1. Good value & all-inclusive instant pricing.

  • 100% insurance coverage, $0 deductible.
  • No taxes. No fuel surcharges. No hidden fees.
  • Quotes instantly available online, and emailed so you can book later.
  • Quotes good for 14 days: 2x the industry norm.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you need to reschedule or cancel before the dispatch date.
  • Top- rated customer service since 2004, averaging 4.8 stars of 5
  • Our Quick Quote calculator mines up-to-the-minute data to identify the most competitive prices available on thousands of routes every day, so you always get the best value.
  • Industry insight: If you get a quote elsewhere that’s too good to be true … it probably is. On a typical super-low quote, chances are high that:
    • You may get pickup from a sub-standard carrier who’s desperate to fill his truck.
    • You may experience very slow service. Drivers will take all other loads before yours.
    • You are at risk of a bait-and-switch: the broker may likely call you back in a few days -- while you are resting easy and thinking you are set -- then say “Sorry! We could not get a driver for that price … but if you are willing to pay more …” But WE never do that.

2. A designated Transport Coordinator assigned to each order.

  • You deal with the same person throughout the process.
  • This ensures clear, timely, consistent communication with both you and your driver.
  • You’ll have the name and cell phone of the driver assigned to your order at all times.

3. We are actual CAR guys. We KNOW vehicles of all types.

  • 35 years’ experience buying / selling / transporting cars, trucks, vans, antiques, classics, exotics, motorcycles, golf carts and other vehicles in mass quantities
  • Our team is so steeped in the car business, we can quickly envision the nuances and potential challenges of transporting just about every make, model and configuration.

4. We know how to make the system work best for YOU. We are transparent: and here’s the inside scoop!

  • In the car transport industry, just about everyone you find in your online query is a Broker who connects customers with Carriers/drivers. That’s because most drivers just like to be on the road and look to brokers like us to schedule their loads. Some brokers are very skilled and experienced. Many are new to this business. We’ve been licensed and growing since 2004.
  • Brokers coordinate routes, timing and service with hundreds of carriers. The best brokers pay drivers quickly and adequately, support drivers, and foster steady relationships with reliable Carrier companies.
  • Great brokers like us have solid relationships with a broad range of skillful, highly-recommended transport drivers who have proven commitment to quality and service. In fact, we have a network of > 8,500 drivers. We stand behind the work of the Carriers we select, and we will break our back to fix a problem for you if anything were to go amiss.
  • The price each broker quotes to you as the customer is the sum of the actual cost paid to the carrier + the broker’s fee. Good brokers avoid low-rated carriers and are able to find the best mix of carrier service, reputation and cost for YOUR needs.

5. You can count on us.

  • Licensed. Bonded. Insured
  • 78,000+ successful deliveries
  • 36+ million miles driven by our Carriers carrying our customers’ vehicles.
  • No up-front fees or cancellation fees.

Our Satisfied Customers

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Our Mission

We connect our dealer- and retail-customers with the best quality transport Carriers available, given each individual’s budget and class of service -- on open, enclosed or express car transport.

Our Vision

A stress-free vehicle transport experience for every customer.

Our Values

Service Excellence

We provide clear and timely communication to both customers and Carriers. We are car experts, and we work hard to avoid surprises for everyone. We are reliable -- but if or when an issue may arise, we are by your side as your advocate to resolve it.


We say what we think. We do what we say. We are trusted because we are honest and dependable. We strive to align our beliefs with our every action.


We never say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job. We take responsibility for meeting commitments — personal ones as well as those of the entire company. We own the results.

Continuous Improvement

We work hard to get it right the 1st time, every time. But if we ever miss, we strive to learn systemically – and to implement changes so we don’t make the same mistake again.

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