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moving car chicagoAre you a kingpin in the car enthusiast community living in the great state of Abraham Lincoln? Do you spend hours on the internet, pouring over AutoBlog and Motor Trend to add to your collection? What do you do when you order a car and need auto shipping to Chicago?

Let’s say you’re one of the Chevy Drives Chicago dealers. When you find a customer his dream car, you have to get it local enough for pick-up. That’s why you’ve got to start investigating auto transport companies in Chicago that will ensure a great job. Does your car need to get to your daughter at Northwestern University?

There are a few things you need to know about the process.

How long does auto transport take to or from Chicago?

Is it a gift? Do you need an on time car transport in Chicago with certain dates – or just really soon? With our reputable express auto transport services we can often provide pick-up within 24 hours. Standard car transport service is available, and we can arrange that between 2 - 7 days from the time you call us.

Where is your car delivery going? The speed of delivery is affected by the distance the car mover in Chicago has to go. So transport to Iowa would be quicker than a car going to South Carolina, New Hampshire, or Oregon. Also, if it’s a rural community - versus a major city or populous city - such as off-the-beaten-path towns, it may take longer to get there. Routes to the largest cities are more common for truck drivers, therefore it's easier to book the route.

If it’s a car delivery from Chicago to, say, Gary, Indiana, then your carrier drives approximately 200 miles per day. But if you’re sending the Saturn to Sally at Sacramento State or the Volkswagen to University of New York, it’s considered nationwide auto shipping, and your driver can cover closer to 500 miles a day.

What time of year do you need vehicle shipping in Chicago? You know how bad seasonal weather can be! Do you need car transport service from Chicago past the Mississippi river during the winter months? Winter delays can cause slowdowns, but we work diligently to keep your delivery on schedule.moving cars chicago

Just take a look at our customer reviews to see how we are always offering great service at great prices whether you're shipping a car state to state to Iowa or nationwide to South Carolina, California, or New Hampshire.

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from Chicago? 

Do you definitely need your vehicle to get from point A to point B without spending serious cash - without sacrificing excellent service? We offer an unlimited auto trans options to help you decide on how to book. It doesn't matter whether you are East or West of the Mississippi river we can help. Do you work for the Illinois Department of financial services or another employer paying for your move? If so, does that include the car relocation from Chicago to your new assignment? (By the way, we give discounts to active members of the military!)

If you’re saddled with the responsibility to find transport services, the onus is on you to locate auto transport in the Chicago area that is both reliable and at a lower cost. Don’t compromise!

How affordable is it? Let’s put it this way – you won’t have to scrimp on car shippers. We have numerous trustworthy contacts – auto transporters with the most competitive pricing. We offer several payment options including COD or paying the remaining balance with a credit card with a small additional fee.

Auto shipping companies in Chicago can tell you how much impact some of the options you have can affect your quote. The timing of the job can play a part, because it depends on whether or not you use express auto transport.

And if you have a simple car, truck or van transport in Chicago that’s one thing, but a brand new car or a vintage 1938 Ford panel truck, that’s a whole new challenge. Whether or not you use enclosed transport affects the cost.

With us, you not only are using a professional auto shipping company, but you’ve got our Quick Free Quote system, which locks in your price for 14 days. Other car transport companies in Chicago typically limit their guarantee to just a week.

ship car chicagoWhy choose us for vehicle transport to or from the Illinois State?

You aren’t the only one who loves cars! We’ve got decades of experience in the auto industry, and we can answer anyone’s questions about how to ship a car in Chicago.

If you bought a car online and have to figure out how to ship it home, or if you’re a car dealership with clients as far away as Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, or even North Carolina, you’re probably looking for car transport companies with experienced, trustworthy professionals.

For over 30 years we’ve shipped virtually every style of vehicle you can imagine. Our clients have looked to us for car, truck and van transport to Chicago, and from here to anywhere in the United States. If you’re sorting out the details of a corporate transfer, or you bought a car on ebay and want to see it safely home, you can trust that we’ve got this. You company is welcome to use the corporate credit card to pay for the transport with a small additional fee.

We have a reputation for great communication with our clients throughout the car relocation process - putting us among the best auto transport companies in the contiguous states. In fact, you can read customer reviews from previous work we’ve done on our website.

