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move truck manhattanTourists may be attracted to the lights of the big city, but you know New York City as the place you call home and the headquarters for your business. Do you need your delivery vans moved to a different site?

Or are you headed to Florida or Los Angeles and want to take the SUV so the family has transportation all winter?

Are you a car dealer? Whether you’re snowbirds or sold a car online, you’re doing a lot of research to find a professional vehicle transport company in Manhattan, New York. We're among the best auto transport companies by providing the best service to make sure you have an outstanding customer service experience.

Why choose us for vehicle transport in Manhattan?

When you look at auto transport companies in New York it’s hard to find auto moving companies that really know the business. We have 30 years of experience in the industry, so we have a lot of vehicle transport under our belts. Do you have an unusual situation? Don’t worry – we’ve probably seen it before!

Did another car shipping company drop the ball and put you in a tough spot? Now you need more reliable auto transport in Manhattan or Long Island? There’s too much to lose if you’ve got someone without the experience and know-how to foresee the roadblocks in the process. We all know things happen, from weather to road closures, but the important thing is we know how to handle them - unlike your previous company.

We have solid relationships with car carriers in Manhattan, and we make it really easy for you. We can expedite your shipment, we’re flexible, offer competitive prices, and we stay in constant communication to make it as smooth as possible to ensure you have a good experience shipping your vehicle in a timely manner.

Do you need an auto transporter from Manhattan to a destination nearby, like Rhode Island or New Jersey? Or is it going cross country, to somewhere like Los Angeles? Either way, with our auto transport company, you’ve got the advantage of years experience, professionalism and reliability for your door to door service.ship car manhattan

Feel free to read reviews from clients on our website. 

Curious about a free quote? Just fill out our easy online form for your instant car shipping quote.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Manhattan?

The responsibility of car relocation can feel as tall as the New York skyline, but you’re hoping the price isn’t sky high! When you see our various transport services, we think you’ll be surprised at the affordable prices. There are some options that affect your quote, such as delivery time.

Do you have an exact move date you need your car by? Or specific move requirements? Let’s say you need it in time for a birthday bash at the Marriott. In that case you probably want to use express auto transport. It costs more than standard shipping, but you have more guarantees as to dates and times for your door to door service.

Are you with a dealership, like Manhattan Motorcars, and need a custom designed Bentley delivered? You want an enclosed carrier in New York, when it comes to your high-end client's vehicles, because they really need to be protected from exposure to wind, rain or dirt - that way the new car arrives in perfect condition. Again, it costs more, but worth every penny.

Discounts? Yup – the price drops on additional vehicles, and we offer discounts to active military.

And not only that, you get our Quick Quote system, which guarantees your price for 14 days – while other car transport companies in Manhattan typically limit their guarantees to just a week. Just another way we meet your auto transport needs.

moving cars manhattanHow long does auto transport take into Manhattan or out of the city?

If you ship a car to your son at New York University and you’re in South Carolina, you’ll get it there faster than, say, San Diego to Niagara Falls. But did you know that when you need shipping to Manhattan affects the time frame?

If it’s mid-winter in the Northeast, there can be weather delays, and if it’s holiday season there may be traffic slowdowns.

When you use express auto transport we can even sometimes arrange pick-up in as fast as 24 hours! Standard delivery of your vehicle is still speedy, usually within 2-7 days.

Is your car headed to a rural area, like in the Appalachians, for instance? The length of time for car delivery from Manhattan may be extended when they go to a town that’s pretty far off the main interstate highways. It's easier to book a route to a metropolitan area as there are more truckers traveling on those routes.

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"After my PCS notice, this was quick and easy. We had to move our 2nd vehicle to the base. Thanks for working with me and the discount." - Juan Gonzalez

San Diego, CA to Waco, TX - $1249

Car Photo

2009 Ford Expedition

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $1049

Car Photo

2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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"Extremely pleasant experience. They got me my car in one day. Driver was honest and extremely flexible. So nice to deal with a company that was professional and knew how to get the job done. Definitely recommend." - Jeanne Johnson

Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX - $899

Car Photo

2008 Ford Ranger

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"Great experience, car was waiting for us at our designated pick up spot! Truck was in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend them!!" - Danny Kelly

