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move truck austinNow that you’re being transferred to Texas, you’re going to be in your element, with boots, leather and your Ford F-250 – but you’ve got to ship it down from Washington or New York. You need a broker that has a short form of qualified carriers ready to pick up your vehicle.

Are you a member of the Texas State Guard awaiting your next assignment, but definitely want to bring your bike?

Or are you a transfer student to UT Austin or at University of Texas and need to bring a car this year? You’re on the lookout for a reliable transport company with great rates if any of these scenarios describe your situation.

How much does Austin Car Transport cost?

Are you based at Camp Mabry? We understand if you're searching for a great company broker the lowest price for your shipping. Well, we’ve got special discounts for you if you’re active military to make sure you get the best deal. We want to thank those who serve the United States in any way we can!

Are you looking for the most affordable price to ship a car in Austin heading to Salt Lake City, but don’t want to sacrifice care, safety of your vehicle, and the assurance that the job will be done right? You definitely want to get all the details up front with your car shipping quote - whether it's your first time or fourth time looking for Texas auto transport - which is what you get with us. In fact, you can use our Quick Quote system and find out the cost right now - it's simple and easy to get your free quote with competitive prices. Not only that, but the price we give you is guaranteed for 2 weeks! Most auto transport companies in Austin only lock in your price for 7 days. ship car austin

We’re a vehicle transport company that aims to make you 100% satisfied with the service and value you get. You determine, in part, what you’re going to pay!

How does that work? Well, you have some options with your door to door service. Whether your transporting to North Carolina or South Carolina we have you covered.

Your timing makes a difference, because the longer the haul, such as New York City to San Antonio the more it costs. So, for instance, if you can avoid vehicle shipping during high traffic times – like holiday seasons – it can save you money. And also, when it snows it slows, so if you don’t have to ship in winter, you’re golden. Location affects pricing as a populous city will have more routes and be easier to book the transportation of your vehicle.

The type of car you’re shipping may have a bearing on the price also. Is it a small pickup, like a Nissan Frontier? Or a dump truck for your construction company? Features, such as tire size, can affect your quote.

The type of car carrier you choose also plays a factor in pricing. Using open car transport is less expensive - and more common - than using an enclosed mover.

But no matter the type of vehicle, we can assure your Austin car transport will be a great experience.

Still curious about pricing? Check out our site or call today for your free quote with competitive prices!

How long does Austin auto transport take?

Standard auto transport service, from Austin, El Paso, Central Texas, or from somewhere else, can be arranged in 2-7 days. Most clients give us at least a week’s notice. Is it a rush job? Or does it have to arrive on a specific date – maybe an anniversary gift for your wife?

You can order express auto transport service if you need more control over dates. Our guarantee? You get pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of either pickup date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off. We promise to meet our commitment to you, or we will refund the additional fee you paid for expedited transport and you also get a $100 refund if we miss your deadline!

moving car austinWhere’s your car delivery going? Are you sending your Yukon to Los Angeles California, Santa Fe New Mexico, Long Island New York? Cities with a smaller populations such as North Charleston South Carolina or Fayetteville North Carolina, it’s most likely that not many truck driver have routes through there compared to a metropolitan area, so it may take extra time. If your car mover stays on major arteries, going to places like Chicago, it’s faster. And there’s the effect of timing also. Of course, when car transport companies have to navigate snowy mountains in winter, there is always the possibility of a slowdown even in a metropolitan area or populous city.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Austin TX.

Maybe it’s not your basic car, truck or SUV you need auto shippers for.

Do you like the Twisted Sisters Ride with your bike club? We can ship a motor bike to Austin if you find a new hog to hit the highway on.

Do you spend a lot of time with a 7-iron in your hands? Maybe you just moved to a golf course and find your neighbors getting around on their carts. We can offer golf cart transport if you buy one online and need it delivered with door to door service.

Are you a great company selling cars needing luxury auto transport needs in Austin? We have years of experience shipping everything from Bentleys to Range Rovers. If your idea of luxury is a new Denali DURAMAX, we can get that to you. Or maybe your new car isn't "new" but actually a classic car - we can offer our car transport service for you. As a shipping company, we always provide professional service for the transportation of your vehicle.

Do you need a handicap van for a family member? We provide van transport for hundreds of handicap ramp-equipped vehicles every year across the United States.

