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moving cars san franciscoIf you live in the city and BART or the cable cars doesn’t stop close enough to your workplace, you probably found you need a car. Did you scour eBay and find a new car in your price range, but it’s too far away to drive it home to Northern California?

Now you need a transport company for passenger cars .

If you’re one of the Cartelligent team in Sausalito or another successful dealer in the area and you need to ship a car to a customer out of state, then you also have to find dependable car transport at an affordable price.Your search is over!

Our shipping services have consistently earned an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from our clients because our auto transport service is fast, safe and dependable.

Why choose us for vehicle transport to or from San Francisco?

Is your car’s destination all the way across country, on East Coast in New York? We provide nationwide service where, for the entire trip, the protection of your car is our chief concern. One of the many guarantees you get with us is that if the process gets bumpy at all, we’re with you the entire process. As a car shipping company, we’ve completed thousands of vehicle transfers successfully and our aim is your satisfaction as we do a great job.

Our process is simple, fast and reliable - making sure you have a peace of mind. We’re “car guys” who know what we’re doing, with our years experience. And we tailor the car shipment to your specific needs.

Are you the type of person who researches all of your purchases, poring over Car and Driver before pulling the trigger? Do you need to move more then one car in separate moves? Then our reviews will boost your confidence about the reliable vehicle transport we give you. We take great pride in our 4.6 out 5 star rating, and continue to provide excellent customer service at a good price.

Call us or fill out our easy online form for your free quote, which we guarantee for 2 weeks unlike other car transport companies.

Car shippers are not all the same, and we are a great company and a leader in the industry, transporting everything from backhoes to BMWs.move car san francisco

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from San Francisco?

Are you looking at a job transfer to New York? With the other costs of moving long distance, you may be dreading the thought of moving your car too. We're here to make sure it isn't a stressful process. We will assign an account manager to your order to ensure all your questions are answered and your move goes smooth. Or maybe your daughter’s at San Francisco State and she needs a car at school, but with college expenses it’s all adding up.

You’d be surprised how affordable it is, but auto transport companies need to include certain details about your needs in order to draft a complete quote.

Are you an active military? Ask about our military discount for your coastal car transport. We offer multiple payment methods including a 2 part COD payment or the entire charge on your credit card with a small fee.

The destination of the car delivery is a big part of the price. If you ship a car to San Antonio, San Diego or Los Angeles, it’s cheaper than St. Louis, for instance. And the type of location where the car’s needed can affect the quote also. Sometimes it takes longer if it’s a route that’s hard to get to. It's easier to book a route to major cities and surrounding zip code compared to rural areas.

Does your vehicle still run? Factors like that are also a part of the price for your auto shipping quote, as well as features such as size, and modifications to your car.

Do you need express auto transport or an enclosed carrier? Those affect the cost of shipment as well.

The good news? Our Quick Quote system locks in your price for 14 days – guaranteed – while other car transport companies often limit their guarantee to 7 days. And the contacts we’ve acquired from years in the business means that we can give you the most competitive pricing - putting us among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States.

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"I saw an old Mustang when I was on a trip and bought it.  They arranged for the same driver to pick up the vehicle in even though it was in parts, handled it with care and dropped it off for reassembly. I’d definitely use them again." - Anthony Rangston

Miami, FL to Baltimore, MD - $729

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1965 Mustang

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"Excellent. Vehicles are always picked up and delivered timely. Communication is great. The cost is always fair. The transport process is easy and convenient." - Jule Belden

Chicago, IL to West Palm Beach, FL - $929

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2015 Honda Civic

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"Very happy.  We sold our home and 2 days before leaving for Tucson, I got a call with driver info and cell #.  He was very kind, personable and on time.  Brian delivered my car safely, without damage or problems." - Litsa Slavonik

Virginia Beach, VA to Tucson, AZ - $1169

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2009 Chevrolet Tahoe

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"Thanks for the help, it was super smooth. I needed a Wheelchair equipped van transported but other companies didn't understand how tall it was. These guys know their vehicles." - Susan Guerrero

Sacramento, CA to Albuquerque, NM - $1079

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2015 Ford Transit Handicap Van

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"Judy and the team saved my sales deal. We sold the truck to a buyer in Oregon and set up transport for the buyer, my regular guy dropped the ball. We where 5 days behind schedule , Judi arranged to have the truck picked up in 1 day and delivered in only 3 days." - Robert Fisher

