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move truck atlantaLiving in the jewel of the south doesn’t mean it’s all golf courses and garden parties. There are millions of square miles of small towns with real life problems and responsibilities.

Are you facing a corporate relocation right now? Looking for new career options with higher salary figures in the state capital? Or did you just spend your wad on a new car, but now have to figure out how to get it to you? Read our BBB info and our data points will show you that we take care of our customers.

Finding a reliable, professional car shipping company in the state of Georgia is no simple task. You may live near some railway tracks and you need to actually make some international moves around the world. We can deliver the car to the port of your choice. Whether you are on minimum wage or your actual salary figures are higher, we will work to find an option that will be the cheapest way for you. You want a rock solid company on this one, a team with a track record.

Why choose us for vehicle shipping to or from Atlanta?

If you spent weeks checking out AutoBlog and eBay to add to your car collection, you can’t just let any Tom, Dick or Harry haul your new car! You need a vehicle transport company with enough experience to avert the usual pitfalls when you look for Georgia auto transport.

Do you like the way your car handles? We like handling cars! After 30+ years of experience in the auto transport business, we know what we’re doing. You don’t want to hire a car shipping company who’s attempting a car delivery for the first time. If the family Ford has to get to Frankie at Fordham, let us do it for you, because you want a minimum of drama along the way.

Did you buy a car from the Honda Mall of Georgia and need to get it home to you in Los Angeles, New York, or South Carolina? For over 30 years we’ve shipped virtually every type of vehicle you can imagine. Our clients have looked to us for car, truck and van shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast, so we’re a trusted team of professionals. Read our reviews to see why we maintain an average of 4.6 out of 5 rating (higher than the national average in the auto industry)! It's no wonder why we're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States.move car atlanta

Interested in a free quote? Just fill out our online quote form to see an estimated calculation of your Atlanta auto shipping.

How long does auto transport take to or from Atlanta? 

Most car transport companies in the Southern part of Georgia and around can give you a rough idea when to expect delivery. And car shippers like us in the Georgia state, can make you extremely pleased with delivery times, but we have to acknowledge that there are factors that affect approximations of length of time involved in car relocation.

Is it a gift and so you need it ASAP? If that’s the case, then you want express auto transport services. We’ve been known to pick up in as few as 24 hours, though most of our clients give us at least a week’s notice if they can for their Atlanta auto shipping.

Standard delivery? It’s usually 2-7 days in real time from the time you contact us.

Where is it going? Speed is partly determined by number of miles and total area traveled, but there’s more to it. There can be delays if you’re going to remote towns or areas that are hard to get to. It's easier to book a route to a major city compared to a rural community. Our quoting software does not allow third party submissions this cuts down on the amount of fake quote requests and it keeps your quote accurate. Our goal is to offer the cheapest way to deliver your vehicle, our BBB rating shows how we take care of our customers.

The time of year you need auto shipping in Atlanta can make a difference as well. Will it be transported during the holiday season? Or cold winter months? Those can cause slowdowns.

We will make sure the delivery of your vehicle is handled in a timely manner for an affordable price - making sure you have a great experience throughout the whole process of your shipment. One of our main goals is to provide you with excellent car shipping service - just another reason we're one of the top transport companies in the auto industry.

moving cars atlantaHow much does it cost to ship a car to or from Atlanta GA?

You could live a life of luxury on the Tara plantation, your no average hansen, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to get the best deal you can! Luckily, our advanced network of connections with industry partners gives you the assurance that we find the best pricing available.

Do you need a quick turnaround? Whether or not you use expedited delivery affects the bottom line. Will you be shipping a $20,000 SUV or a $300,000 Lamborghini? If you have a simple car, truck, SUV or van, that’s one thing, but if it’s exotic shipping and you need an enclosed carrier it will cost more than standard shipping.

You don’t want to compromise on quality to get rock bottom prices, but our crew members find you every money-saving option you can get, while still providing reliable services through the entire process of your shipment.

With us, you can go to our Quick Quote system, which locks in your price for 14 days – while other auto transport companies in Atlanta typically limit their guarantee to just a week.

