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move car detroitAre you a snowbird that's part of the Michigan Club spending your winters in Alabama? Do you want your SUV with you this year?

Did Dad leave you his Camaro and you’re looking for safe Michigan auto transport to the Motor City?

Exotic sports car or family hatchback, you want a dependable, experienced transport company when it comes to handling your vehicle and getting it someplace miles away.

For individual drivers and dealerships with a fleet of vehicles, there are times when you need to get some wheels from here to there. That’s when you want to find experienced auto moving companies in Detroit the largest city in Michigan.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Detroit MI?

Even if you work for Chrysler, Ford or General Motors, it doesn’t mean you have access to the best vehicle shipping values. Are you an engineer with a company transfer to Atlanta and need to start next week? Do you have a sensitive family move and you need someone to make everything goes well?

We can provide shipping from Detroit to your new home, and pass on our competitive pricing. After 30-plus years of experience in the business, our advanced network of contacts mean you’ve got lots of options with our transport services for the delivery of your vehicle.

How fast do you need auto shipping services? Is it last minute? You may need to use express auto transport, which costs more than standard shipping because of the short notice.

Your vehicle’s condition can affect the average cost also. Does it have specialized features, such as a high roof rack or a lift kit? Oversized tires? These may affect your bottom line. move truck detroit

What model of car you’re shipping may make a difference in your quote and tow experience. Are you a huge car buff and found that dreamy Lotus online, but it’s in New York? For vehicles of value – about $70,000 and above – most car car shipping companies in Detroit will strongly suggest enclosed transport. There are fewer vehicles on the load and they’re surrounded by protective walls.

Are you in the military? Ask about our discount for active military members. It's our way of saying thank you for your service.

We understand that it's most peoples first time looking for an auto broker and they want to ship their car the cheapest way without having to sacrifice the average cost, customer service, and move date. So we take care of all the big stuff and logistics while maintaining excellent communication with you.

Interested in an instant car shipping quote? Just fill out our easy online form to see our competitive auto transport moving quotes. We guarantee it's the best price, and it's good for 14 days! Most auto transport companies will promise just a week. It's no wonder why we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States!

Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

The most common and cost-effective method for car transport companies in Detroit and Ann Arbor is the use of open car carriers. About three-fourths of individuals and dealers choose this option. They carry anywhere from 2-10 cars at a time, while providing good service.

The enclosed carrier is like enabling your car to take a first-class flight. They haul fewer cars and include more attention from the driver. And, of course, they aren’t exposed to the rain and other weather either as your car travels a long distance.

Are you a new snowbird who wants the family’s Volkswagen Tiguan while you’re in Florida? An open trailer is perfectly fine to transport cars at that level.

But if you’re with Luxury Auto Group and need to ship luxury vehicles from Detroit and Northern Michigan to a customer out of town, you want to strongly consider enclosed car transport. Owners needing luxury car transport or classic car shipping may want that added TLC. You don’t want your BMW 320 or Targa to arrive with a layer of dirt or have the paint job faded from sun exposure, especially if it's your customer's vehicle.

Whichever type of transport you choose, we will go to great lengths to provide you with the highest quality of service and great customer service. Just another reason why we're one of the best car shipping companies in the automotive industry!

Interested in a free quote? Just use our online quote calculator to get an instant price! Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so we aim to meet your move requirements while providing excellent car shipping service.

moving cars detroitWhy choose us for vehicle transport in the city of Detroit?

If you’ve done a lot of research before buying a new vehicle, make sure you also pay attention to the shipping details for your Michigan auto transport services.

Did you win an F-250 at auction, but now you’re faced with getting it to your house in California? You spent a lot of money on it, so you have to be choosy about auto transport brokers from Detroit, making sure you choose the right company.

With us, you’re getting reliable auto transport. With our experience and know-how you can be confident your car delivery is in good hands. We will get you the best results with quality service.

Want proof? Check our great reviews. We’ve got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, which means we’ve got some happy customers! Whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation from the car transport quotes we offer to the shipment.

Why do our prior clients have enough great words about us and believe in us? Well, for starters, it’s easy. You can go online right now and use our Quick Quote system.

Once you input your details, you get a quote with reasonable pricing, and then we double down by guaranteeing that price for two weeks!

Are you in the military? Ask about our discount for active military members - thank you for your service!

We’re with you, in constant communication throughout the car relocation process. Some of our customers hired other car transport companies or brokers who dropped the ball, and our dependable team managed to get the job done, much to their relief - without having to waste extra time for their shipment.

Are your circumstances unusual? No problem! We're the best company to take care of you. We’ve got a wide range of industry contacts, enabling us to handle many of the hurdles that naturally come with vehicle shipping.