Mesa, AZ to Portland, OR - $929

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2013 Toyota Tacoma

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"I've shipped a few cars from california to texas.  This was the best experience.  My car was in san francisco.  I live in Dallas.  I had to work to schedule the pickup based on my colleagues in the office.  Due to covid, it was much more difficult than usual.  Easy car shipping worked with me to get it done.  It was never going to be easy, but they handled it perfectly.  The driver picked up the car on tuesday with no problems and I had my car delivered on Friday.  Perfect condition.  I will use them again." - Vinh Huynh

San Francisco, CA to Keller, TX - $1339

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2004 VW Touareg

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $1049

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2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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moving car san franciscoHow long does auto transport take to or from San Francisco?

If you’re pressed for time and you needed your car last week, we have options for you. Our express auto transport is a good idea if you need to arrange definite dates. We can sometimes pick up as quickly as 24 hours from the time you call, whereas for standard shipping we’d like at least a week’s notice.

Is it going to a rural area? We can book a carrier, no problem, but sometimes deliveries to towns that are off-the-beaten-path take longer.

Obviously, the greater the distance, the longer it takes for your door to door service. If it’s just going to Lake Tahoe, for instance, drivers cover about 200 miles a day. But if you need nationwide auto shipping to New York, carriers can complete up to 500 miles per day. Visit our FAQ page to get a better idea.

Timing matters too. During certain seasons of the year, there can be delays due to bad weather or seasonal traffic. We do everything we can to keep your delivery on schedule, and best of all, we keep in close touch with you during the shipping process. You want a professional auto transporter for your complicated move, so we're here to make it a simple and easy process for everyone.

Whether you take a look at our reviews on Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see how our notable reputation, years experience, and great customer service makes us one of the best car shipping companies in the industry.

Is on open transport right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

If you’re a salesman at Classic Cars West, your vehicles need maximum protection. Enclosed car transport in San Francisco costs more, but it’s ideal for classic car transport and other types of vehicles of value.

Did you buy a sports car online? Exotic car transport to/from San Francisco is safer on an enclosed carrier. We usually advise you, if your car is worth $70,000 and above, to choose a covered trailer for shipping.

If you’re just sending the Camry to Claire at the Art Institute for the student in your family, you should be fine with open carrier transport with door to door service. They’re the trailers we often see on the freeway, usually carrying 7-10 cars at a time. Enclosed carriers normally haul just 2-6. 

move truck san francisco

Are you an active military? Ask about or military discount for your vehicle transport.

We also do motorcycle shipping and truck transport to and from San Francisco.

Whether you’re looking for car, truck or van transport from San Francisco or shipped into the city from somewhere else, we are a shipping company that can arrange it for you.

Are you a contractor needing a work truck moved? If it’s a huge truck you need transported, or if you just need to ship a motorcycle in San Francisco, there is a fast, easy way to get it done.

Are you a dealer and need luxury vehicle transport from San Francisco to a customer out of state? You probably want protection from rain, snow and dirt when you’ve got high-end Lexus and Mercedes models or other rare or unique cargo.

The closed, protected carrier is also advised for lightweight types of vehicles moving such as a golf cart transport from San Francisco to a destination outside the area. Do you need to ship a motorcycle?

Did you find an SUV in Oregon and need to ship it to the populous state of California? If you want to ship a truck to/from San Francisco, or anywhere else, be sure the auto transporter is booked through an experienced dependable broker, one that’s trusted by others. And now it's your first time transporting a car so you're looking for the best moving company? Just take a look at our reviews to see why our customers say we're one of the best transport companies for your car move.

ship car san franciscoNo mater the type of vehicle, we've shipped it.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

The city of San Francisco is determined to be the electric car capital of the world, so if you’re lucky enough to find one on AutoTrader or at a dealer outside the Bay Area, you need to find a way to get it to you.

Does your insurance cover you?

The quote we put together for you includes insurance, whether you’re a charter bus company or an individual. The car shipping company carries it for the duration of the job. Though it’s rare, if there’s any sort of damage or a dispute with the carrier, there’s insurance in place.

Our goal is to make you satisfied with the safe, secure auto shipping to/from the golden state we give you. After all, it’s too big a job to leave to amateurs - that's why you need a professional company to ship your car. Shipping cars is just what we do.

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