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move car long islandLong Island, New York has a personality of its own. That’s part of its allure, as well as the great time you have on the road in your finest car.

Did you just buy a vehicle through an online auction or car dealer site like eBay, or through Auto Trader?

Or are you headed to a Sunbelt state for a few months and want to bring your car, motorcycle or golf cart with you?

Either way, you need a secure auto transport service, and want to turn to a rock solid transport company for cars with door to door service.

Why choose Easy Car Shipping for vehicle transport?

If you google car transport companies, you’ll find some advertising auto moving companies. But when it comes to the caliber of your vehicles, don’t take chances. You want a reliable auto shipping company.

Sometimes what you'll find are brokers who hook you up with kind of flaky drivers who drop the ball. Not here. Whether you are going from New York City or Upstate New York, we can handle all your needs.

We really know the business. We’ve been in the transport industry for three decades now, so there aren’t any worries of no-shows or lack of follow-through. If you’ve got a car that doesn’t run or a raised truck – whatever your situation or type of vehicle – we’ve probably seen it before!

By using us, you’re getting reliable auto transport from New York City to wherever your vehicle needs to go in the entire country. Stuff happens, of course, from weather to road closures, but we know how to handle them all. 

We make it really easy for you. Your auto transport needs are our top priority. Plus, we’re flexible, and we stay in contact with you, ensuring you have a great experience with our excellent service.

Do you need an auto transport from New York to somewhere like Massachusetts? Or is it going nationwide, to somewhere like California? Either way, with us you’ve got the advantage of experience, professionalism and reliability.

Feel free to read reviews from clients on our website. Our years of experience and great customer service make us the best value - putting us among the best car shipping companies in the contiguous United States. Following auto transport delivery we look forward to receiveing

How much does it cost to ship a car?moving cars long island

Even if you live in the Manhattan or New York City, you want a good deal. And not the kind of deals your Uncle Luigi used to make ... you want to receive the value you’re paying for. We agree.

As a broker, our relationships with auto transport trucks enable us to give you the most competitive auto transport moving quotes – without compromising your service and move requirements. There are a number of options you have when it comes to car relocation in the auto transport industry, and your quote varies accordingly.

If you bought a car through an auction and just put shipping on the back burner, we’re on it. We do need to know, however, how quickly you need the car transport services.

If you need it picked up, like, yesterday, you might need to choose express auto transport, which costs more than standard delivery. Are you throwing a big bash for your folks’ 50th anniversary, and presenting them with a new car? If you need specific dates, you want the express delivery of your vehicle.

Your quote may also vary depending on whether or not your vehicle runs, or if carriers have to accommodate an oversized vehicle or modified van with heavy machinery or equipment.

If you need an enclosed car transport service for such cars over $70,000 in value, that costs more than open transport.

If you ship more than one vehicle you get a discount, or if you’re an active member of the military.

Our Quick Quote system guarantees your price for 14 days, so there are no surprises. Most broker auto transport companies limit their guarantees for their car transport quotes to just one week. Just fill in our easy online form for your free quote!

Need more car shipping information? We have lots of free online car shipping resources right our site, so take a look!

move truck long islandHow long does auto transport take in New York?

The distance is always the most basic determiner of transport time. Is your car going from New York to Baton Rouge? Or to Phoenix? But there are other considerations also.

If it’s not going to a major city, an out-of-the-way place can take a little more time for professional car movers from Long Island to your destination. For instance, consider the added time and effort it would take to get your golf cart onto Fire Island. Sometimes those kinds of delays occur, unless your vehicle is going to a more heavily populated city, such as Minneapolis.

If you ship a car from Long Island to your son at Duke, you can expect it faster than, say, sending it to your daughter at UCLA. But did you know that when you need the car shipping actually affects the time frame?

You live in snow – you know how it holds up traffic. That can, of course, have a bearing on car relocation.

When you use express auto transport we understand that you have a specific move date and need your vehicle transported in a timely manner. Sometimes we can arrange pick-up as quickly as 24 hours! Standard delivery is typically within 2-7 days.

