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moving cars west palm beachAre you a snowbird headed to Florida for the winter and want to bring your golf cart?

Or maybe your daughter is at Palm Beach State College and you need to get her Jetta down there, but don’t have the time to drive it all the way from Memphis.

Did you just inherit your family’s Citroen and want to find safe, insured auto transport to West Palm Beach?

Why choose Easy Car Shipping for vehicle transport in West Palm Beach?

Maybe you can’t imagine watching that T-bird that you and your dad worked on in the ‘70s getting loaded onto a vehicle carrier. You want full confidence it’s in good hands. If only you could talk to others who’ve used the same service.

You can! Our auto transport reviews are authentic comments from previous customers, all on our website for you to read. What you’ll find there is why we have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars!

You want a truthful, reliable auto shipping company. At Easy Car Shipping, we stand by our promises. Were you burned by a transport company that offered the absolute lowest price for cars that didn’t follow through with your shipment? We’ve bailed out many a customer in that situation!

You get your own shipping coordinator at Easy Car Shipping. Throughout the process - from pickup to delivery time - we stay in close contact with you, so you know where your car is and the status of your car relocation.

There are other auto transport companies and brokers — just be sure to check the details of your contract. We’re experts with more than 30 years experience in the car business. You know with us you’re getting trustworthy, hassle-free, reliable shipping services - all at an affordable price for your door to door service.ship car west palm beach

How much does it cost to ship a car in West Palm Beach?

You like the affordable living and warmer climate in Florida. Maybe you’re in the tourist industry, or you got a place on the water for a song. If you explore your options, vehicle shipping in West Palm Beach doesn’t have to create financial hardship. We understand it's most peoples first time needing their car shipped, so we're here to help with our competitive prices and customer service. We're just a phone call away!

What are some of those factors creating the difference in cost between various car shipping services in West Palm Beach?

Are you shipping a car to your daughter at New York University from South Florida? Or are you getting a corporate transfer to San Diego, North Carolina, or Rhode Island and want to take your Mercedes with you at the best price? A long distance costs more, but your quote is also affected by whether or not your car is going to a sizable a major city with roadways or a tiny town in a rarely visited community. It can take longer if it’s a remote area.

Your free quote reflects the cost if you need special services. Is it a rush job and you need express dispatch service with pick up the next day? If you use our express auto shipping it’s a great service with prompt safe delivery, but costs more than standard shipping. Is the vehicle we’re hauling for you in working condition? We have the heavy equipment to pickup vehicles that don’t run, as well as shipping large trucks and cars with oversized tires, but it may affect the cost.

Do you need an enclosed car carrier going to South Carolina? If you’ve got a priceless classic or a high-end type of vehicle in a new model, you may want the specialized care.

Feel free to get an Easy Car Shipping Quick Quote right now. You get fast service, a great experience, and door to door service - plus we guarantee that price for 2 solid weeks! It's no wonder why we're among the best car shipping companies in the transport industry across the contiguous United States.

move car west palm beachIs an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Car transport companies in West Palm Beach will agree that the safest methods for shipping vehicles are not always the same. Our carriers provide a great job and we never drop off your vehicle at terminal locations. Getting your golf cart south for the winter, for instance, will be easier on an enclosed carrier.

Or let’s say you’re an Audi car dealership. To ship a Q3, you’re probably fine with open car transport. But if it’s an Audi R8 Biturbo, you want the protection of a car carrier with walls and a roof. We're a dealers choice when it comes to delivering a new car to client because of our quality service, competitive prices, and years of experience as a vehicle transport company.

If you need car delivery for a vehicle that’s worth more than $70,000 you want to strongly consider the enclosed car transport option. Different companies may offer some of the soft side trailers, but the Hard side trailers are the best in the industry. It not only provides protection from the elements, but there are fewer vehicles hauled together.

Some of those valuable makes and models include the need for exotic car transport and classic car shipping in West Palm Beach. You don’t want to scrimp when you’re shipping a Tesla, and an open car transporter gets exposed to rain, snow, dirt, etc. Plus they stack up to 10 cars on one trailer. Either way you ship your car, we'll make sure you have a good experience at a competitive rate.

