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ship car nashvilleDo you work at the Nissan headquarters in Franklin and they’re relocating you to L.A.? Or you're looking for a better place to work with career options that offer higher salary figures in Tennessee? Maybe you’ve got a Model T passed down through your family and you want to find your own, auto transport from Nashville to the West Coast.

Are you a musician with a Gran Turismo you’re taking with you on tour? Or maybe you’re only in Nashville, the capital of TN for a season, but want your Harley while you’re there.

Whatever your situation in the thirty-sixth largest state, you want to know your wheels are safe during transport. You have to be particular about which car shipping company you’ve got on this.

Why choose us for vehicle transport in Nashville, TN?

Not only do you want your car safe in transit, at a lower cost, you also need reliable auto transport in the state of Tennessee. Have you been burned by a transport company for cars who didn’t follow through? They claim to deliver the highest number of cars, but can't seem to help you? We’ve bailed out many a customer in that same situation!

You can not only rely on us to get the job done, we’ll be in constant contact with you throughout the process. We assign you your own transport coordinator who will search our advanced network of truckers to make sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way. That’s right – a company contact to walk you through the entire process, from booking to the delivery of your vehicle. He or she communicates with you during the length of the vehicle shipping process of your car transport service.

When you look at auto transport companies, be sure to check their transport reviews by former customers. From our real customer reviews, you can see why we’ve maintained a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars! That's higher than the national average rating for transport companies.

We’re not amateurs – we’ve been at this for three decades making us car shipping experts. You want to be sure you’re getting trustworthy auto shipping, so make sure to look at track records. With us, your car is in good hands.

Interested in a car transport quote? We have an easy online form - not a lengthy interview process - that will get you an instant car shipping quote on the Southeastern United States.moving cars nashville

How much does it cost to ship a car in Nashville?

If you’ve got a kid at Vanderbilt you’re already shelling out enough cash, and now he or she wants the car too?! Data points show it is helpful and cost effective to have a vehicle on campus. You want the best car transport service in the Music City, but at the best price. Whether you are on minimum wage or have much higher actual salary figures, we have options for all budgets.

Because of our 30-plus years of experience in the business, we’ve got car delivery industry contacts throughout the country, so we can garner the most competitive auto transport moving quotes.

You can go online and get a Quick Free Quote right now. It’s a great system, because you get fast service, plus we guarantee that price for 2 solid weeks! Other auto moving companies can only promise about a week, so we’re double what the other guys offer. It's no wonder why we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States.

If you want options, there are some that can affect the price of auto transport services.

Distance is a primary determiner of cost and square miles traveled. Your free quote reflects the cost for the approximations of length of time the car carrier is on the road. But it’s not necessarily an exact match to what you find on Google Maps. Are the car shippers going to a remote town, off the beaten path? Because fewer trucks go out to places like Angle Inlet, Minnesota versus Los Angeles, for instance, it can take longer and cost more.

Do you want it yesterday? You should look into express auto transport. It’s more expensive, but if it’s for a special occasion or you can’t get to your new job until you’ve got wheels, it’s worth it.

We understand that it's most customers of the auto transport company first time looking for a shipping company and they want it done the cheapest way without sacrificing a positive experience.

Need more car shipping information? We have plenty or free online car shipping resources on our site.

move car nashvilleIs an open car carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Are you a dealer shipping a top-of-the-line BMW? It’s probably pretty important it makes little-to-no contact with the elements. The best idea for you is enclosed transport with door to door service. The rule of thumb for luxury transport is anything over $70,000.

For exotic transport and classic cars, we strongly suggest the same. It’s too important to scrimp when you’re shipping a Tesla. Even if it’s just a Chevelle from the ‘70s that you’re going to hit with the steel wool, you want it to be in the best shape possible when it gets to you as it covers its total area.

The great thing about an enclosed carrier is the extra protection you get from the walls and roof. You don’t really want to imagine any sun exposure on the paint job of the Range Rover you researched so diligently.

Open standard carriers are great for the vast majority of cars. But they do get exposed to rain, snow, dirt, etc as they travel a long distance during the transit time. Plus, they stack up to 10 cars on one carrier.

As a car shipping company, we do the leg work, gathering all the info to enable you to make a decision about your car. Interested in our auto transport quotes? We have an online quote calculator to get you the best rate instantly. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so we go to great lengths to make sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way to Nashville or Johnson City.