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"I could not imagine a better experience. Obtained contact from local Lexus dealer. Had informative introductory call, including quote, then email. I made reservation that day. A couple of days later, they contacted me with pick-up, delivery dates, which perfectly met my needs. Car was picked up and dropped off right on time." - Bob Eckert

Chicago, IL to Denver, CO - $899

Car Photo

2015 Lexus RX 350

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"It was like ordering on Amazon. I loved how easy it was to get the quote and book it. Paid with my credit card and it was delivered in 3 days, 2 blocks from campus, Perfect for me." - Fang Wu

Chicago, IL to Boston, MA - $919

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2015 Toyota Camry

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"Very pleasant experience. Will recommend for sure. Delivery was on time." - Umesh Sharharzi

Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN - $989

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2001 Toyota Camry

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"Easy car shipping took care of moving my Jeep from California to Missouri. They did so on short notice, at a competitive price and shipped it quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again." - Clayton Smith

Anaheim, CA to Joplin, MO - $1300

Car Photo

2018 Jeep Wrangler

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"Very knowledgeable dispachers and good drivers. Other companies promise and promise.  This one not only promises but delivers on their promises." - Richard Scally

Manheim, PA to Helena, MT - $1519

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2015 Ford Expedition

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"I bought a Gem E4 Golf Cart while vacation in Tucson, I decided to take it to St Paul, very easy to work with the carrier. Thanks for making it so stress free." - Gerald Finney

Tucson, AZ to St Paul, MN - $999

Car Photo

2013 GEM E4

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"Great, Got my ride- Thanks for the help. It's so much better to have my car at school. I'll call you in 4 years again." - Mary McAllister

Downers Grove, IL to Sante Fe, NM - $999

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2010 Cadillac DTS

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Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport? 

The open car carriers you see on freeways are the most common forms of transit for vehicles. They carry 7-10 cars at a time and may be just right for your situation.

But if you need luxury transport in Chicago, you don’t want it exposed to the elements. On open transport haulers you certainly get some sun, rain and dirt – which is fine in most cases. But if you’ve got a Bentley, or something like a Lamborghini, you really need to look for enclosed transport instead of an open carrier in Chicago.move truck chicago

Think of it like first class on an airplane. While your car doesn’t get food service and flight attendants, it does get TLC from the driver, fewer cars on the trailer, and safety from the elements - making sure your car transport service is a great experience. Though an enclosed auto transporter costs more compares to an open carrier, it’s the most appropriate form of transit for exotic transport in Chicago.

You really want to go the safer route if your car’s value exceeds $70,000 or so.

Curious about getting a free quote? We offer competitive auto transport moving quotes right on our site or you can call us.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport to and from Chicago.

In the winter, it’s a lot more fun for snowbirds to drive a street rod in Florida than Illinois! Do you need a car shipping company to transport your classic from Chicago?

Are you a member of the Goodfellas Car Club? You can let your fellow car fans know we’ve got plenty of contacts to get your Camaros, Corvettes and GTOs state-to-state when you need to move them with our nationwide car shipping service.

Do you want to ship a motorcycle from Chicago, due to a corporate transfer or just for the winter? We have experience with that too. Or did you recently size up, searching CarsDirect for a shiny, new SUV or an F-250? We can ship a truck to Chicago for you, no problem.

We are reliable auto transport for alternate vehicles, as well. If you live in a golf cart-friendly neighborhood or near a course, you’ll be happy to know we handle golf car transport service in Chicago, for instance.

move car chicagoAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

If you’re on the Magellan Development team and you have to move equipment like chess pieces, you want the best auto transport company on this.

Even if it’s just the family’s Navigator, it’s important to get guarantees. At Easy Car Shipping, you’ve got insurance included in the price. Even with “sentimental” value, we know you want the peace of mind you get with the added coverage.

When hiring a transport company for cars you want proof of the insurance coverage over the course of the job, on the rare occasion that there’s any sort of damage or a dispute with the carrier.

When looking through auto moving companies whether its online or through the Chicago Tribune, it can be hard to choose the best company that will give you great service. But just take a look at our customer reviews on Yelp or even the Better Business Bureau and you'll understand why we have a notable reputation.

Don’t let the name “windy city” make you nervous – you get safe, secure auto shipping from the Land of Lincoln or from your home to another destination, no matter the size or value - ensuring you have a great experience. Disclaimer: We are an auto transport broker and we go the extra mile and are able to tackle even the most daunting roadblocks. The FMCSA is the professional regulation group in our industry. We welcome you looking up our stellar record. Following auto transport delivery, we welcome your online review.

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