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move car portlandDo you work at Columbia Sportswear in Beaverton, but just found out you’re getting transferred to the Maine office? Moving to a city with the estimated population in the entire state the same as the largest city in your state can be stressful.

Or maybe you live in Portland’s Pearl District near the Columbia river and drive a vintage Volkswagen, but your family insists on moving to the Southwest.

If you’re looking for auto shipping in the Portland area, you probably have a lot of questions about the process.

How much does it cost to ship a car in the state of Oregon?

Do you like the cars you find online and want to make a purchase, but first need to know how much a car shipping company is going to cost?

It can be confusing when you look into various services offered by car transport companies. You want to be sure to get all the costs laid out for you right up front, which is what we do. There are some services, in particular, that may affect the car transport quotes and you need to know your options when you ship a car in the Portland area.

Where is the car carrier going? For instance, are you sending your Kia to Kingman, Kansas? Or taking the Saturn to Maine?

The type of car and the current condition of the vehicle can also affect the price. Does it have specialized features? Super high roof racks or a lift kit? Oversized tires? Heavy Equipment? These may determine the type of carrier required for your car transport service.

Another possibility that has a bearing on cost is enclosed shipping in Portland, Elwood, and the surrounding area. Is it a Sling Shot or a Maserati going to Maine? For exotic cars, you want an extra protected style of shipping. It costs more, but is highly recommended for certain types of vehicles.

Interested in our competitive auto transport moving quotes? We have an easy online form for you fill out to get an instant shipping quote, which we guarantee for 2 weeks! Other auto transport companies can only promise a week. It's no wonder we're among the best car shipping companies across the contiguous United States! Payment is also easy. You have a COD option or a full payment a major credit cards with a small credit card fee.move truck portland

We understand it's most peoples first time looking for auto shipping services, and they want the cheapest way possible.We take great pride in making sure you get the best rate without having to sacrifice getting outstanding service. Customer service is one of our main priorities when providing auto transport services - we want to make sure you have a positive auto shipping experience, just like our previous clients.

Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed shipping? 

The enclosed carrier is like enabling your car to take a first-class flight. The Enclosed vehicle marketplace includes fewer cars and offers more attention from the driver. Open car carriers haul about 7-10 cars at a time, which are stacked and obtain exposure to the elements.

Are you a dealer shipping a Mercedes AMG or a top-of-the-line Audi to Maine, California, or Florida? Luxury shipping in the state of Oregon is protected best in an enclosed carrier also. And you don’t want your customer to get his new Porsche with a layer of dirt or have the paint job faded from sun exposure as it travels a long distance to Maine, the San Francisco Bay Area, or to Texas.

Most auto transport companies, with an advanced network of truckers along the Oregon Coast, will also tell you that for classic shipping it’s worth the extra money for a trailer with this type of added protection, instead of using an open trailer. If you’re a car enthusiast and you’ve done a lot of research before buying, make sure you’ve paid attention to the details.

We go to great lengths to make sure you receive high quality transport service - from the free quote, to the car shipping process, to the delivery of your vehicle, whether your cars is going to Los Angeles, Maine, or North Carolina. We are professional car movers, after all.

moving cars portlandAm I fully insured during auto shipping?

Do you go to Portland State and want your folks to send the Honda so you can have it all year? You've posted in on Uship but have not had good luck yet in getting it picked up? If you have to convince your mom and dad it’s worth doing, things like insurance are going to be issues they’re going to bring up when looking through auto moving companies.

Don’t worry – they’ll like the answer you give them! Full coverage appears on your free quote, so you know what all the terms are in advance. There is no deductible for you. That’s right, in the rare event that something occurs that wasn’t expected, no money comes out of your pocket for repairs. Just another reason we're one of the best auto transport companies in the auto transport industry! We cover thousands of square miles with our network on trucks.

Are you shipping a convertible and you’re worried the top will rip or the sides will get scratched on the way to the Western part of Oregon from Maine? That’s the reason you want your car shipping experts to have a complete insurance policy. Our experienced vehicle shipping coordinator uses an advanced network of transporters to book your shipment, to make sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way. You'll also have the name and phone number of the truck driver, in case any questions arise.

Even if it’s just the family’s Ford, we treat your vehicle like it’s our own. As a transport company for cars, we’ve seen occasional issues come up, but we’re with you along the way. Your personal shipping agent is here to provide great service along the way, to make sure you have a peace of mind throughout your shipment.

Want an instant car shipping quote for your door to door service? Just fill out our online quote form! Need more car shipping information? We have plenty of free online car shipping resources on our site. If you have any further questions, we're just a phone call away.

