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move truck savannahDo you love working and living in Savannah or a surrounding zip code, its a Golden Ray of sunshine, but you’re getting a big promotion - with large salary figures - if you agree to move?

Or are you looking for a better place to work with lots of career options? If you’re considering that option, you’re probably spending most of your day on the phone with moving companies, medical offices and realtors. It’s a hassle, to be sure, but we can make sure you have one less weighty responsibility: auto shipping services with the best price in the Peach State. Maybe your actual salary figures are much higher then minimum wage but not as high as you know it can be, so its time to move. You've come to the right place.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Georgia State?

Right off the bat, you’ve got an advantage with our system. You can simply go to our easy online form and get a Quick Quote, where you can find out the cost for shipping, and we guarantee you that price for two weeks! We don't allow any

third party submissions to our website, so it keeps out the scammers and helps ensure each quote is accurate. Other shipping companies have an average of only about 7 days. It's no wonder we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States! Plus, the quote isn't an estimated calculation or approximations - it's the actual price.

What factors determine the price of the car transport quotes?

The distance matters, of course, because your quote reflects the cost of how long the auto transporter is on the road. But sometimes it’s not just the quantity of miles that determines the time it takes. Let’s say Coca-Cola Bottling Company just transferred you to the plant in McComb, Mississippi. It might take longer to move your car there than if you took a job at Coca-Cola in Baton Rouge, for instance, because the Louisiana capital is a major city. It's easier to book a route to the largest city, compared to a rural community.move car savannah

If your son is a new student at SSU and needs his Hyundai by the time school starts next week, you can pay extra to use express auto transport to get the car direct to you. If you need the span of time between pick-up and drop-off to be as short as possible, you want to consider this option. Your no average hansen and you know hat it takes to get by in life. You've considered your salary information and you know what you can afford to get your car delivered. If you're ready to book, click on the quote page and get started.

Are you a dealer who ships models like the Range Rover Sport and Mercedes S550? For luxury shipping, you want to have an added assurance the merchandise is untouched by the elements. In that case, the extra cost of enclosed shipping is worth it.

Whether or not your vehicle runs, the type of vehicle, and any specialized features it has may affect the price also.

Did you just get assigned to Hunter Army Airfield? You get a discount with us if you’re active military, and also if you ship more than one vehicle there’s a price break.

We understand it's most peoples first time needing to move a car, so our crew members and years experience are here to make it easy. Following auto transport delivery we will ask you to fill out a quick online review. This will help us better serve all our customers.

How long does auto transport take? 

Did Gulfstream offer you a corporate transfer? Maybe you work in international shipping or worked loading the cargo ship but want to get a different job? If you’re moving to the Long Beach, to work on the railway tracks, the nationwide shipping is close to 2,500 miles, so it takes about 7-9 days to travel the total area. If they want you to start next week and you need your car there ASAP, you can request express auto transport service, which isn’t available on every route. What you get with express is pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of either pickup date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off.

If the company’s transferring you to the New York or North Carolina service center, the time of year may have an effect on your car delivery – especially if it’s winter. Other reasons auto moving companies may experience delays include excess traffic, such as holidays, and Acts of God.

moving cars savannahThe Standard Shipping pick-up date is usually 2-7 business days after you contact us, and we arrange your car relocation to meet your needs in every way possible to make sure the we get the car direct to you. Let our coordinators know if you have specific needs or move requirements pertaining to your delivery schedule and move date.

We do truck and motorcycle shipping in the state of Georgia.

Do you serve at Fort Stewart and you’re waiting for your transfer orders? While some auto transport companies in Savannah may only accommodate a limited number or size of vehicle shipping, we have experience with a wide range of cars, trucks, trailers and SUVS.

You can ship a motorcycle to Savannah, or if you want your Kawasaki transported from Georgia to somewhere out-of-state – it’s the same process as car shipping services.

Do you need to ship a truck for commercial purposes? Does your truck have a camper shell? Ram truck or Toyota Tacoma, we can ship a truck from Savannah to wherever you need it - like South Carolina, Oregon, or Colorado.

Do you have a handicap accessible van? We offer van shipping for those with handicap ramps and other features through our shipping services.

Even if your car can’t drive on and off the trailer, we can ship it for you! We are car shipping experts after all.

Were you a snowbird living in Georgia for the winter and loved puttering around in a golf cart? If you want to take it home with you, we provide golf cart shipping from Savannah to your house – door to door.

Want a free quote? We give out competitive auto transport moving quotes through our simple online form - or you can give us a call. Need more car shipping information? We have plenty of free online car shipping resources on our site as well to help with your Georgia auto transport.