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"I've used them twice already. First shipment was for express closed delivery. The second was express open delivery. No hassle. I made a last minute reservation and they were able to accommodate my request. The pick up and drop off is very easy. Prices are reasonable and you get a peace of mind. Customer service is great. I can’t think of any that needs improvement." - Ezra Evans

Somers, NY to Plano, TX - $1129

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2017 BMW X5

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"I was relocating from GA to PHX and did not want to put the extra miles on my son’s car. I’m a firm believer of reviews after reading their reviews. I stopped searching and contacted ECS. Within minutes of requesting a quote (open transport $1099), Judy gave me a call to confirm my reservation and answered all my questions. Within a hour, his car was loading and on its way to PHX. The process was easy and totally worth it. I will definitely use them again and refer them to friends and family." - Soncharie Weston

Lagrange, GA to Phoenix, AZ - $1099

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2015 Chrysler 200

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"They have good communication and work with you to ensure the vehicle is delivered. They are understanding and excellent at their job." - SBT USA

Queens, NY to Bayonne, NJ - $369

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2012 Nissan GT-R

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"The reputation that this company has is 1000000% legit. David is awesome and genuinely cares to listen to customers and provide best possible options. I decided to do business with them because David made me feel comfortable and gave me honest answers to my questions. You will read horror stories in other reviews from other companies who don't prioritize customer service. Save yourself from a nightmare and use ECS." - Velda Escamilla

Grosse Ile, MI to San Marcos, TX - $1600

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2017 Lexus RC 350

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"I'm really satisfied with the level of service that I received! Judie was fantastic to work with, she was very detailed and took her time explaining how things work to me. As it was my first time, I didn't know what to expect but everything worked out perfectly and I received my car in excellent condition." - Traci Miller

Newport Beach, CA to West Palm Beach, FL - ENCLOSED - $2139

Car Photo

2019 Aston Martin Vanquish

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"Deployed and Happy the car is at my sister's now.  She said the transport was easy at her end too, like pickup was for me." - Francisco Soto

Nashville, TN to Asheville, NC - MILITARY MOVE - $629

Car Photo

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

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"Quality shipping at a fair price. Good communication from start to finish. Car was delivered when they said. I would highly recommend them." - Doug Matthews

Redondo Beach, CA to Mendham, NJ - $1589

Car Photo

2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

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moving cars austinIs open car shipping right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

If you like to buy automobiles online after doing meticulous research, you can turn to us for safe, secure transportation of your vehicle at a good price. Do you need to get your dad’s rebuilt Corvette from his house to yours? You posted your vehicle on Uship but not feeling comfortable with having to get bids and then researching all the carriers that are giving you the bids?

We provide classic car transport in Austin, no problem, but advise you to choose an enclosed carrier. For cars with a value of $70,000 and up, most car transport companies will tell you it’s safer to use enclosed transport instead of an open carrier. They only haul 2-6 vehicles at a time and, of course, have walls and a roof - making sure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition with excellent service.

So, for Ferrari LaFerrari, or something of that ilk, you don’t want it on an open carrier, exposed to wind, rain and dirt. For exotic transport in Austin, it’s the same story as classics and luxury cars. Your Ferrari or Spider will get much more protection on an enclosed carrier.

If you need an auto transporter for a motorbike or golf cart, you want to consider that option too. They’re lightweight and travel better without the effects of wind.

Why choose us for vehicle transport in Austin?

To cut to the chase – we are a broker that maintains a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars! We have carefully vetted our auto carriers and have a short form of long distance movers that continues to offer A1 auto transport. That doesn’t come easily ... when you contract with us for car shipping services in Austin, we make sure you’re completely satisfied with the entire process. Whether you check Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see how our great customer service, reliability, and best price put us among the best auto transport companies in the industry.

Our years experience as a transport company speaks for itself.

When booking with us for your Austin auto shipping, you get your own transport coordinator. Have questions when your car or truck is en route? Your coordinator is at your service always providing great service!

Reliable auto transport isn’t easy to find. But after more than 3 decades in the car business, we have the know-how to not only handle the details for you – we’ve pretty much seen it all. We don’t surprise easily! Stuff happens along the way, but we’re closely connected to the project and to communicating with you throughout the transportation of your vehicle.

move car austinBut don’t just take our word for it, check our online reviews. You’ll see why our former clients rave about working with us, making us an industry leader.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Yes, we’ve got you covered! You don’t drive without auto insurance, and we don’t allow the truck driver to either.

With all the time we’ve logged on the wide open roads from Los Angeles CA or Manchester New Hampshire, we know that things happen – though they’re rare. In the case of damage or some other unforeseen event, other than Acts of God, the policy, which is spelled out on your quote, means zero cost to you. That’s right – there’s no deductible!

Of course, you don’t want anyone on the road without insurance – and neither do we!

Your car needs protection during the car transport service from Los Angeles or New York City or anywhere in the USA, whether it’s just your family’s 5-year-old Suburban or a brand new BMW for your sweetie. And we want the shipping process to be smooth as leather. A question that comes up often is whether you can have personal belongings in the car. As a broker and trucking company we don't allow items in the car.

During our years experience providing car transport service we've always provided great rates making sure our customers get the best deal possible.

We’re prepared for the challenges facing your vehicle, through a move, a purchase, or a present for somebody - making us the best solution for your auto shipment. When you need Austin car shipping services, or vehicle transport out of Central Texas to someplace else like New York, you know you can turn to our experts at Easy Car Shipping. After all, this is definitely not our first rodeo! 

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