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"Thanks for the help, it was super smooth. I needed a Wheelchair equipped van transported but other companies didn't understand how tall it was. These guys know their vehicles." - Susan Guerrero

Sacramento, CA to Albuquerque, NM - $1079

Car Photo

2015 Ford Transit Handicap Van

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"I bought a Gem E4 Golf Cart while vacation in Tucson, I decided to take it to St Paul, very easy to work with the carrier. Thanks for making it so stress free." - Gerald Finney

Tucson, AZ to St Paul, MN - $999

Car Photo

2013 GEM E4

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"Professional and courteous from the first phone call requesting information to the delivery of my vehicle ahead of schedule. No games or gimmicks. I was kept informed throughout the transport process. Thank You!" - Leslie Rathbaum

West Lafayette, IN to San Antonio, TX - $949

Car Photo

2010 Mercedes C300

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"Deal of a life time. Great deal on the car, super low miles and great deal on the transport. The driver was super nice and WOW what a great truck and trailer. I'm enjoying the car and the savings." - Sonny Driscoll

Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA - ENCLOSED - $1689

Car Photo

2007 Porsche Cayenne

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"Thanks Judi. You made it simple and easy to transport our van to our daughter going to school in MI. I'll be calling you back when she graduates!" - Terry Boucher

Tampa, FL to Detroit, MI - $989

Car Photo

2013 Honda Odyssey

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"I've shipped a few cars from california to texas.  This was the best experience.  My car was in san francisco.  I live in Dallas.  I had to work to schedule the pickup based on my colleagues in the office.  Due to covid, it was much more difficult than usual.  Easy car shipping worked with me to get it done.  It was never going to be easy, but they handled it perfectly.  The driver picked up the car on tuesday with no problems and I had my car delivered on Friday.  Perfect condition.  I will use them again." - Vinh Huynh

San Francisco, CA to Keller, TX - $1339

Car Photo

2004 VW Touareg

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $1049

Car Photo

2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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Is open car shipping right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

According to Newsday, clubs for car enthusiasts are huge in Long Island. There’s the Antique Automobile Club of America, the Horseless Carriage Club ... even the American Truck Historical Society! If you’re in one of those, you may, at times, need classic car transport in Long Island and surrounding zip codes.

ship car long island

For classics, or if you collect more modern machines, like Lamborghinis and Bentleys, you’re probably looking at enclosed transport to ensure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition with door to door service.

Are you a dealer who wants to keep a favorite client happy? If you want to have it delivered totally clean – guaranteed – you probably want an enclosed carrier, but it’s up to you.

In the case of luxury car transport, like a brand-new Porsche or another car with a value in the $70,000-plus range, we strongly recommend transportation with the enclosed trailer.

The open car carriers are great for the family SUV, or to send the Jeep to your kid at school. But enclosed transport offers more TLC for your car. The carriers only take 2-6 cars at the same time, whereas the open company drivers carry 7-10.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Long Island.

You don’t have to be Gatsby’s neighbor to solicit our services, though we do quite a bit of exotic auto transport in Long Island with door to door service. Maybe you live on the South Shore and spend your time surfing and riding your Harley.

Do you need to ship a motorcycle from Long Island to somewhere you’re moving or spending some time? We can help you.

When you live in an area with so many championship golf courses, you’ve gotten used to using your golf cart as secondary transportation. If you’re a snowbird and you want golf cart transport to your place in the South, let us know.

moving car long island

Does your company have a fleet of delivery vans, but you need them moved to HQ? We offer van transport services, and we can ship a truck from Long Island also.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Yes, we are brokers that only work with drivers who carry adequate insurance for the trip. We’re thorough and careful, making the safety of your vehicle our top concern. We want you to be comfortable that, especially when navigating the roads in congested areas like New York, the transportation should be smooth sailing, barring things like “acts of God.” It’s good news that the policy is in place.

It’s all covered in your quote, so you can see that you’ve got what you need in place for the safety of your car.

Whether you take a look at our reviews on Yelp or through the Better Business Bureau, you'll see why our notable reputation puts us among the best auto transport companies in the contiguous United States.

We’ve done this for years, so you can have the added confidence that when you need auto transport in Long Island, experts are on the job.

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