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ship car las vegasAre you ready for some off-roading in your Xterra?

Or maybe you’re a snowbird who's only in Vegas or Lake Tahoe for the winter, but it’s too long to be without your golf cart.

Do you have a McLaren GTR and want SAFE shipping to Las Vegas, Nevada?

For any of these reasons, you want the best auto transport company on this! That way you have more time enjoying the nightlife and casinos in Sin City, instead of worrying about your shipment.

Why choose us for vehicle transport?

Two words: Customer Satisfaction. We’ve got a rating of 4.6 out 5 stars. It’s a strong statement that we’re rock solid and aim for the fastest, safest vehicle shipping. Whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as a shipping company.

Once you see how easy our process is, you’ll see why our clients are so happy. We’ve got industry experts to take care of the car delivery details for you. With 30+ years of experience in the car business, there aren’t too many surprises.

Feel free to compare us to other auto moving companies. You can check our online reviews – there are no better experts than a company’s previous clientele.

One of the features that is most important to our car relocation customers has to do with communication. With us, you get your own personal shipping agent, who keeps you updated at all times. That means you get your questions answered throughout the whole process! If you need more car shipping information, check out our site or give us a call. We have plenty of free online car shipping resources for you.

Have you heard about our Quick Free Quote system? Just put your details into our easy online form and you can get an instant shipping quote for your vehicle, which we guarantee for 14 days! Other car shipping companies can only promise a week. So it's no wonder why we're among the top in the auto transport industry!

move car las vegas

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Did you pick out a convertible and feel terrified the top will rip or the sides will get scratched on the way to Vegas or Reno, NV? Don’t worry. Like we said, full coverage appears on your car transport quote, so you know up front what all the terms are. And there is no deductible for you! In the off-chance anything happens, no money comes out of your pocket for repairs. Your experienced vehicle shipping coordinator will use an advanced network of transporters that will meet the move requirements for your complete door to door service.

We know most people are looking for the cheapest way to ship their car, but before decide on the right broker, make sure they have insurance coverage.

Are you a car enthusiast who needs exotic transport? Are you a dealer with Bentleys and Aston Martins? All the more reason you want your auto shipping company to have a complete insurance policy.

Is it just the family Ford Escape? We go to great lengths to treat your vehicle like it’s our own - from the first phone call to the final inspection. Because we’re a transport company for cars, we’ve seen occasional issues occur, but we’re with you every step of the way.

Are you moving to Mojave Desert, Spring Valley, Vegas NV, or another zip code and looking to ship items inside the vehicle? According to the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, household goods and personal belongings cannot be inside the car during shipment. The only items that can remain inside, are those pertaining to the actual vehicle - everything else must be removed.

We understand that it's most peoples first car move, and they want the cheapest way but don't want to sacrifice high quality customer service to receive a positive auto shipping experience. That's why we offer competitive auto transport moving quotes for nationwide car shipping. We're among the top car shipping companies across the contiguous United States, so let us take care of your shipment - no matter the type of vehicle.

move truck las vegasWe do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Las Vegas Nevada.

Does the thought of three solid months without your hog sound miserable? No problem! We can ship a motorcycle to Las Vegas, NV for you, and then ship it back when spring comes and you go home to Columbus Ohio, Washington, or Maine.

Do you have a food truck business? Or are you with Mayflower or Starving Students? If you’re a caterer and have delivery vans or a contractor with trucks and tractors, we’re ready when you need a lift. We can ship a truck in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, or out of the area if you need us. We also provide van transport to wherever your vehicle needs to go. We even move small RVs!

If they no longer run, we have the equipment to winch them onto a trailer also. Just give us a call.

Did you get a company transfer to Las Vegas or Carson City, so now you have the opportunity to use your golf cart for more than a ride to the mailbox? We can offer you golf cart transport to Nevada if you want to bring yours to your new home.

We know it's most peoples first car transport and they want to ship the cheapest way without giving up quality. That's where we come in! Curious about auto transport quotes in Nevada? Just fill out a simple online form to see our competitive prices. We'll take car of your smart auto move to make sure it's a direct delivery to you.

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"This company was word of mouth recommendation from a Lexus car salesman. Great decision. I would gladly recommend them." - Tim Persons

Virginia Beach, VA to West Palm Beach, FL - ENCLOSED - $889

Car Photo

2015 Lexus GX460

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"I called this company last minute after been stood up by another transport company. I spoke with David and advised him I needed shipment ASAP. He was very pleasant and professional. He immediately got to work and called me back quickly. My truck was actually picked up the very next day. He made the entire process stress free. Then when the driver Heather picked up my vehicle, she also was amazing. I knew my brand new 2019 BMW was in great hands. She contacted me daily giving me updates and arrived on time just as she had promised. I truly appreciate this company and all involved in safely transporting my vehicle across many states." - Carla Shands

