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move car kansas cityIf you’ve ever talked to anyone who needed a car transport company in Kansas City, Missouri, you probably heard them mention 4 main concerns. They wanted fast action for their move date; they didn’t want the auto transport carrier to flake on them; they wanted the best rate; and the final factor was to get their vehicle in a safe, reliable way.

When you work with us, we have a few secret weapons to be sure you get all four of those: your transport coordinator and an advanced network of truckers.

When you contact us to set up car relocation in Kansas City, you get your “own” shipping agent to walk you through the ins and outs of the job. Not only that, he or she communicates with you during the length of the vehicle shipping process.

As car shipping experts, we want to make sure the delivery of your vehicle is a good experience throughout - it's no wonder we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Simply go online, fill out the simplest quote form in the market, and get a Quick Free Quote! We made it easy for you. Just fill in the information and there’s no waiting – you can get a quote right then and there. And the best part about it? You’ve got the competitive auto transport moving quotes price for two weeks! The industry average is only about 7 days, but we enable you to claim it for twice that - longest in the auto transport industry.

What determines the price of car transport quotes?

First, there’s the approximate distance. Your free quote reflects the price for the length of time the car transporter is on the road. But it’s not all about the sum total of miles driven. Is your car delivery going to a remote part of the country and not a major city like San Diego or San Antonio? There are fewer carriers going to outlying areas, so it can take longer than traveling to a major city, which may add to the overall cost.moving car kansas city

Are you a military member? Ask about our discounts if you're an active military - it's our way of thanking you for your service! We also deliver for private individuals in the largest city throughout the midwestern United States.

Did you get a transfer to Hallmark Corporate Headquarters in Kansas City? If you need your car there in a flash (by the time you start your job) you want to look into an express auto transport quote. If you want to set in stone (relatively speaking) delivery times, or if you need the span of time between pick-up and drop-off to be as short as possible, you want to consider this option.

The type of vehicle is also a factor for determining the price. Do you sell sports cars at auction? Or did you recently buy a Roadster at a car show? For rare or expensive vehicles, you want to consider using an enclosed carrier, which costs more. It’s worth it when you consider the importance of getting a customer's vehicle - something like a Tesla - to its new home.

We understand you're looking for the cheapest way to ship your car, and by using us you'll have the best price and customer service without having to sacrifice quality. We value your opinion and following auto transport delivery, we will ask you to voice your opinion by leaving us a review online.

How long does auto transport take from Kansas City?

Were you a part of the Hostess Twinkies comeback, and now they’re transferring you to the company in Indianapolis? If they want you to start next week and you need your car there ASAP, you can request express auto shipping services. But keep in mind, it isn’t available on every route. You’ll get pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of either pickup date or drop-off date or the shortest possible time-interval between pickup and drop-off.

The time of year may have an effect on your car delivery, because weather conditions can be a factor. Sometimes auto shippers experience delays related to excess traffic, such as holidays, and Acts of God.

If you choose Standard Shipping, pick-up usually occurs from 2-7 business days after you contact us. Let our transport coordinators know if you have specific needs in regard to delivery schedule.

With our advanced network of truckers, we will go to great lengths to meet your auto transport needs with our excellent service, making sure your vehicle is delivered in a reliable way.

moving cars kansas cityWe do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Southern Missouri.

The range of vehicles we can ship for you is wider than many of the other auto transport companies. We have experience with cars, trucks, vans and SUVS, among other vehicles. We don’t deliver boats or large RV’s, however.

Do you want to ship a motorcycle to Kansas City, St. Louis, or another zip code? It’s the same process as car transport services. And the same goes for trucks. Whether it’s a Honda Ridgeline or a Hummer, we can ship a truck for you, for your business or pleasure. Does your truck have a camper shell? We can transport a truck with oversized tires, heavy equipment, or other special features to wherever you need it with door to door auto transport.

Does your wife insist on keeping the family van when you move? Its taken your family tot he highest elevation of the state and to the Missouri river and back. We make it affordable enough to justify van transport. We ship hundreds of handicap accessible vans per year also.

Even if your car has mechanical issues and is inoperable, we can ship it for you!

Do you have a golf cart you want to take with you when you move? We provide golf cart transport to your new home.

We are professional car movers and make sure you receive the highest quality of service with the best price for your Missouri auto transport - whether you're shipping to New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Oregon.

