Are you moving to a new state? Perhaps you’re buying a new car online and you need a car shipper – or maybe you’re selling one, and need a seamless transfer to the new owner. Whether it's your first time shipping a car, or you’re sending a car to your college kid or want to ship a car because you have a job transfer, searching for car transport quotes from different companies can bring up a lot of questions. One of them is, what to look for when choosing an auto transport company?


Transporation Comparison
  • Cost of Shipping

    Airline-Class Equivalent

    Pickup / Drop-off Date

    Fully Insured


    Recommended For

  • Open Transport

    Best $$$ Value

    "Coach" Class Service


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Most vehicles

  • Enclosed Transport

    40% - 60% more than Open

    First-Class or Business Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Unique, Sentimental or >$70,000

  • Express (Open or Enclosed)

    30% additional

    You choose: Coach or 1st Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    When urgent transport required

shipping car to another stateHow much does it cost to transport a car to another state?

The average cost for shipping your car to a different state is ~$1.40 per mile for 1-500 miles. So, a 350-mile trip would cost $490. The longer the distance, the lower the price: Moving a car ~1000 miles drops it to $1 a mile, or $1000. State-to-state car transport can be as little as $.60 cents per mile - talk about a good price!

Shipping quotes can vary based on vehicle size, whether enclosed transport or express options, and seasonal demand. Enclosed auto transport from state to state typically costs 40-60% more than standard open-carrier transport. Another option is express auto transport, which is usually about 30% more than with a state 2 state move.

Different makes and models affect state to state car transport quotes also. If it’s a Hummer with special features or heavy equipment vs. a Smart Car there is certainly a huge weight difference that is factored into the price. If you’re an exotic car dealer, you will probably prefer a car shipper that will pamper your McLaren going to San Francisco in an enclosed 2-6 car trailer instead of an open carrier with 9 other cars. We also offer shipping for motorcycles, on both enclosed and open transport carriers.

How long does shipping cars to another state take?

State to state car shipping takes 1-6 calendar days from the date a car is picked up to when it’s dropped off. A driver usually covers about 500 miles per day. The first available pickup date for shipping cars from state to state is typically 2-7 business days after an order is placed, and express vehicle transport to another state is usually available within 24-72 hours.transport car to another state

If you’re retiring to a more affordable state, chances are you have a long timeline and a fair amount of flexibility, so standard timing with a reasonable price take precedence. But if you absolutely need the vehicle there before a certain date -- for instance, when it’s a gift, or you need it to show up before you start your new job -- express auto transport service can provide additional peace of mind in a timely manner. What we guarantee our car shippers will pick-up within 1-3 days and either pick-up date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off.

Did you find that Cadillac Series 62 after years of searching online? You’re probably anxious to get it home so you can start your refurbishing project, so searching for the right shipping company movers can take even more time. If you choose the express auto transport option, you can speed up the process, for sure.

There are some factors to be aware of, because they sometimes get in the way of standard estimated timing. If you’re shipping it to Ponca City, Oklahoma vs. Tulsa, it may take longer because there aren’t as many major arteries leading to that part of the state - it's easier for a car shipment to get to metropolitan areas such as San Francisco than rural areas.

Are you sending your son a car at Oregon State’s Cascades campus? It may take longer if it’s winter, as going through the mountains can be slow. If there’s a seasonally high volume of traffic, too, it can slow down state to state auto transport. But whatever your timeframe, whether for a family move or a military transfer, we work with you to find options that work. If you have particular deadlines, a skillful Transport Coordinator can probably find a way to meet them.

ship car from state to stateShould I consider enclosed car shipping when transporting cars from state to state?

When you ship a car to another state, whether it's neighbor state move or across the United States, you count on a safe transfer process in a timely manner from your auto transport company. And that’s what you get on open car carriers, which do the vast majority of car transportation services for a state to state move. We send thousands of cars that way – stacked on trailers, often 7-10 at a time, which are safely delivered to their owners as swiftly as possible for a reasonable price. 

About 20% of state to state auto carriers and transport jobs are booked in enclosed carriers. These include cars, trucks heavy equipment and any other vehicle that has the highest value. Do you own a luxury car, such as a Jaguar XJ or a Rolls? Enclosed shipping is usually the best way to go when you transport a vehicle to another state that’s valued at $70,000 or higher.

The Enclosed shipping movers option is a way to give your vehicle that added white glove treatment. There are only 2-6 vehicles shipped at a time in enclosed car shippers. It keeps your brand new Maserati from arriving with a coat of dirt or getting any sun exposure en route. When shipping your vehicle through an enclosed or open carrier, your vehicle will be handled with great care and customer service.


Can I pack household items in my vehicle during state to state transport?transport car from state to state

You can only leave vehicle-related items in your car, says the FMCSA, the agency dictating national transportation regulations. So we ask that here are no household goods inside of your vehicle. Just as you depend on Easy Car Shipping to take care of details like insurance (which your car has, in full, when you contract with us), we are on top of any regulations related to shipping a car from state to state. When looking through our high score transport reviews, which average a 4.8 out of 5, you'll see why we're the best car shipping company for your vehicle move.

Our car movers are experts, not only in the loading, hauling and unloading of your vehicle, but our movers know the proper way to fill out paperwork such as the Bill of Lading. That’s the required documentation indicating the who, what and where about your shipment.

In the same way that you want, and deserve, accurate paperwork, when you remove personal belongings and household items from the car your driver can more easily record the condition of your car on the Bill of Lading. That’s essential so that you’re sure the vehicle is in as good condition when received as it was when it was loaded.

Why is Easy Car Shipping best for state-to-state car transport services?

We give you great service in every way during the entire process. Your job is our number one concern when you hire us to handle your shipping needs. We also custom design the best route for you when you transport a car to another state whether you choose an enclosed or open transport carrier.

all states car transport

From a Nissan Frontier to a Rolls-Royce, we ship all types of vehicles nationwide, door-to-door and door-to-dorm. Our clients count on safe, dependable service from us, which is what sets us apart from different companies.

We have 3 ½ decades in the car business, from buying and selling to transporting. Our network of >8,500 carriers and car movers is one of the largest and most experienced and professional in the business - ensuring you have a great experience whether it's your first time or fourth time shipping a car. This enables us to offer some of the most competitive car transport quotes for state to state shipping. Your quote is guaranteed for 14 days: twice the industry norm.

It’s easy to work with us: we handle everything starting with contacting your buyer or seller or auction house, or whoever you’re working with. We assign a dedicated Transport Coordinator and you’ll have a direct line to him or her – along with knowing the name and phone number of your hauler, so you can reach him when your vehicle is in transit.

How many different companies that ship cars from state to state do that? With our years of experience and notable reputation, you'll see why we are the best choice and the best auto transport company for your shipment. It’s not an exact science – but because it’s not our first rodeo, we foresee all the usual roadblocks.


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