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"Professional and courteous from the first phone call requesting information to the delivery of my vehicle ahead of schedule. No games or gimmicks. I was kept informed throughout the transport process. Thank You!" - Leslie Rathbaum

West Lafayette, IN to San Antonio, TX - $949

Car Photo

2010 Mercedes C300

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"I selected them because they offered an on-time delivery option, and they were true to their word. I recently moved from California to Maryland and I required my car to be there the same day my flight would arrive and sure enough, my car arrived that night. I highly recommend this company if you need a car to be delivered at a specific day. Now, because the delivery was a cross country delivery, they picked up the car 8 days prior, which I had no problem doing." - Edgar Diaz

Los Angeles, CA to Columbia, MD - $1759

Car Photo

2020 GMC Yukon

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"Professional from start to fiinsh.I have used several transport companies in the past but this company has been the best. I receive bids quickly (always competitive). Not only do they notify me ahead of time on pickup dates, but give me the driver's name and phone # to contact. (With others, drivers show up unannouced sometimes.)  Each time I used them, the driver called me before I had to call him." - Jack Kitterman

Las Vegas, NV to Portland, OR - $899

Car Photo

2011 Subaru Outback

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the overall service. Promised service sounded "too good to be true". In fact, it turned out better than promised!" - Dan Gregorian

Saint Louis, MO to Las Vegas, NV - $1099

Car Photo

2014 Honda Odyssey

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"First time use but the service and cooperation from the sales associate to the transporter went well. Car was received with no issues. Would use again." - John Jones

San Diego, CA to Apopka, FL - $1389

Car Photo

2001 Jaguar XJL8

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"Extremely pleasant experience. They got me my car in one day. Driver was honest and extremely flexible. So nice to deal with a company that was professional and knew how to get the job done. Definitely recommend." - Jeanne Johnson

Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX - $899

Car Photo

2008 Ford Ranger

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"I have used this company for over 5 years. I sell cars so we use them quite a lot and I have never had anything go wrong yet!! Plus they know how to take care of their customers by keeping them in the loop the whole time. I have never got any bad feed back from my customers at ALL!!" - Joe Scheible

Miami, Fl to Santa Monica, CA - $1389

Car Photo

2016 Audi RS5

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We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Detroit. 

Do you live on a golf course and want your cart with you all winter? We provide golf cart transport from Detroit and Sterling Heights for a lot of snowbirds or retirees making it more permanent.

Are you in one of the Great Lakes riding clubs? If you’ve been looking online for a new Suzuki or a Ducati, we can ship a motorcycle to Detroit for you if you need it.ship car detroit

Do you have company trucks with heavy equipment, or do you just love 4-wheeling? If you find yourself moving out of the area and need to ship a truck to a new location, let us know.

Do you work for Taubman and got a transfer out of state? If your family wants the minivan at your new place, we can provide van transport in Detroit.

If you’re looking for a car transporter for a different type of vehicle, run it by us. We’ve shipped a wide variety, from tractors and small RVs to exotic car transport.

How long does auto transport take from Detroit?

When you look for professional auto transportation, look for their detailed timelines. We’ve got a chart that gives you a good idea what your job is going to entail.

For instance, if you’re sending a car from Detroit to Farmington, Maine, which is about 780 miles, it will likely take an auto transporter about 2-3 days. But, auto shipping to Farmington, Utah, approximately 1,600 miles, could take 4-7 days, according to our online chart.

Are you flying out next week to start a new job in Virginia and you want your SUV there ahead of you? If you have specific needs about delivery timing, you may need our express auto transport service. We’ve even picked up as quickly as 24 hours!

Auto transport companies in Detroit can experience delays based on weather alone. As unpredictable as that can be, you can factor in the possibility of a longer delivery schedule if it’s winter and your car has to get across the Rockies. The time of year can affect the time too, as there are less car movers on the road around the holidays.

Also, car deliveries going to more remote locations, like Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah or Marfa, Texas, can take longer, because there aren’t a lot of carriers going there.

Looking for a free quote? Use our online quote calculator to get instant pricing! Or do you need more car shipping information? We have loads of public information and free online car shipping resources here on our site - or call us today!

moving car detroitAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

If your daughter goes to Wayne State and wants the Wagoneer, you can ship it with us and not worry about a thing. Rest assured, we don’t contract with a driver without proof of insurance - we are professional car movers afterall. Not only that, there’s no deductible.

If you’ve been a driver for any length of time you know that, at times, stuff happens. With us, almost every job goes smoothly. But in the off-chance something unplanned does come up, we want you to have the policy in place.

Whatever the occasion – new wheels for someone’s birthday or just shipping the Land Rover for a corporate transfer – you want full confidence when you need auto shipping in Detroit, Grand Rapids, or another zip code. We treat your vehicle like it’s our own.

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