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"Great business to work with. No hassle, easy to use, and reliable! Thank you!" - Kyle Messina, MOP Security

Redding, CA to Anaheim, CA - $799

Car Photo

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

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"I can’t say thank you enough! They gave me a quote really fast and picked up my car much sooner than I had expected. I had my Pacifica shipped from Oregon to Illinois, they had it to me in 5 days! Excellent communication from the company and the driver along the way, I had no worries at all! To top it off they gave me the best quote around! Very pleased with my experience!" - Traci Kessell

Clackamas, OR to E Saint Louis, IL - $1229

Car Photo

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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"It was like ordering on Amazon. I loved how easy it was to get the quote and book it. Paid with my credit card and it was delivered in 3 days, 2 blocks from campus, Perfect for me." - Fang Wu

Chicago, IL to Boston, MA - $919

Car Photo

2015 Toyota Camry

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"Great transport company that helped ship our vehicles to us from the pickup location. The driver was courteous and friendly and delivered without any problems. The driver also made sure to stay in touch by calling ahead of arrival. Will do business again!" - David Lowell

Avenal, NJ to Boston, MA - $499

Car Photo

2011 Ford Taurus

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"I spoke with David and he gave me his price. I thanked him and began my research now that I had a starting point and then put it out to bid. Well when the dust settled a week later, David's price was still the best. He was very upfront and told me everything I should expect. And the price he quoted was the exact price I paid. There were no hidden fees or extra charges. He delivered 100%. I could not be happier. I am very glad to recommend them. Oh...the Driver was Michael. If I could give him a review it would also be five stars." - Jeff Robb

Chesapeake, VA to Denver, CO - $1289

Car Photo

2018 Ford Escape

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"I decided to transport my car at the last minute. I thought I would have to pay a big premium, but my transport coordinator booked the Express options, and it was affordable. Delivered in 4 days."' - Delores Manzo

Laguna Niguel, CA to San Antonio, TX - $1099

Car Photo

2010 Mercedes ML 350

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"They were so efficient and nice!  I asked for a quote and the car was picked up that day and delivered the next." - JoAnne Crred

Peoria, AZ to Mission Viejo, CA - $479

Car Photo

2013 Ford Explorer

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Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport? 

When it comes to protecting cars with high value, such as Bentleys and Ferraris, you want transport companies with major protection. While open transport services are just that – open to the elements as it travels a long distance – enclosed vehicle trailers have walls and a roof, the added protection you want for nice, new, expensive, or even just sentimentally valuable vehicles.ship car atlanta

Was it your grandpa’s Packer? Don’t take chances. The open car carriers you see on freeways are the most common forms of transit for vehicles, and they carry 7-10 cars at a time. But if you need luxury shipping in Atlanta, you don’t want it in the open. If you’ve got a rare sports car or some other pricey vehicle, you really need to look for enclosed shipping in Atlanta. You really want to go the safer route if your car is worth $70,000 or more and it's going from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Need an auto transport quote? Just fill in our easy quote form online and you'll get an instant car shipping quote - no lengthy interview process or sales phone calls. Our online quote calculator will get you the best price. With our years experience and advanced network of auto carriers, we're the best move for your Atlanta auto transport. We'll your vehicle delivered in a reliable way, no matter which way you ship your car to New York, North Carolina, or to the Florida Keys.

We do motorcycle and truck shipping to and from Atlanta.

Did you buy a new Suzuki at auction and now just need to get it home? If you want to ship a motor bike from Atlanta or Savannah, we can help you.

Do you collect Mustangs and want classic shipping to or from Atlanta? If you and your friends love to go to car shows to see everybody’s Camaros and Corvettes, you may need shipping to get one home.

Did you get a corporate transfer and need golf shipping so you can use it in your new neighborhood? We have experience with that too. Or if you recently searched CarsDirect for a bigger car, like a shiny, new F-250, we can ship a truck (even with heavy equipment) to Atlanta for you, no problem.

We are an auto transport company for cars that moves alternate vehicles of many kinds. Just contact us to run by anything you’ve got that needs to go somewhere else.

Want to see what our car transport quotes look like? Our online quote calculator can get your Hyundai to the right place for the right price. Just another reason why we're one of the best carriers for your interstate moves. Best part? We take pride in our crew members great customer service as they help make this a great experience for you.

moving car atlantaAm I fully insured during auto shipping?

We move equipment for business or family vehicles for pleasure. If you bought one, sold one, leased one – whatever the need, we’re accustomed to getting the job done as inexpensively as possible and as expeditiously as we can in the largest city in Georgia.

The best thing is, you’ve got the insurance guarantee. With us, you’ve got insurance included in the price, whether it’s “sentimental” value or dollar value, we know you want the peace of mind you get with the added coverage. You'll have the name and phone of the truck driver assigned to your shipment

You want reliable auto transport with great service for your biggest belongings, and that includes insurance coverage.

Don’t scrimp on auto transport by calling in the amateurs. You want professionals – you need professionals. We can walk you through the entire process of auto transport in Atlanta or another surrounding zip code. It's no wonder people call us the best moving company! There's no better place in Georgia, with the important national parks of Georgia from the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to the Andersonville National Historic Site.

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