Your car is probably more than just a driving machine. Whether it’s your grandfather’s classic, a high-end sports coupe, or a luxury car from a dealership in another state, your vehicle deserves both total protection from the elements, and first-class level of care.  That’s never more true than during shipping.  For many buyers, enclosed auto transport offers the best combination of assurance and value.

Transporation Comparison
  • Cost of Shipping

    Airline-Class Equivalent

    Pickup / Drop-off Date

    Fully Insured


    Recommended For

  • Open Transport

    Best $$$ Value

    "Coach" Class Service


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Most vehicles

  • Enclosed Transport

    40% - 60% more than Open

    First-Class or Business Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    Unique, Sentimental or >$70,000

  • Express (Open or Enclosed)

    30% additional

    You choose: Coach or 1st Class


    100% of Value; $0 Deductible


    When urgent transport required

Brand new Car at Porsche Dealership

When is enclosed auto shipping recommended? 

Covered car transport is recommended when you’re transporting a brand new vehicle. While our carriers work hard to avoid all hazards, sometimes gravel, sand, hail or other debris is beyond our control. If you’re really concerned about that first scratch, consider enclosed transport.

Enclosed car transport is a must when you’re shipping a luxury or high-end vehicle. Even if your vehicle is not brand new, but it has a high value, consider the benefits that enclosed or “white-glove-level” shipping offers. There will be fewer vehicles on the truck, as most carriers have either 1-2 car trailer or a 6-car hard-side, double decker lift gate. In either case, fewer vehicles means more personalized attention for each unit. Enclosed vehicle shipping is like flying 1st class or business class, vs. coach.

Use enclosed auto transporters when you’re shipping a unique or exotic vehicle. A Rolls or Bentley certainly requires enclosed transport, as would your 1927 Ford Model A. But your 1965 Mustang classic car or 1969 Camaro may benefit from it as well, as would an Aston Martin. We are a top exotic car transporter with a record of service excellence you can count on.

Sending a car during a bad weather calls for enclosed auto shipping.  If you're transporting a car during hurricane season, tornado season, or when hail or heavy snow is likely in the area, the 40-60% additional cost may be well worth the security and peace of mind. 

enclosed auto transport quote

“I sent my car down for restoration a couple of years ago and now the car was finally ready for pickup. I was excited and anxious to get it back to Boston, but was concerned, because it was January and the weather was looking pretty bad when it was scheduled to arrive. I had invested so much time and money in getting this prized possession restored that I was not gonna chance having it transported on an open trailer. When the driver arrived in town, it was snowing really hard and he suggested that we wait until the following day when it clears up to unload. What a relief: I know that caused a delay for his next stop, but he knew how much this car meant to me and I was impressed he was willing to do this. Very pleased.” Ronny Roth, 1967 Jaguar XKE, Dallas to Boston

When you need the car to arrive as clean as when you sent it, enclosed transport is the way to go. A fair number of customers ship a vehicle as a gift, or with hope of making an impact on someone at the other end: Whether you’re buying a car for Mom’s birthday in Florida or you’re a dealer delivering to a client in Georgia, you want to make a great first impression. Car shipping in an enclosed carrier ensures they’ll get it with the same shine as when it was loaded.

New Mustang in Enclosed Transport Truck

Motorcycle shipping may benefit from enclosed vehicle shipping: Wind resistance can do a number on some lighter vehicles in certain cases. If you were to choose an open carrier, we’d aim to have your golf cart or motorcycle loaded in a position behind the crew cab or in other ways that minimize exposure to the elements. But depending on the value of the vehicle and how many loose parts there may be, as well as the season of the year, it may be worth considering enclosed transport.

What determines the cost of enclosed car shipping?

The majority of transport carriers on the road today are open trailers that fit 3-10 vehicles -- whereas enclosed trailers typically carry just 2-6. Since fewer enclosed trailers are available, combined with the fact that drivers need to charge more to compensate for driving the same number of miles with fewer cars, this means that enclosed or private car transport is typically 50% more than on an open carrier.

Just as there are relatively few first-class or business class seats on a plane, available only at a premium price, so it is with the car transport industry. Enclosed car transportation is an especially good choice when you’ve got a high-value vehicle you don’t want to take chances with, and the quality of service is more important than the cost to transport a car. 

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"I had High Expecations and they deliverd. It was a pleasure working with Easy Car Shipping. The car HAD to get to me for my wife's birthday. The car arrived Shiny clean and ready to present." - Gary Miller

Newport Beach, CA to West Palm Beach, FL - ENCLOSED - $1,700

Car Photo

2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

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"Adding to my collection, I found a rare vintage motorcycle at a estate sale online. After purchasing it, I talked to dozens of transporters. Easy Car Shipping was the most professional and they knew how sensitive of a transport it was." - Gerry Cornish

Virginia Beach, VA to Reno, NV - ENCLOSED - $1,049

Car Photo

1925 BMW R-42

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"I could not have asked for a better experience. Delivery of our antique car done timely and efficiently.  They were helpful and courteous." - Dolores Miller

San Francisco, CA to Manhattan, NY - ENCLOSED - $1,959

Car Photo

1954 Cadillac Sedan

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"My new job was paying for the transport, but I had to arrange it.  Lot of  companies I checked on; glad I chose Easy Car Shipping.  Someone was always available to take my call." - Allen Stryker