Spring Valley, NY to Atlanta, GA - $1300

Car Photo

2019 BMW M5

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"I have used this company for over 5 years. I sell cars so we use them quite a lot and I have never had anything go wrong yet!! Plus they know how to take care of their customers by keeping them in the loop the whole time. I have never got any bad feed back from my customers at ALL!!" - Joe Scheible

Miami, Fl to Santa Monica, CA - $1389

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2016 Audi RS5

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"The reputation that this company has is 1000000% legit. David is awesome and genuinely cares to listen to customers and provide best possible options. I decided to do business with them because David made me feel comfortable and gave me honest answers to my questions. You will read horror stories in other reviews from other companies who don't prioritize customer service. Save yourself from a nightmare and use ECS." - Velda Escamilla

Grosse Ile, MI to San Marcos, TX - ENCLOSED - $1600

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2017 Lexus RC 350

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"I'm a private buyer who is doing car sales as a hobby and this company is perfect as far as price and service." - Yacoub Nasrallah

Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD - $1199

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2011 Toyota Sienna

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"I didn't even have to pay extra to get same day pickup and next day dropoff (basically, express service), because they have so many trucks going from AZ to CA each day (and CA to AZ). My 2018 Mini Cooper was delivered in perfect condition, and I got a bargain not only on the purchase but also on delivery." - Kyndall Lassiter

Phoenix, AZ to Seal Beach, CA - $479

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2018 Mini Cooper S

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"Interacting with David, the dispatcher, was easy and efficient. The driver of the No Limits Transport car carrier was polite and skilled. It was estimated that the delivery would take a week, but van arrived in six days." - Joan Leukhardt

Baltimore, MD to La Verne, CA - $1389

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2019 Honda Odyssey, Mobility Van

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How long does auto transport take from Las Vegas, NV?

When you contact us – by phone or on the website – we arrange pickup of your shipment usually between 2-7 days with standard auto shipping in Las Vegas. We act quicker if you need us to. Just choose our express auto transport service. We sometimes are able to pick up in 24 hours, and not only are you able to zero in on a specific delivery date, you get a $100 refund if we don’t hold up our end of the bargain! moving car las vegas

Most customers who started with a different company, but they dropped the ball, will opt for express delivery to make sure their vehicle still arrives on the original move date. So now they're looking for professional car movers to pick up the slack. As a moving company, we take great pride in our customer service and great communication. We always give a clear explanation of the transit - from the time you get your free quote to the time of drop off.

There are some factors – other than where it’s going – that affect the time that car delivery takes. If the auto transporter takes your car from Las Vegas to Chicago, for instance, it’ll take about 4-7 days. But if they go from Vegas to a remote town, like Spearfish, South Dakota in the Black Hills, it may take extra time, because it’s not on a major city. Popular areas and with major interstate highways are easier to book a route to as there are more truckers traveling to the largest cities and metropolitan areas.

Combine that with a winter delivery that has to go through the mountains and you’ve got some delays again. Of course, the weather you run into, and holiday traffic too, can slow down shipping services.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Las Vegas, NV?

You want a good value – and you can have it with us. Our industry connections mean you get the most competitive pricing. But also, you have options that can affect your bottom line when you ship a car in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Kirkland.

You let us know the scope of the job. For instance, are you sending your Kia to San Diego? Or is it a inoperable Lincoln to Los Angeles? Or Salt Lake City? The type of car and its condition may have an effect on the price and be an additional cost. What's the current condition of the vehicle? Is it running or do we need to winch it onto the trailer? Sometimes features like extra large tires or high roof racks can have a bearing on the cost of shipping.

Like you found with timing, the number of days the car transporter is on the road can be reflected in the price. If they have to scale snow-covered mountains it takes longer, etc.

moving cars las vegasThen there’s the type of car carrier your vehicle needs. Are you shipping muscle or classic cars? For classic transport, you want an extra protected style of transportation, so you want to choose enclosed shipping.

Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

The enclosed carrier is first class service, just like on an airline. Your vehicle has more attention from the driver, who hauls only 2-6 at a time. Some vehicles definitely warrant this type of service.

Did you buy a Lotus? Exotic cars are best hauled in the protected carrier, because it keeps the elements from threatening erosion to the exterior or affecting the paint job.

Are you a Lexus dealer? In order to safely get that LFA to your customer in New York you don’t want to take any chances. The enclosed transport from Nevada will make sure there’s not even sun exposure on its exterior. Most auto transport companies or brokers in the state of Nevada will tell you that for both classics and luxury transport, it’s worth the extra money.

Open carriers provide reliable auto transport about 75 percent of the time. Cars are exposed to sun, rain, dirt, etc., but auto transport companies in Las Vegas, NV use them quite frequently, and successfully.

If you’re a car enthusiast and love the research phase, you don’t want to blow it on the final step – auto transport to North Las Vegas. You can be sure your dream car gets to you through our service and, best of all, you’re informed the whole way. Whether you live there full time or you’re just there for the winter, there’s way too much going on in the entertainment capital of the world to handle the headache of this big job, so leave the shipping to us! Your vehicle is in good hands with us.

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