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"Great experience, car was waiting for us at our designated pick up spot! Truck was in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend them!!" - Danny Kelly

Loma Linda, CA to Fort Collins, CO - $889

Car Photo

2017 Honda Ridgeline

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"Very pleased.  They acted quickly to pick up and deliver vehicle. Worked with me for best delivery location. Detailed review of car findings for any potential damage." - Bret Anderson

Scottsdale, AZ to New Orleans, LA - EXPRESS - $1299

Car Photo

2013 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

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"I've used them twice already. First shipment was for express closed delivery. The second was express open delivery. No hassle. I made a last minute reservation and they were able to accommodate my request. The pick up and drop off is very easy. Prices are reasonable and you get a peace of mind. Customer service is great. I can’t think of any that needs improvement." - Ezra Evans

Somers, NY to Plano, TX - $1129

Car Photo

2017 BMW X5

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"The Delivery was excellent across the board. the gentleman that delivered it was super careful, when backing it out of the enclosed carrier. it was covered and protected, to the finest. He was also so pleasant and polite. We’re very very pleased! Thank You!" - Ruth Ann

Clinton, MO to Knoxville, IA - $699

Car Photo

2020 Tomberlin Emerge SS Coupe

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"David and his staff very professional and willing to work with their client. I would recommend his team for all your shipping needs.The driver Jerry very professional and courtious with the delivery." - Frank Antonucci

Orlando, FL to Nashville, TN - $739

Car Photo

2016 Ford Fusion Energi

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"Great business to work with. No hassle, easy to use, and reliable! Thank you!" - Kyle Messina, MOP Security

Redding, CA to Anaheim, CA - $799

Car Photo

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

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"First time use but the service and cooperation from the sales associate to the transporter went well. Car was received with no issues. Would use again." - John Jones

San Diego, CA to Apopka, FL - $1389

Car Photo

2001 Jaguar XJL8

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How long does auto transport take from West Palm Beach? 

Don’t worry about scheduling – we work closely with you. We have a chart outlining the number of days it takes for travel, which you can refer to on our website. So, if you bought a car in Claremont, New Hampshire, about 1,400 miles, the travel time should take about 3-5 days. If you bought a car in Myrtle Beach South Carolina it will usually deliver in 1-3 day. But if your son just got into Harvey Mudd in Claremont, California, it’s likely to take over a week. moving car west palm beach

When do you need to ship a car in West Palm Beach? Bad weather can slow down an auto transporter, and so can holiday traffic.

Timing for standard shipping services can usually be arranged with you about 2-7 days from the time you contact us. Did you tell the auto shippers you need place auto shippers express to save time? Sometimes we can pick up in as little as 24 hours - the next day! A few of the advantages if you ship a car using express service are: pick-up within 1-3 days and a guarantee of either pick-up date or drop-off date or the shortest time-interval between pick-up and drop-off.

What happens if we don’t meet the agreed upon timing? We refund you the difference between the standard shipping price and express shipping price, plus an extra $100! We want to make sure you have a great experience with our affordable rates and excellent customer service.

Let our shipping coordinators know if you have priorities or specific auto transport needs where delivery is concerned and we’ll do our best. Your satisfaction wiht our superior customer service is our highest priority!

We do truck and motorcycle shipping in West Palm Beach.

At Easy Car Shipping, we ship almost anything you can name, even small RVs, or we can ship a truck with a camper shell.

Do you have a fleet of delivery vans? We are here to earn your future business. We offer van shipping in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Do you love the Flagler Beach rides? We’ll ship a motorcycle from one place to another also. At Easy Car Shipping, we’re known for the huge range of vehicle shipping we do. Is your SUV headed for a new owner in New York? Or is your construction crew waiting for a backhoe in Duval County?

Do you want to bring your golf cart to your retirement home in Florida? We can give you golf cart shipping in West Palm Beach so you can bring the one you have rather than renting one for 3 months.

We’re adept at transporting the family station wagon or providing luxury car transport in West Palm Beach – we treat your car like it’s priceless. It's no wonder why we're the returning customers and dealers choice auto transport company.

move truck west palm beachAm I fully insured during auto shipping?

When we talk about safe shipping, we aren’t just talking about keeping your shipment incident-free. We go overboard in providing the most trustworthy professionals and mechanically competent service available for your Florida auto transport. But that’s not all. As a broker, we also offer comprehensive insurance for the rare occasion that something doesn’t go according to Hoyle.

Just like we all expect to have insurance when operating a car, truck, van or SUV, our truckers certainly have a policy in place. It’s all spelled out in your initial quote. And you have no deductible!

Are you moving and looking to ship personal belongings inside your car? Unfortunately the Federal Carrier Safety Administration does not allow household goods inside the vehicle during shipment. Items not pertaining to the car must be removed.

Whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation with superior customer service for your door to door service - putting us in the top of the auto transport industry.

Heading to the beach, hunting for real estate, or hitting the highway on your hog – there are so many things you’d rather be doing than working searching for major auto shippers and brokers in West Palm Beach with reasonable rates. Leave the details – and the worry – to us. Shipping cars is what we do.

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