Loma Linda, CA to Fort Collins, CO - $889

Car Photo

2017 Honda Ridgeline

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"David at Easy Car Shipping saved us! We originally had a booking with a different company that fell through. I reached out to Easy Car Shipping only 1 week before we had to have the car shipped, David responded within minutes and said he would try to get a driver (this was during the 4th of July weekend). He was very honest and informed me that it would cost a little extra because the prices had gone up. He did not require any deposit of any kind. Our deadline came and we still didn't have a carrier for our car, so David offered to store our car at their location in Santa Ana until he could secure a carrier, at no extra cost. We finally got a carrier and our car was picked up only two days after we left. We were told about 7 days of delivery (cross country, from CA to NJ). The car came 2 days ahead of schedule! David, thank you so much for your help! I could not be more pleased with your exceptional service!!" - Patrick Bell

Fairlawn, OH to Hollywood, CA - $1489

Car Photo

2012 BMW X3

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"Efficient and on time transporters who care about your business. The online quotes and booking is convenient, getting regular updates by email is great, They provide the drivers name and phone number so I can call them direct." - Raymond Ashamu

Seattle, WA to Miami, FL - $1689

Car Photo

2016 Chevrolet Equinox

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"Thanks for the quick nationwide delivery. Delivered in less than a week. I honestly didn't expect it to be that fast and smooth. The driver answered his calls or called us right back. We will use your company when we move back." - Darrel McAlvy

San Jose, CA to Charlotte, NC - $1529

Car Photo

2016 Toyota Tacoma

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Is open car shipping right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport? 

Like we said in reference to sports cars and exotics with high price tags, enclosed car transport service is definitely desirable to eliminate exposure to bad weather and everything else. We’re used to seeing the open car carriers, which are more prevalent. They carry 7-10 vehicles at a time, whereas enclosed long distance movers carry 2-6. Moving your vehicle across the country is an exciting time, but stressful as well. We are here to help.move car manhattan

The open carrier is perfectly safe and reliable when you need transport for the family minivan or when you ship a truck from Manhattan to somewhere else.

In the case of luxury car transport service, like a brand-new Mercedes or another car with a value in the $70,000 range, we strongly recommend transportation with an enclosed trailer. If you’re a member of the Classic Car Club Manhattan you have access to the most amazing cars on the planet! Keep in mind you can turn to us for door to door service when you need classic car shipping from Manhattan to another city outside the Big Apple. Car shippers and brokers normally suggest you choose an enclosed trailer for classics like muscle cars, your ‘70s Porsche, or whatever you own and need shipped.

We have an average of 4.6 out 5 star rating. So whether you look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as a broker shipping company.

Want a quote for your transportation needs? We offer competitive auto transport moving quotes. Or do you need more car shipping information? We offer free online car shipping resources here on our site to help you out. Or give us a call! We provide high quality auto transport services to make sure you have a great experience while we do a great job.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Manhattan.

Has your family in New York City been storing your motorcycle while you finished at West Point and now you want it at your first duty station? We can ship a motorcycle from Manhattan to wherever you need it.

If you’re headed south for the winter and want to take your golf cart – no problem! We’ve got your golf cart transport from Manhattan to Florida, Arizona, or wherever you like to get some sun.

Does your family insist you bring your car to the town you’re moving to? We’ve got van transport and SUV shipping available too. Our car shipping services in Manhattan include everything from Fiats to Hummers. We’re able to all types of vehicles and trucks from MINI Coopers to Handicap equipped Vans to trucks with heavy equipment. Maybe it doesn’t run any longer? We have experience with that also.

When you need a transport company for cars that are sizable or have special circumstances too, such as those that aren’t running, we can help you. It's no wonder why we're among the best car shipping companies in the auto transport industry across the contiguous United States.

moving car manhattanAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Vehicle shipping in Manhattan and New York City can be tricky, especially in such a congested populous state. You know what we mean if you operate a business with delivery vans or have a fleet of trucks or cars. A car transporter has to be insured if they work with us. We cover that in your car transport quotes, so that your situation is handled smoothly in the unlikely event that something isn’t as originally planned.

It’s a huge peace of mind to know you have that coverage during auto transport as your car travels a long distance.

Are you moving to a new home and looking to ship household items? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the only items that remain in the vehicle during shipment are those related to the vehicle. All other items must be removed to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the driver.

At Easy Car Shipping, we're a broker helping customers if it's your first time or fourth time transporting a car. You can be sure you not only have an active policy with the trucking company involved, we also have the integrity to get the job done. You have complete follow-through and we stay connected with you throughout.

Have you spent a lot of time poring over eBay for ideas to add to your collection? Auto transport in Manhattan, New York City, and surrounding zip codes is something you want to be particular about, and we do what we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our customer service. You can turn to us, an auto transport broker, when you need a car delivery that’s expedient, efficient and reliable.

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