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New Motorcycle at a dealershipDo you just love to hit the highway on your Harley – or never miss Bike Night at your favorite hangout? If weekends find you in the middle of the pack with friends in your bike club, then it’s official – you’re wild about hogs. Now if you’re moving, or headed to college, or making a job change – and need to get your bike there. Or maybe you finally found the Triumph you wanted online, or bought a Kawasaki and need a reliable way to get it to your new place. It means you need a motorcycle shipping company with experience and know-how.  

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

Motorcycle shipping cost is ~$1 per mile for 1-500 miles. So, a 350 mile trip would cost $350. The longer the distance, the lower the price: Shipping a motorcycle ~1000 miles drops it to $.75 cents a mile, or $750. Coast-to-coast motorcycle transport can be as little as $.40 cents per mile. A motorcycle shipping quote can vary based on proximity of pickup and drop-off to major highways, open vs. enclosed motorcycle transport, and seasonal demand. Enclosed motorcycle shipping is 40-60% more than on a standard open trailer, and express motorcycle shipping is a 30% premium.

Man accepting his motorcycle delivery

Our Quick Quote system offers you an instant, onscreen set of prices and options, which are all-inclusive. Fully transparent pricing, with no hidden fees, surcharges or surprises. We don’t ask your name or phone number unless you want to book the order -- so you can check pricing anonymously, and there are no pesky follow-up calls. We send a simple email to document your quote, in case you wish to book later. And we guarantee that price a full 14 days: that’s 2x the industry norm. Our motorcycle transport quote is all-inclusive. 100% insurance, no deductible. No surcharges, taxes or hidden fees. Just transparency and service.

“I was accepted at USC and I was even more excited that I was gonna be able to take my motorcycle and ride, due to the great weather in SoCal. Having a parking permit for a car is both expensive and sometimes difficult to get, so it was great to have a motorcycle instead. I was on a limited budget and the transport coordinator gave me options. I chose the open trailer option. Although the motorcycle arrived a bit dirty, I was happy because I saved a bunch of money.” Noah Valentis, 2007 Yamaha V-Max, Dallas to Los Angeles

Enclosed shipping for a motorcycleHow long does shipping a motorcycle take?

Motorcycle delivery takes between 1-6 calendar days from the date a bike is picked up to when it’s dropped off. A driver usually covers about 500 miles per day. The first available pickup date is for motorcycle transport is typically 2-7 business days after an order is placed, and express motorcycle transport is usually available within 24-72 hours.

Just like price, when you transport a motorcycle the distance can affect the time frame. Another consideration is the time of year, because bad weather can cause delays. Peak seasons can increase the length of time in transporting a motorcycle as well. But in general, our on-time record is better than that of most airlines. For a typical timeline, we’ve created a handy little chart. And when your motorcycle absolutely positively has to be picked up by a certain date – or dropped off with a buyer, an auction or at any other location you choose by a drop-dead date, we make it happen. When you chose express transport, you get to choose whichever date you want us to guarantee, and in the unlikely event we don’t meet our commitment for any reason we stand behind it by (a) refunding the difference in premium between standard and express, and (b) giving you a $100 credit against the basic cost, out of our own pocket. We know of no other motorcycle transport service that does this.

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"A+ service. After deciding to buy a Ducati online, I started to panic because I didn't know how to get it delivered.  I researched many companies and I'm glad I used Easy Car Shipping." - Adam Lorax

Glendale, CA to Chicago, IL - ENCLOSED - $1,089

Car Photo

2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848

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"Quick delivery. Saved me from having to walk everywhere. No issues with anything." - Noah Valentis

Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA - $500

Car Photo

2007 Yamaha V-Max

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"Adding to my collection, I found a rare vintage motorcycle at a estate sale online. After purchasing it, I talked to dozens of transporters. Easy Car Shipping was the most professional and they knew how sensitive of a transport it was." - Gerry Cornish

Virginia Beach, VA to Reno, NV - ENCLOSED - $1,049

Car Photo

1925 BMW R-42

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"Very satisfied. I export vintage motorcycles to the UK. Easy Car Shipping was a breeze to work with, and they picked up the title paperwork to give to the port. No hiccups." - Renny Swinton

Fullerton, CA to Jersey City, NJ - $600

Car Photo

1973 Honda CL 360

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"Thanks for working with my Mom. I was deployed and I transported my V-Max to my mom in FL. The driver was so cool. He made sure it was parked in the garage and covered up." - Charles Cosner

Long Island, NY to Palm Beach, FL - $645

Car Photo

2009 Yamaha V-Max

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When is enclosed motorcycle transport recommended? Motorcycle being loaded into an enclosed trailer

While open carriers are totally fine for 8 out of 10 motorcycle transports, there are occasions when enclosed motorcycle shipping could be worth the additional expense. We can’t imagine shipping a 1925 BMW R42 in any other way. So if you’re thinking, “I want to ship my motorcycle in an enclosed carrier,” we can advise you on whether it makes sense, or whether we can save you money with standard shipping.

“I found this motorcycle on and it was nicer than any bike I could find here in Chicago. The price was right, so I bought it. I couldn’t imagine riding a Ducati 1,700 miles across the country, so I wanted it transported, but on an enclosed trailer. Early Car Shipping gave me a great deal, and had it picked up over the holiday weekend. The bike was delivered safely and all my friends are jealous of the great deal I got.” Adam Lorax, 2012 Ducati Monster 1100, Glendale, CA to Chicago IL 

Man accepting the keys to his motorcycle delivery

Drivers of enclosed trailers, many of whom are quite experienced in high-end motorcycle moving, give your bike the extra attention it wants. Occasionally such white glove treatment is warranted: such as for customers who just buy or sell an expensive classic motorcycle at Mecum, Bonhams, Bator – or those who are transporting one or more units to a fundraiser, a show or other event. But for the majority of transports and purchases, such as when you find a great chopper, hog or scooter on eBay, standard shipping will likely be more than satisfactory, as will the savings.

Why use Easy Car Shipping to transport a motorcycle?

Not all motorcycle transporter companies are the same. Our 4.8 star average ratings speak for themselves. And we don’t say this just to brag: we want our ratings to be your ratings. Whether you’re a motorcycle dealer, exporter, online buyer, avid rider or weekend warrior, we know bikes – and we relate to your needs and values.Open road to ride your motorcycle

“I’m from England and I buy and sell vintage motorcycles on eBay as a part-time job. I normally don’t buy them on the West Coast because it’s too difficult to get them transported to New Jersey. The seller recommended I call Easy Car Shipping because they most likely could help me. They were very helpful, even though the motorcycle was inoperable. They made sure the driver had picked up the Title for the motorcycle and they got the motorcycle delivered in under 7 days, which helped me fill the container and get it on the next cargo ship coming to the U.K.” Renny Swinton, 1973 Honda CL 360, Fullerton CA to Jersey City, NJ

We assign a dedicated Transport Coordinator to each order, and you’ll have a direct line to reach them from booking to delivery. You’ll also have the name and cell phone number of the carrier driver, and can reach them during transport. You pay nothing until your order is dispatched, and there are no cancellation fees until we notify you that a driver has been assigned to your order. Transporting a motorcycle is a pleasure, and we look forward to adding your satisfied motorcycle shipping review as another notch on our belt.

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