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"Very prompt pick-up and delivery. Communicated every step of the way. Dropped off right at my doorstep. Friendly and reliable service!" - Grace Cho

Seattle, WA to Norwalk, CA - $679

Car Photo

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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"They shipped our vehicle and it arrived sooner than we anticipated. They communicated with us every step of the way. We will definitely recommend and use them again." - Zitria Vasquez

Van Nuys, CA to Buda, TX - $849

Car Photo

2017 Chevrolet Corvette

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"The driver parked the truck outside of my complex and drove my car to my apartment to deliver it. Very good service!" - Frank Park

San Diego, CA to Savannah, GA - $1029

Car Photo

2011 Ford Edge

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"I needed to move my car from NJ to CA, over the Christmas holiday. I didn't even think about the fact that drivers might be taking time off during that time to spend with THEIR families, making the days available for transport quite challenging. David and his team were able to make suggestions that were workable for both me and the drivers. My car was picked up & delivered on the scheduled dates (that was not the case for my coworkers using other companies!). They were even kind enough to hold the car for a couple of days until I arrived. All at a very reasonable cost. I would gladly recommend them and use them again if needed. Thanks to all at ECS!!" - Nicole Wojdyla

Newark, NJ to Newport Beach CA - $1639

Car Photo

2020 Jaguar F-Type

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"I didn't even have to pay extra to get same day pickup and next day dropoff (basically, express service), because they have so many trucks going from AZ to CA each day (and CA to AZ). My 2018 Mini Cooper was delivered in perfect condition, and I got a bargain not only on the purchase but also on delivery." - Kyndall Lassiter

Phoenix, AZ to Seal Beach, CA - $429

Car Photo

2018 Mini Cooper S

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"Great experience, car was waiting for us at our designated pick up spot! Truck was in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend them!!" - Danny Kelly

Loma Linda, CA to Fort Collins, CO - $889

Car Photo

2017 Honda Ridgeline

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"The staff were courteous, prompt and got the job done!  We ordered the service around Christmas time. With the weather conditions, the car arrived to us within 7 days. The truck had some service issues but made up the time and delivered before the end of the year." - Maggie Carpenter

Oklahoma City, OK to New Orleans, LA - $579

Car Photo

2013 Audi A4

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Is open transport right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Most of our clients – 8 out of 10, actually – are happy with open trailer service.ship car savannah

Are you a dealer with an out-of-state customer base? If you broker Aston Healeys or Packers, we recommend what we tell others with classic car shipping needs. Enclosed shipping in Savannah offers the additional TLC those kinds of cars require.

The same is true with exotic shipping. If you bought a car at auction and need to get it shipped to the West or East Coast, you really want the protection of the trailers with walls and a roof. Most auto transport companies in Savannah and Atlanta - the state capital - will agree that vehicles valued at $70,000 are best transported without the risk of damage through rain, hail, dirt, and sun exposure as it travels a long distance.

While an open car carrier can stack about 7-10 on a trailer, enclosed carriers ship 2-6 at a time. There are fewer of the more protective trailers available, however, so there can sometimes be car delivery delays.

Whichever way you decide to ship your car, we can ensure it's in good hands from the time it's picked up to the delivery of your vehicle - it'll arrive in good condition. If you need prices, we have a free online quote request form. It'll show your cost whether you just need your car to go to Texas, or from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. We're professional car movers and know how to choose the best carriers to get the job done.

Why choose Easy Car Shipping for vehicle shipping in Savannah?

Easy Car Shipping is not just a transport company for cars – we also offer tremendous support services over the course of your job. From the time you contract with us, you have your own coordinator, who keeps you posted throughout the entire process.

How do you know you’re getting a reliable auto shipping company? You can see why we maintain a rating of 4.6 out of 5 when you read our online reviews. (That's better than the national average rating for auto transport!) Whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as a car shipping company - providing great customer service and affordable prices, making sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way.

Easy Car Shipping clients tend to favor our Quick Free Quote system, because you get a 14-day guarantee for your auto transport quote. Other car shipping companies can only promise a week.

We have 30 years of experience in the car industry and we have tremendous follow-through. So, if another company blew you off, we’ll pick it up for you and get your car direct to you while giving you better service.

Did you buy an SUV for your family from CarMax and want it delivered without incident? We could do it blindfolded. Or if the car is the biggest birthday gift you’ve ever given – we’ve got this!

moving car savannahAm I fully insured during auto shipping?

In a word – yes. We’re sure to cross all the T’s and dot the I’s when it comes to coverage by all of our drivers. As an auto transport broker, we use our advanced network of car carriers to make sure you and your vehicle is taken of. When you ship a car in Savannah, we include the insurance in your quote. In the rare case (1 in 1,200 shipments) that an incident occurs – you’ve got full coverage. If you have any questions, we're always a phone call away. You'll also have the name and phone number of the trucker.

The best news? You have no deductible!

It’s so important that your brand new Mercedes or your dad’s T-bird, or the family Honda gets where you need it to go. The protection of an insurance policy is an absolute must.

It’s an Easy Car Shipping policy. You can have that added peace of mind knowing it’s in place. Whether it’s a Fiat, a Ferrari or an F-150 – we can do your auto transport in Savannah with efficiency and professionalism – and it’s affordable. We take care of everything so you have more time to enjoy the scenery, from the Chattanooga National Military Park to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to the Andersonville National Historic Site.

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