Louisville, KY to San Francisco, CA - ENCLOSED, EXPRESS - $1,449

Car Photo

2015 BMW 750Li

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"Super fast and easy quote process.  More than fair price vs the competition. I checked around and they had the best price for the turnaround time and covered-transport type I wanted. Great customer service." - Martin Knotts

Denver, CO to Atlanta, GA - ENCLOSED - $1,660

Car Photo

1970 Dodge Challenger

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"Great experience. They where patient with all my questions. Reassured me on all my concerns and got my car delivery 1 day ahead of schedule. Will use again." - Francis Johansen

Detroit, MI to Ft Lauderdale, FL - ENCLOSED - $1,200

Car Photo

2015 Corvette Z06

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"Deal of a life time. Great deal on the car, super low miles and great deal on the transport. The driver was super nice and WOW what a great truck and trailer. I'm enjoying the car and the savings." - Sonny Driscoll

Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA - ENCLOSED - $1,249

Car Photo

2007 Porsche Cayenne

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"Picky buyer, pleasant delivery. Thanks again for making sure everything went so smooth with this delivery. Another happy buyer. You guys make it seem so simple." - Corey Wallace, Sales Rep, Jaguar of Dallas

Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL - ENCLOSED - $1,269

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2016 Jaguar F-Type

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"My dealership recommended to use Easy Car Shipping. They gave me a discount and treated me professionally. I'm so happy, I was going crazy trying to pick a company, they made it easy. Thanks Much!!!!" - Joanna Marks

Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA - ENCLOSED - $1,245

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2010 Lexus RX 350

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"A+ service. After deciding to buy a Ducati online, I started to panic because I didn't know how to get it delivered.  I researched many companies and I'm glad I used Easy Car Shipping." - Adam Lorax

Glendale, CA to Chicago, IL - ENCLOSED - $1,089

Car Photo

2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848

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How long does enclosed auto transport take?

Luxury car for enclosed transport

The typical pickup time-frame is between 6-10 days, for enclosed car transport, by all dependable auto shippers. We aim for better than that, and of course if you select the express enclosed auto shipping option in your price quote, we can ensure pickup within either the shortest possible interval, or on a guaranteed date you choose. While we cannot guarantee express service on every route in every season, our network of enclosed carriers is among the largest and best in the nation.

“We had a Corvette in the family since it was new, passed down from my Dad, and now it was time to sell it. I wanted to sell it at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, but I was concerned because it had to be dropped off on a specific date, and within a specific time-window. I picked the express transport option, to ensure my $150K car would arrive and get checked in at the auction on that particular day. Everything went smoothly: I sold the car for what I expected, and couldn’t be happier with the whole process.” Frederick Gunther, 1954 Chevrolet Corvette, San Francisco CA to Scottsdale AZ

Exotic Car Being Loaded onto an Enclosed Truck

Why choose Easy Car Shipping for your enclosed auto transport needs?

Our 4.8-star average rating speaks for itself. We know the potential roadblocks, and how to overcome them when you have specific needs -- as most high-end vehicle owners do. We know the unique profiles and requirements of virtually every car model, and we’re committed to service excellence. For example, every order is assigned to a specific, dedicated Transport Coordinator who can be reached on a direct line. You have a single point of communication and accountability, from the time you book your order until you complete your satisfaction survey.

Our Quick Quote system enables you to see instant pricing with 4 options, with virtual anonymity – without disclosing even a name or phone. And we stick to the price we quote, for 14 days: that’s 2x the industry average. So even if prices go up, or there’s a sudden driver shortage due to weather or other issues, we absorb the extra costs with no impact on you. Auto transport reviews show why we’re among the best vehicle shipping companies in the business.

“We live and work in NYC, but our vacation home is in New Orleans. I bought a new car to use down there and wanted to make sure it was transported enclosed. I was going to have my house manager receive the vehicle, so it was important that everybody was kept in the loop with the delivery date and times. The transport coordinator did a great job at keeping me informed and calm, even though the car was a couple of days late. The car arrived pristine, and I had no complaints.” John Reynolds, 2016 Porsche Panamera 4S, Manhattan NY to New Orleans LA

Transporting a Luxury Vehicle or Classic Car?

While enclosed auto transport costs 40%-60% more, many customers find the additional peace of mind is worth the cost. We recommend this for any vehicle valued at $70,000 or more.  Trailer sizes are typically 2-6 vehicles, and pickup can typically be arranged within 3-5 business days.

This “White Glove” level of service includes 100% insurance coverage, door-to-door, with $0 deductible. It is the equivalent of flying “First-Class” or “Business Class” on an airline.

Vehicles most frequently shipped in enclosed transport: 

1. Aston Martin
2. Audi 
3. Bentley
4. BMW 
5. Bugatti

6. Corvette
7. Ferrari
8. Hummer
9. Jaguar 
10. Land Rover

11. Lexus 
12. Lamborghini
13. Lotus
14. Maserati
15. McLaren

16. Mercedes-Benz 
17. Porsche
18. Rolls Royce
19. Tesla 
20. Viper

So whatever you’re shipping, see how Easy Car Shipping is among the best enclosed auto transport companies in the industry.

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