there quickly and cleanly during the winter season, making my buyer very happy. I’ve been using ECS ever since.” Corey Wallace, Sales Rep, Jaguar of Dallas, 2016 Jaguar F-Type, Dallas to Chicago

If you’re a buyer and you’ve found your dream car, you intend to put it only in the hands of the most experienced exotic car shippers you can find. Or maybe you’ve got a corporate move in your future, and you aren’t leaving without your Porsche. Now, does your exotic car transport cost need to an arm or a leg? Not always.

exo transportHow much does exotic car transport cost?

Exotic car transport costs ~$1.50 per mile for 1-500 miles. So, a 350 mile trip would cost $525. The longer the distance, the lower the price per mile: moving an exotic ~1000 miles drops it to $1.15 a mile, or $860. Coast-to-coast exotic auto shipping can be as little as $.90 cents per mile. Exotic cars are always shipped in an enclosed trailer.

Exotic car transport cost is also affected by the type of shipping you choose. Open carriers are less expensive, but it’s relatively rare to have an owner willing to have an ultra-high-end vehicle exposed to sun, rain or even dirt along the way. While we can accommodate open transport on certain older models if that’s requested by the owner, when a vehicle is valued >$70,000 as most of our exotic car shipments are, only white-glove-level enclosed car shipping will do for you.

Enclosed car carriers transport 2-6 vehicles at a time, and drivers are specially-skilled in both carefully maneuvering exotic vehicles onto the transport truck as well as securing them – even when they come with extra tires or special equipment. Carriers are fully insured for value of your vehicle and all the other vehicles he is transporting on the trailer – and our claims rate is less than 1 in 1,200 vehicles. That means 99.92% of our shipments across the board arrive just as the owner expected. In the highly unlikely event that anything untoward were to happen, we’re with you every step of the way. There never any deductibles.

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"My new job was paying for the transport, but I had to arrange it.  Lot of  companies I checked on; glad I chose Easy Car Shipping.  Someone was always available to take my call." - Allen Stryker

Louisville, KY to San Francisco, CA - ENCLOSED, EXPRESS - $1,449

Car Photo

2015 BMW 750Li

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"Deal of a life time. Great deal on the car, super low miles and great deal on the transport. The driver was super nice and WOW what a great truck and trailer. I'm enjoying the car and the savings." - Sonny Driscoll

Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA - ENCLOSED - $1,249

Car Photo

2007 Porsche Cayenne

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"Quality service when moving my vehicle. I called 16 different transporters and they were the only ones to help me. The service was very quick from the time the vehicle was loaded (1 day). Recommend." - Mike Poutre

Scottsdale, AZ to Los Angeles, CA - $400

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2006 Porsche Cayenne

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"After spending 2 months looking for the car I wanted, I wanted a shipper without hassles. These guys made me feel right at home. Way to go, great price and fast delivery" - Ralph Proscotto

Rochester, MN to Buffalo, NY - ENCLOSED - $1,299

Car Photo

1963 VW Kharmann Ghia

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"Picky buyer, pleasant delivery. Thanks again for making sure everything went so smooth with this delivery. Another happy buyer. You guys make it seem so simple." - Corey Wallace, Sales Rep, Jaguar of Dallas

Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL - ENCLOSED - $1,269

Car Photo

2016 Jaguar F-Type

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"Great experience. They where patient with all my questions. Reassured me on all my concerns and got my car delivery 1 day ahead of schedule. Will use again." - Francis Johansen

Detroit, MI to Ft Lauderdale, FL - ENCLOSED - $1,200

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2015 Corvette Z06

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"I had High Expecations and they deliverd. It was a pleasure working with Easy Car Shipping. The car HAD to get to me for my wife's birthday. The car arrived Shiny clean and ready to present." - Gary Miller

Newport Beach, CA to West Palm Beach, FL - ENCLOSED - $1,700

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2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

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How long does it take to ship an exotic car? Ship a new Porsche in an enclosed trailer

Exotic car shipping generally takes 1-5 calendar days from the date a car is picked up to when it’s dropped off. A driver usually covers about 500 miles per day. The first available pickup date for shipping an exotic car is typically 2-7 business days after an order is placed, and express exotic car transport is usually available within 24-72 hours.

“I was buying a new vehicle for my wife as a birthday gift, and the only one that I could find in the color she wanted was in Newport Beach. I made the purchase and I asked the salesperson to recommend the best transport company that they felt would get it delivered in time for my wife’s party. My expectations were high, because I needed it delivered in 6 days. Easy Car Shipping came through, and they worked with me on getting it delivered to a friend’s house, so we didn’t blow the surprise. They sent it via enclosed transport, and it arrived shiny and clean.” Gary Miller - 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish - Newport Beach CA to West Palm Beach FL

Express exotic car shipping costs about 30% more than standard delivery, but when it absolutely has to be picked up or dropped off with a guaranteed date, it’s good to know the option is available. We never compromise the level of service in exchange for speed, but when it’s vital enough to warrant a rush, we can generally find a way arrange for reliable pickup within 24-72 hours. 

Easy Car Shipping is a top exotic car transporter

We’re not just a transport broker with 14 years’ experience. Our leadership team is wild about cars -- we’ve been buying, selling, collecting and driving classics and exotics for 35+ years. So we “get” you more than a typical transporter might. Exotic transport reviews average 4.8 out of 5 stars, and we believe that speaks for itself.

exot transWhen you’ve researched the best exotic and sports cars, scouted the best car shows, and have a powerful, hand-picked machine to ship, you are not about to be cavalier about who handles it. We’re vehicle experts with a hand-picked subset of Carriers / drivers who’ve seen pretty much every imaginable kind of exotic car and unique situation.

“Great experience. When I decided it was time to retire, I needed to transport my weekend vehicle to my new home in Florida. I was hesitant in picking a transport company because the industry has some dodgy operators. After much research, I liked the reviews that Easy Car Shipping got and once I talked with the Transport Coordinator / Manager on the phone, I felt even more comfortable. They worked with my specific dates and my specific details, since I did not want it dropped off before I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale. The driver stayed in contact and delivered the day after I and the moving truck arrived. Very pleased.” Francis Johansen, 2015 Corvette Z06, Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale

Whether you’re an exotic car dealer who needs to get an exclusive product to a valued customer, or you’re a car enthusiast needing shipment for a new purchase, we assign a dedicated Transport Coordinator to each shipment – and the same person is available to you directly, to provide individualized attention from booking to drop-off. You’ll also have the name of the driver and his cell phone number available during transit if required. We give your prized possession the nurturing you expect. See why we are among the top exotic car transport companies in our field.

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