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"I must say that they exceeded all of our expectations! David and Judy were delightful, informative and knowledgeable. They kept us informed throughout the process.The trucker picked up our golf cart in St. Louis and delivered it to CT within 48 hours. The driver was pleasant and unruffled as he maneuvered his trailer through a residential neighborhood with narrow streets. And the price was very fair, especially when compared to other quotes. We highly recommend ECS." - Maggie Palmieri

Saint Charles, MO to North Branford, CT - $759

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2015 Star AP Series

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"David is very easy to work with and reach each and every time. Never had any issues and damage with the carriers he vets and chooses. I had one car go from SC to Dallas in 18 hours with same day delivery... So far so good. Looking forward to more business with them in the near future." - Anoop Choong,

Ladson, SC to Lewisville, TX - $1400

Car Photo

2019 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo 2500

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"Quick delivery. Saved me from having to walk everywhere. No issues with anything." - Noah Valentis

Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA - OPEN TRANSPORT - $729

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2007 Yamaha V-Max

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $729

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2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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"Used them for at least 15 auto transports from all parts of the USA. They are always friendly and helpful and most of the transport cost are very fair.  They are usually my first and only call!" - Murray Park

Virginia Beach, VA to Tiffin, Ohio - $639

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1973 Volkswagen Beetle

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"My husband and I are extremely pleased with ECS! There was just the right amount of contact to set this transport up and get everything going. We were frankly surprised how quickly the transport was set up and how soon we received the truck and right to our driveway! Everything was thorough, well done and documentation all along the way. Would definitely use this company again if the need were to arise!" - Wanda Platte

Oak Grove, LA to Waterloo, IA - $1200

Car Photo

2016 Chevrolet with Service Body

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"Our company van blew the transmission while out of town on a job. It was full with our equipment. They sent the right carrier to get it loaded without any delays." - Jeff Vander Sluice

Phoenix, AZ to Anaheim, CA - INOPERABLE VEHICLE - $479

Car Photo

2001 Ford E250 Cargo Van

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How long does auto transport take from Nashville?

Where’s your car relocation from Nashville or Memphis headed? We do nationwide shipping, so if your son just got into University of Washington, the transporter will probably be on the road about 5-8 days from the move date. Did you get a company transfer to North Carolina or New York? Your SUV will probably be on the road about 2-3 days in that case. Refer to our chart for distances and and and estimated transit time. moving car nashville

Standard shipping services can usually be arranged within 2-7 days from the time you contact us. Did you choose express auto transport? Sometimes we can pick up in as little as 24 hours! Here are the advantages if you ship a car with express service: You get pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of either pick-up date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off.

What happens if we don’t meet our end of the bargain? You receive a refund of the difference between the standard shipping price and express shipping price, plus an extra $100! Just another reason why we're car shipping experts.

Car transport companies will tell you that the time of year you ship a car may also have an effect on your vehicle delivery, because weather can play a part, in terms of speed. There are sometimes delays related to excess traffic as well, such as holidays. Just give our transport coordinators a heads up if there are details related to delivery that are important to you, so we can meet your move requirements.

Want to know our pricing? Just fill out our online quote form to see the estimated calculation. Want to know the best part? We guarantee that quote for 2 weeks!

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Nashville.

Do you want to ship a motor bike to Flagler Beach, Florida? We transport a huge range of vehicles, including campers and smaller RVs. We don’t deliver boats, however.

Did you buy a used Ram truck from someone in Oklahoma or other border states? You can ship a truck to Nashville or another surrounding zip code through us. Or do you have a delivery service and your vans need to be moved? We can provide van transport in Nashville and Chattanooga for you too, even those with handicap ramps heavy equipment, and other similar features.

Do you live near Hermitage in Old Hickory? If you ordered a new Club Car, we offer golf cart transport to Nashville, Memphis, and the surrounding areas.

Whatever the type of vehicle, we'll make sure it's delivered in a reliable way.

move truck nashvilleAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Yes, of course you are. And it’s spelled out in your original quote, so you can see the details. We only contract with drivers in our advanced network, who prove they have full coverage. You wouldn’t take a road trip without insurance, and we wouldn’t either!

Throughout our years experience, it’s rare there are any incidents (1 in 1,200 shipments), but we’re ready just in case. The best news is, you pay nothing. That’s right – a zero deductible!

You can turn to us, to handle any situation that comes about. Because we’ve been at this for so long, we are no average hansen, we can foresee most of the hurdles - unlike different companies. We offer flexible, professional shipping services for almost every type of auto shipping in the state capital. And the added bonus is our personal touch. Whether you’ve got a Volkswagen or a Vauxhall, we’re a transport company you can trust to do the job in the largest city in Tennessee - so have more time to do sight seeing like at the Grand Ole Opry to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

We monitor our site closely to limit third party submissions that can provide invalid info. We protect all visitor information and we very all our reviews to all potential false reviews. We always report misuse of this site which keeps it safe and accurate for you. Following auto transport delivery, we welcome your online review.

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