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moving car washington dcWashington, D.C. may be the center of power with the White House, but the weighty responsibility you need help with now is getting your vehicle moved from one place to another. Heading to an internship at the Supreme Court or the International Monetary fund? Maybe you getting ready to study district law at George Washington University?

Do you collect exotic cars and recently found a beautiful Bugatti ... but it’s in Dubuque? Or did you just get a promotion and you’re headed for sunny Los Angeles, but you want to bring your brand new Lexus? Or are a snowbird, like most senior citizens, traveling to Florida for the winter and want to bring your golf cart?

If you need a car shipping company in Washington DC or Baltimore car transport for one reason or another, you’re looking for a competent, cost-effective car relocation service.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Washington, D.C.?

Does your daughter up at University of Minnesota need the SUV, but you’re already financially strained from paying tuition? The delivery charge does not have to break the bank. Vehicle shipping is a big job, but you don’t want a huge price tag to go with it. You're searching a car shipping company in D.C. that will give you an affordable price and excellent customer service.

Luckily, there are different factors and choices you can make that have an effect on your quote from car transporters.

Where’s it going? Do you need nationwide vehicle shipping services from Washington, D.C. to Washington state? The farther the auto shippers go, of course, the longer it takes, which means the more it costs. We frequently have insurance companies use our service to deliver vehicles across the country.

And what type of vehicle are you shipping? If you finally got the newest BMW 7-series you researched in Car and Driver, and you paid well over the original price since its hard to find at your local dealer. You may want enclosed car transport in Washington, D.C. There are fewer vehicles on enclosed carriers and they have walls and a roof, keeping your car free from dirt, rain and sun exposure. Imagine having your 23 window VW van (that's a lot of glass) transported on an Open carrier and having some of the windows blown out. It would be a nightmare getting it repaired. In a case as this, you should definitely consider Enclosed carrier service. Do you work at the Pentagon? We give discounts to active members of the military.

We have the most competitive pricing, forged from 30+ years of experience in the car business. Think of us as the glue bonding your love of your car together with it getting it delivered safely. We provide quality service for your door to door shipping, whether it's going to New York, Los Angeles, or Rhode Island.

If you need it picked up fast you need to choose express auto transport, which costs more than standard delivery for your vehicle shipment. Does your vehicle run? Sometimes the process varies in price depending on whether or not we need a specialized service for your situation.move car washington dc

Looking for a free quote? We have a simple online quote form that will give you an instant quote, so you know how much car transport costs.

How long does auto transport take from Washington, D.C.?

Car transport companies in Washington DC have some considerations when putting together a shipping schedule for you. First there’s taking into account the distance between point A and point B, of course. But also the type of destination may impact your timeline. If it’s an out-of-the-way place, it may take longer than going to a place like the Washington metro area.

Are you going to New York or New England in the middle of the winter months? The weather might play a role in the time it takes to get a car delivery to the District of Columbia.

If you need it now and you’re using express auto transport, we sometimes arrange pick-up as quickly as 24 hours! Standard door to door delivery is typically within 2-7 days.

We will make sure your Washington car transport is handled in a timely manner.

move truck washington dcIs an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Let’s say you just landed a job at the Smithsonian in D.C. and you’re packing up for a move from North Carolina or New York City, including your grandfather’s Model T. For classic cars transport to Washington DC, you want to choose enclosed car transport service compare to open transport. They carry a fewer number of cars – about 2 to 6 – whereas open carriers, which are the kind you often see on the freeway, can haul 7-10 cars at a time.

It’s the same if you prefer more modern vehicles with high values. Do you own a Bentley or a Ferrari you need to move? For luxury car transport in the District of Columbia or a surrounding zip code, it’s also recommended that you take the enclosed carrier option.

Even if your car is worth less than $70,000, if it has high sentimental value or is rare you at least want to consider a carrier that protects it from the elements as it travels a long distance.

Are you a dealer with customers in Los Angeles, North Carolina, or New York? You can consider either type of hauling method, depending on the needs of your clients and what vehicles they’re buying. But if you want to have it delivered totally clean in perfect condition – guaranteed – you probably want an enclosed carrier.

Do you need auto transport in Washington, D.C. or the surrounding area for an SUV? The open car transport service should be fine for the family car, such as the case of a Honda Pilot or for van transport, even if it's going to New York City, South Carolina, or another great place.