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"I decided to transport my car at the last minute. I thought I would have to pay a big premium, but my transport coordinator booked the Express options, and it was affordable. Delivered in 4 days."' - Delores Manzo

Laguna Niguel, CA to San Antonio, TX - $839

Car Photo

2010 Mercedes ML 350

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"I must say that they exceeded all of our expectations! David and Judy were delightful, informative and knowledgeable. They kept us informed throughout the process.The trucker picked up our golf cart in St. Louis and delivered it to CT within 48 hours. The driver was pleasant and unruffled as he maneuvered his trailer through a residential neighborhood with narrow streets. And the price was very fair, especially when compared to other quotes. We highly recommend ECS." - Maggie Palmieri

Saint Charles, MO to North Branford, CT - $759

Car Photo

2015 Star AP Series

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"I needed to move my car from NJ to CA, over the Christmas holiday. I didn't even think about the fact that drivers might be taking time off during that time to spend with THEIR families, making the days available for transport quite challenging. David and his team were able to make suggestions that were workable for both me and the drivers. My car was picked up & delivered on the scheduled dates (that was not the case for my coworkers using other companies!). They were even kind enough to hold the car for a couple of days until I arrived. All at a very reasonable cost. I would gladly recommend them and use them again if needed. Thanks to all at ECS!!" - Nicole Wojdyla

Newark, NJ to Newport Beach CA - $1639

Car Photo

2020 Jaguar F-Type

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"Thanks for working with my Mom. I was deployed and I transported my V-Max to my mom in FL. The driver was so cool. He made sure it was parked in the garage and covered up." - Charles Cosner

Long Island, NY to Palm Beach, FL - OPEN TRAILER - $749

Car Photo

2009 Yamaha V-Max

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"I bought a Gem E4 Golf Cart while vacation in Tucson, I decided to take it to St Paul, very easy to work with the carrier. Thanks for making it so stress free." - Gerald Finney

Tucson, AZ to St Paul, MN - $899

Car Photo

2013 GEM E4

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"Excellent service- the driver was very familiar with the area and delivered our vehicle on time and at a convenient location. We would definitely use this service again." - Elizabeth Robinson

Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ - $719

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2014 Land Rover LR4

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"After spending 2 months looking for the car I wanted, I wanted a shipper without hassles. These guys made me feel right at home. Way to go, great price and fast delivery" - Ralph Proscotto

Rochester, MN to Buffalo, NY - ENCLOSED - $1,299

Car Photo

1963 VW Kharmann Ghia

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Is an open auto transport right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Most of our car relocation clients – 8 out of 10, actually – are happy with open car transport service.ship car kansas city

As a transport company for cars in the state of Missouri, we let you make the decision. But we try to give you every bit of information to enable you to make an educated guess. If you're a car dealer, you buy and sell various models, like a Citroen or Packer, we recommend the same to anyone needing classic shipping. Enclosed transport services offers the additional TLC those kinds of cars require. 

We view the modus operandi for exotic car transport in much the same way. If you bought an exotic or classic online and need to get it shipped, you really want the protection of the trailers with walls and a roof. Auto transport companies will probably agree that vehicles with values exceeding $70,000 are best transported without the risk of damage through rain, hail, dirt, and sun exposure.

While an open transport truck can stack about 7-10 on a trailer, enclosed carriers transport 2-6 at a time. We have to warn you that there are fewer of the more protective trailers available, however, so there can sometimes be car delivery delays.

Which ever way you decide to ship your car, we can assure that you'll get excellent car shipping service as your vehicle will arrive in good condition. Do you need more car shipping information? We have lots of free online car shipping resources on our site. Interested in prices? Just fill out our easy online quote form for you auto transport services. As car shipping experts, we will meet your specific move requirements.

Why choose us for vehicle transport in Kansas City?

Easy Car Shipping is not just a transport company for cars in the state of Missouri – we also offer tremendous support services over the course of your job. From the time you contract with us, you have your own transport coordinator, who keeps you posted throughout the entire process - unlike other auto moving companies. We take pride in our customer service while offering professional auto transportation.

How do you know you’re getting reliable auto transport? You can see why we maintain a rating of 4.6 out of 5 when you read our online reviews.

With 30 years of experience in the car industry, we have plenty to brag about, including tremendous follow-through. So, if another company blew you off, we’ll pick it up for you and get it done.

If you searched AutoTrader for the perfect SUV for your family, but it's in New Jersey, South Carolina, or New Hampshire, we can get it to you in one piece! Or if the car is the biggest birthday gift you’ve ever given – you came to the right place.

Want a quote? We have an easy online form for you to get an instant quote for your transport services.

move truck kansas cityAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

You can be certain! We only contract with drivers who prove full coverage. You wouldn’t take a road trip without insurance, so you shouldn’t expect us to either.

It’s all up front – no surprises. When you ship a car to a new location in Kansas City, St. Louis, or surrounding areas, we include the insurance in your quote. In the rare case (1 in 1,200 shipments) that an incident occurs – you’ve got full coverage. And there’s zero deductible – you pay nothing. You'll have direct access to your shipping agent and the name and phone number of the trucker assigned to your shipment.

It’s just one more way that we at Easy Car Shipping accommodate your needs, offering you any information you need along the way, and it’s affordable too. Rest assured, it’s in place. Whether it’s a Fiat, a Ferrari or an F-150 – we can do your auto transport in Kansas City with efficiency and professionalism.

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