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"Thanks for working with my Mom. I was deployed and I transported my V-Max to my mom in FL. The driver was so cool. He made sure it was parked in the garage and covered up." - Charles Cosner

Long Island, NY to Palm Beach, FL - OPEN TRAILER - $749

Car Photo

2009 Yamaha V-Max

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"My car was delivered yesterday in perfect condition. The company was fast, communicative, and dependable. David and his team were available every step of the way. Thank you!" - Ken Griffin

San Marcos, CA to San Francisco, CA - $649

Car Photo

1988 Land Rover Defender 110

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"Great company! Very transparent & efficient. I have shipped my car across country with Easy Car Shipping twice now and I am extremely satisfied." - Kelsey Seltzen

Glenside, PA to Clearwater, FL - $1429

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2015 Ram 1500

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"The Delivery was excellent across the board. the gentleman that delivered it was super careful, when backing it out of the enclosed carrier. it was covered and protected, to the finest. He was also so pleasant and polite. We’re very very pleased! Thank You!" - Ruth Ann

Clinton, MO to Knoxville, IA - $699

Car Photo

2020 Tomberlin Emerge SS Coupe

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"I was happy with the service provided.  My messages were returned even after hours and on Saturday. They took care of my transport needs and took all the worry out of it for me. I will use them again in the future." - Robert Sutmeyer

Sacramento, CA to Santa Fe, NM - $739

Car Photo

2013 Nissan Rogue

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"After spending 2 months looking for the car I wanted, I wanted a shipper without hassles. These guys made me feel right at home. Way to go, great price and fast delivery" - Ralph Proscotto

Rochester, MN to Buffalo, NY - ENCLOSED - $1,299

Car Photo

1963 VW Kharmann Ghia

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"Fantastic service. One call and had the car picked up by transport in Seattle the same day. Great follow up and car was delivered in great shape. Car was also non running at time so we were able to handle it all with these guys. Professional, fast and great pricing." - Steve Pop,

Seattle, WA to Rancho Cordova, CA - $525

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2017 Porsche Cayenne

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Why choose us for vehicle transport in the Pacific Northwest? 

Were you thrilled when you won a Jeep in an auction, but now you’re faced with Portland car transport? You spent a lot of money, so you want it to get to you in one piece - in a reliable way.

When it comes to reliable vehicle transport in Portland, Salem, Eugene or another surrounding zip code, you want car shipping experts with a reputation that precedes them. That’s what you’re getting with us at Easy Car Shipping. We search through our advanced network of drivers to make sure they'll meet your move requirements for your car transport service. moving car portland

Have you seen our customer reviews? We’ve got a rating of 4.6 out 5 stars, which is pretty affirming. With our years experience, realistic quotes, and customer service, it's no wonder why we have such a notable reputation!

Why do our prior clients believe in us? Some of it is our easy process. You can go online right now and use our Quick Quote system.

You input the details of the job and you get a price quote. Sound good? Well, we double down by guaranteeing that price for two weeks! Another great feature is our dependability for Portland car transport. Many of our customers hired other car shippers who let them down. We’ve gotten people’s vehicles where they need to go – and very quickly, when they’ve needed it.

How long is the transit time to/from Portland?

If you need either a quick pick-up, a specific move date, or if you need to minimize the number of days between pick-up and delivery, you may need our express auto transport service. Sometimes we can even be there in 24 hours!

Standard car shipping services in Portland, Salem, and Willamette Valley take between 2-7 days for pick-up, most of the time. We act quicker if you need us to. Just choose our express auto transport service. For estimated transit time, we have a handy chart on our site.

Once your car relocation begins, the transit time is, of course, mostly determined by distance. But there are even a few departures from the obvious. If your car is headed somewhere kind of remote, such as Marfa, Texas, there probably aren’t a lot of carriers going there compared to popular areas like Los Angeles. Sometimes it can create a slight delay for your delivery. It's easier to book a route to major metropolitan areas as opposed to a rural community.

Now add to that a winter delivery to Maine or New York and it has to go through the mountains and you’ve got more delays. Weather and holiday traffic can throw a wrench in the works at times too.

ship car portlandAs an auto transport broker with more than 30+ years of experience in the car business, we know how to handle your shipment. It's a good thing you're here!

We do truck and motorcycle shipping in Portland.

If you’re retiring and heading south, like most senior citizens, you may want to bring along a golf cart. Luckily, we provide golf cart shipping from Portland, Salem, and Rogue Valley to wherever you’re moving.

Has everyone in your riding club gotten a new hog lately? If you find the one you want in a different state, we can ship a motorcycle to Portland for you if you need us to.

Does your company use trucks? If you find yourself in a jam, where you need some of them moved, we can ship a truck to a new location. Do you need van shipping in Portland? Maybe you’re a caterer and some of your delivery vans are down, or in the case of handicap vans that you really need, let us know and we can ship them, or just about any other vehicle, except really large RVs.

At Easy Car Shipping, you’re getting auto transporter experts who know cars. With 30+ years in the car business, there aren’t too many surprises. We hold up our end and provide the highest quality, most reliable auto transport in Portland.

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