Whichever trailer you decide to ship your car with, we'll make sure you get the best deal with high quality service throughout the whole process. It's no wonder we're among the best transport companies in the auto shipping industry, across the contiguous United States.

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"Job transfer made easy. I was scared of all the things I had to do to get moved to MN. The car transport went smooth and they delivered it to the Hotel I was staying at. I appreciate it." - Tina Wellner

San Antonio, TX to Minneapolis, MN - $889

Car Photo

2009 Ford Ranger

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"Great service, great price, on time and easy to work with. Will use them again in the future if needed." - Ryan Stybel

Littleton, CO to Cleveland, OH - $889

Car Photo

2012 Toyota Camry

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"I saw an old Mustang when I was on a trip and bought it.  They arranged for the same driver to pick up the vehicle in even though it was in parts, handled it with care and dropped it off for reassembly. I’d definitely use them again." - Anthony Rangston

Miami, FL to Baltimore, MD - $729

Car Photo

1965 Mustang

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"I'm a private buyer who is doing car sales as a hobby and this company is perfect as far as price and service." - Yacoub Nasrallah

Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD - $1199

Car Photo

2011 Toyota Sienna

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"Very professional.  The transport coordinator was knowledgeable . Vehicle was picked up as promised, and dropped off the same way. Price was better then I expected. Would not hesitate to use again." - Julio Salinas

Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO - OPEN TRANSPORT - $749

Car Photo

1978 Pontiac Trans AM

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"This company did everything they said that they would do. The followup was done as promised. Pickup and delivery was on time and fast. The carrier that they chose was very good. The driver went the extra mile, was on time and knowledgeable." - John Boyce

College Station, TX to San Clemente, CA - $929

Car Photo

2016 VW Jetta

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"Easy car shipping took care of moving my Jeep from California to Missouri. They did so on short notice, at a competitive price and shipped it quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again." - Clayton Smith

Anaheim, CA to Joplin, MO - $1300

Car Photo

2018 Jeep Wrangler

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We ship motorcycles and trucks in Washington, D.C.

Do you cut your commute time into the city with a KTM or a Triumph? What if you’re moving and want to bring it with you to San Francisco, New York City or to New England area? We can ship motorcycles in Washington, D.C., or take care of something a lot bigger, like a tractor or we can ship a large truck.

Are you a golfer? We have a lot of experience with golf cart transport if you’re retiring to Florida or Los Angeles, for instance, and want to bring it along.

moving cars washington dc

Or if you have a company with trucks that need to move to other sites, we take care of those too – in and out of the city. From MINI Coopers to Hummers, and station wagons to classic cars and exotics – it’s the same process when you ship a car as any other vehicle. Whether your vehicle is going cross country to San Francisco or along the East Coast to New York, we'll take car of you car transport service from pickup to delivery.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping in Washington D.C.?

We only work with a trucker if they carry insurance for your door to door delivery. You would never consider a road trip without insurance, and this is no exception. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing no matter what comes down the pike – in the case of an accident or other unforeseen issue – your truck driver has coverage.

It’s one example of how thorough we are, paying attention to details so all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. The safety of your vehicle on the road is our top concern and it’s covered in your quote.

As a shipping company, we follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines. So unfortunately, you cannot ship personal belongings or household goods inside your vehicle. It's for the safety of your car and the trucker.

By the way, the price we quote you is guaranteed for two weeks. Most auto transport companies in the capital of the United States only lock it in for a week.

You want – and deserve – reliable auto transport for your vehicles. We aim to make you 100% satisfied with our service for your Washington or Baltimore auto shipping.

ship car washington dcWhy choose us for vehicle transport in Washington D.C.?

When you look for a transport company for cars, you find a range of expertise with various success rates. With us, you can go online to read our transport reviews from past clients. There you’ll see why we maintain a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as one of the best auto transport brokers across the contiguous United States.

We’re car shippers who’ve been in the auto transporter business for three decades. We've shipped cars to any part of any state, from major cities like San Diego to rural communities in South Carolina. So we know how to handle all situations. Sometimes what you find out there are brokers who hook you up with flaky drivers who drop the ball. Not here.

We’ve got excellent follow-through with door to door shipping. Whether you’ve got an extremely large vehicle or one that doesn’t run – we’ve probably seen it before! Stuff happens, of course, but we know how to handle it. We’re flexible, and we stay in constant communication with you through phone calls.

Rest assured your treasured set of wheels, work truck or RV is safe with our system. Auto shipping in nation's capital. doesn’t get any easier or more reliable.

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