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move car baltimoreDid you just graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy and you’re hoping to bring your Harley with you to your first assignment?

Or did you finally find the perfect van for your family, but you have to get it from the seller in New Hampshire? If you need a car shipping company in Baltimore, we can help you navigate the entire process and answer any questions you may have - all to make sure you have a great experience with door to door service.

How long does auto transport take from Baltimore?

Of course, it takes a lot longer for transport services from Baltimore to Portland, Oregon than to Portland, Maine ... but there’s more at play than sheer distance and square miles traveled when it comes to the arrival time. Some car relocation destinations may be farther away than others, but take less time to get to because of major interstate highways to the major city.

The vehicle's location is also a factor for auto moving companies. Some remote towns have few carriers making regular deliveries there, so it takes time. If you need door to door service to a residential area with narrow streets and tight turns, the driver might have difficulty maneuvering his truck. He might ask you to meet him in a safe and public location like a large parking lot near you to deliver your vehicle. No matter what, we promise excellent car shipping service with an awesome driver.

Another consideration is time of year you need to ship a car. Is it winter in the Allegheny Mountains? Even a professional auto transporter could possibly have delays because of snow or other inclement weather along the East Coast.

Do you need it in a hurry? If you use our express transport service for the delivery of your vehicle, we can sometimes pick up as quickly as 24 hours from your call! What you get is our guarantee, as car shipping experts, that you’ll have the vehicle picked up or dropped off on whichever date you choose for your Baltimore auto shipping. What happens if something occurs and we don’t follow through? With our years experience, we know how to handle it! We will not only refund you the difference between the express service and standard shipping, we’ll also give you an additional $100 refund out of our own pocket! It's no wonder we're one of the best car shipping companies across the contiguous United states.

For standard transport you can expect pick-up between 2-7 days.moving cars baltimore

For business or pleasure, we know timing is important – and we want you completely satisfied with our vehicle shipping services. We'll make sure your vehicle is handled in a reliable way - even if it's going from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

We do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Baltimore. 

Did you just get assigned to the base in San Diego, so now you have to get yourself, your gear (and your motorcycle or RV, of course) to the West Coast? You can ship an SUV, classic car, or motorcycle from Baltimore through us to wherever you’re relocating - to Los Angeles, New Hampshire, or New York.

Do you live on one of Baltimore’s Classic Five golf courses? If you’re retiring and moving to a warmer climate and want to bring your favorite ride for the links, we supply golf cart transport from Baltimore at an affordable price.

Do you have a seafood export business and you’ve got delivery trucks to move? We can ship small pickup trucks and large trucks to Baltimore from an out-of-town dealer, to or from a new location or repair hub, no problem.

We are more than just a car shipping company – we also arrange for shipment of many other vehicles in a variety of situations.

Does someone in your family need a handicap van? We provide van transport of hundreds of models each year that are equipped with handicap ramps, special equipment, and related features.

Interested in a Maryland car shipping quote? We have an online quote calculator to make sure you get a good price while we do a great job for your shipment.

moving car baltimoreHow much does it cost to ship a car in Baltimore?

Your Quick Free Quote details the costs for you, so there’s no confusion. And certain options can change the bottom line. But we can assure you, you're getting the best price.

Does your family want to bring the Suburban with you when you move to New Hampshire or Los Angeles? Cars, trucks, vans and SUVs with special sizing, such as lift kits, camper shells or extra large roof racks, can be accommodated, but at times there are extra charges.

Of course, distance equals time, and time does add to the cost, so where the auto shippers are going is a big determiner of your total.

Are you a dealer shipping a new BMW i8? Luxury transport from Baltimore and Silver Spring is easily done, but we recommend enclosed transport, which costs more.

If you’re specific about dates, such as a birthday or anniversary gift that you want to arrive on time, use express transport. It costs more, but you get most of those details nailed down with a specific move date.

Are you in the military? We offer discounts to active military members as our way of saying thanks for your service!

With us, you get our Quick Quote system, which guarantees you that price for two weeks. The industry average for price lock promise about 7 days.It's a quick and easy online form that will get you an instant car shipping quote. Just another reason we're one of the best auto transport companies in the contiguous United States of America!

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"My husband and I are extremely pleased with ECS! There was just the right amount of contact to set this transport up and get everything going. We were frankly surprised how quickly the transport was set up and how soon we received the truck and right to our driveway! Everything was thorough, well done and documentation all along the way. Would definitely use this company again if the need were to arise!" - Wanda Platte

Oak Grove, LA to Waterloo, IA - $1289

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2016 Chevrolet with Service Body

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"After my PCS notice, this was quick and easy. We had to move our 2nd vehicle to the base. Thanks for working with me and the discount." - Juan Gonzalez

San Diego, CA to Waco, TX - $1249

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2009 Ford Expedition

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"Very professional.  The transport coordinator was knowledgeable . Vehicle was picked up as promised, and dropped off the same way. Price was better then I expected. Would not hesitate to use again." - Julio Salinas

Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO - OPEN TRANSPORT - $749

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1978 Pontiac Trans AM

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"David at Easy Car Shipping saved us! We originally had a booking with a different company that fell through. I reached out to Easy Car Shipping only 1 week before we had to have the car shipped, David responded within minutes and said he would try to get a driver (this was during the 4th of July weekend). He was very honest and informed me that it would cost a little extra because the prices had gone up. He did not require any deposit of any kind. Our deadline came and we still didn't have a carrier for our car, so David offered to store our car at their location in Santa Ana until he could secure a carrier, at no extra cost. We finally got a carrier and our car was picked up only two days after we left. We were told about 7 days of delivery (cross country, from CA to NJ). The car came 2 days ahead of schedule! David, thank you so much for your help! I could not be more pleased with your exceptional service!!" - Patrick Bell

Fairlawn, OH to Hollywood, CA - $1489

Car Photo

2012 BMW X3

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"Quick delivery. Saved me from having to walk everywhere. No issues with anything." - Noah Valentis

Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA - OPEN TRANSPORT - $779

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2007 Yamaha V-Max

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"I've shipped a few cars from california to texas.  This was the best experience.  My car was in san francisco.  I live in Dallas.  I had to work to schedule the pickup based on my colleagues in the office.  Due to covid, it was much more difficult than usual.  Easy car shipping worked with me to get it done.  It was never going to be easy, but they handled it perfectly.  The driver picked up the car on tuesday with no problems and I had my car delivered on Friday.  Perfect condition.  I will use them again." - Vinh Huynh

San Francisco, CA to Keller, TX - $1339

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2004 VW Touareg

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"I hired the company to ship my parents anniversary gift directly from the dealership to surprise them in Vegas. Great to speak to and deal with, I knew each step of the process and gladly refer these guys to other people." - April Erickson

San Jose, CA to Las Vegas, NV - $679

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2015 Toyota Sienna

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Is open car shipping right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Are you a classic cars dealer? Or even a collector? If you need an auto transporter who handles muscle cars and antiques, you’ll like our classic shipping services. We suggest enclosed transport, instead of an open trailer, for vehicles with emotional value and cash value exceeding about $70,000.move truck baltimore

Do you deal in the sale Ferraris or Porsches? If you need exotic transport in the western end of Maryland, the enclosed carriers are, once again, the best option. It’s a first-class method of transport.

Open carriers usually stack about 7-10 cars on a trailer, while enclosed carriers sometimes transport as few as 1 or 2 at a time. Those getting the TLC of an enclosed trailer are free from rain, dirt and sun exposure as it travels to Los Angeles, New Hampshire, or Texas.

Whether you choose enclosed or open transport, we offer competitive auto transport moving quotes for you. Just fill out our online quote form by telling us the type of vehicle you have and the pickup zip code and delivery location.

Why choose us for vehicle transport in Baltimore?

If you graduated from the largest city in California, UCLA, and got into med school at Johns Hopkins, you’re smart enough to know what competent, professional service and a great value looks like. There’s a reason we’ve got a consistent 4.6 rating out of 5 from our previous car delivery clients.

Auto transport companies in Baltimore can, at times, offer you something they can’t deliver (pun intended). So, how do you know with us that you’re getting reliable auto transport? That’s where online reviews come in. Through our years of experience, we’ve maintained an impeccable reputation for high performance and great customer service, as your vehicle is delivered in a timely manner.

You don’t have to attend a Cars 101 class to get the job done. We’ve lived it for over 30 years making us professional car movers! Getting your vehicle from one owner to the other, or from one end of the country to the other, is our business. We know what we’re doing.

Need a quote? Just fill out our quick quote form! Or do you need more car shipping information? We have plenty of public information and free online car shipping resources here on our site - we're also a phone call away!

As a broker and car shipping experts, we use an advanced network of truckers to get your job done in a safe, affordable, and reliable way. Our auto transport company's team will keep you informed with real-time updates and a quick response time. Whatever your move requirements are, we'll make sure to meet them. We are among the major companies in the transport industry after all!

ship car baltimoreGet your free quote today!

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during my Baltimore auto transport?

We know you need insurance and we make sure you get what you need. Not all transport companies in Baltimore are as cautious as we are and will give you a disclaimer about coverage, but we only contract with drivers in our advanced network who have full coverage as they travel the total area - they're covered from the west to the eastern end.

The other thing we know is you don’t want a deductible. Done!

As a broker, providing adequate insurance protection during the course of the job is a must. There are very few circumstances that can go wrong, but if anything isn’t as planned, we want you to have the relief that it’s handled, with no added hassle to you. You’ll find it in the original car transport quotes you receive from us.

Are you moving to New Hampshire and looking to ship items in your car? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, all household goods and personal belongings must be removed from the vehicle. It's for the safety of your car and the driver.

Auto transport in Baltimore isn’t that easy to find, especially when you have the highest standards for car shippers. We’re seasoned professionals who you can entrust your vehicle to. We keep solid communication with you for the duration of the job while providing the best service, so you’re fully informed at all times. That way you have more time exploring the tourist attractions and theme parks around the Chesapeake Bay!

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