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move car sacramentoYou just landed an internship in the golden state at the capitol building, but your car’s back at college. How do you get it there?

Or you were just informed you’ve got a job transfer coming, and you’re not parting with the BMW 7-Series you found through Car and Driver after lots of research last year.

Searching for professional auto transportation in Sacramento is another thing you don’t want to jump into without some research. And finding the safe, reliable auto transport services is non-negotiable. You want a full service auto transport broker with the best price and years experience.

Whether you’re a Folsom Auto Mall dealer needing to ship a car to its new owner, or you just found a great set of wheels on AutoTrader, with us - an auto transport broker - you get fast, dependable service.

How long does transport take to or from Sacramento?

Auto moving companies in the Sacramento area will tell you that certain factors affect the length of time it takes for car delivery. We are professional car movers, and in most cases we can arrange pick-up in 2-7 days. It’s great when you can give us at least a week’s notice from the move date.

But in the case of a rush job with important move requirements, we’ve got express transport, where we can sometimes pick up in 24 hours. Is it a birthday gift? This is a great service if you need the shipping services on specific dates or if you hired another car shipping company that dropped the ball. moving cars sacramento

It sounds obvious, but the greater the distance, the longer it takes. For car, truck or van transport in Sacramento to a reasonably close destination, like Eugene, San Diego, or Reno, drivers cover up to 200 miles a day. Are you transporting a car coast-to-coast from West Sacramento to North Carolina or Florida? Our trucks drive up to 500 miles a day with nationwide auto transport. You can visit our FAQ page to check the length of time required for your job. 

Is it going to a city or a rural area? That affects when it arrives also, because getting your car to outlying areas versus a metropolitan area or populous state, may add time and effort to the shipment.

Certain seasons of the year can affect the arrival time also, due to weather or seasonal traffic.

When you check out auto transport companies in Sacramento or San Francisco, you’ll see we stand out for our great communication between clients and drivers. We’re flexible, professional and our years of experience enable us to foresee practically any circumstance that arises.

Curious about pricing for car transport quotes to Los Angeles and want to make sure you get the best price possible? Just fill out our easy online form to get an instant free quote today!

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from Sacramento?

If you got into UC Davis Med School and your folks just need to get your trusty Toyota to you from back home, you don’t want to add to your loans with expensive vehicle shipping services. But you also don't want to sacrifice getting the highest quality of service and a great experience.

moving car sacramentoWith our auto shipping company, you’re getting maximum value, because we have access to the most competitive auto transport moving quotes. And the best news is, when we give you a free quote we guarantee it for 14 days - putting us among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous United States. Most auto transport companies will only lock it in for a week.

The cost of your car relocation is dependent on several factors, including where you’re shipping and the type of vehicle. The distance is one of the biggest aspects, of course. If it’s going to St. Louis it’s cheaper than New York City.

Also, whether or not it’s going to a rural community may have an effect. So, for instance, if you have to ship your Honda to your son at UofA in Tucson, it will likely cost less than if you’re sending it to your daughter at Yavapai College in Clarkdale.

Most car transport companies will tell you that when you are doing a vehicle shipping to Los Angeles, it can be costly. That is not always the case. Certain times of year the roads are more crowded and the increased traffic can slow the car transporter down. But whether you are looking to deliver your car near the Golden Gate bridge or one of the National Parks, we will always offer the best quotes possible.

The type of carrier -based on the type of vehicle - you need when you ship car in Sacramento has a bearing on the auto transport quote. The open transport trailer is the kind you often see on the freeway. It’s a perfectly safe route to go, unless you need luxury car transport. That is one of the circumstances that may prompt you to book enclosed auto transport - instead of open transport - which is an additional cost.

If your vehicle doesn’t run, or it’s an unusual size or needs other considerations, it may have a bearing on the quote.

Do you need a car right away? You may choose express car transport service instead of standard delivery. Those prices are different as well. We have experience transporting all types of vehicles and will make sure yours gets done and it's a great job.

The best news? With our Quick Free Quote system, we lock in the price for 14 days – guaranteed. It's no wonder why we're among the best car shipping companies in the industry!

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"Delivery was shorter than I expected and also truck driver is very kind. Thanks Joe. The car is good condition, a little dirty but okay because I was told to expect that this time of year." - Jay Awuku

San Francisco, CA to Nashville, TN - EXPRESS - $1369

Car Photo

2010 Toyota Venza

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"My husband and I are extremely pleased with ECS! There was just the right amount of contact to set this transport up and get everything going. We were frankly surprised how quickly the transport was set up and how soon we received the truck and right to our driveway! Everything was thorough, well done and documentation all along the way. Would definitely use this company again if the need were to arise!" - Wanda Platte

Oak Grove, LA to Waterloo, IA - $1200

Car Photo

2016 Chevrolet with Service Body

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"I enjoy working with them; they are on time and if a order takes a little longer then they think it should they keep me very informed about it. Always happy." - Mike Rice

San Jose, CA to Palm Springs, CA - $559

Car Photo

2015 Infiniti QX80

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"I've used them twice already. First shipment was for express closed delivery. The second was express open delivery. No hassle. I made a last minute reservation and they were able to accommodate my request. The pick up and drop off is very easy. Prices are reasonable and you get a peace of mind. Customer service is great. I can’t think of any that needs improvement." - Ezra Evans

Somers, NY to Plano, TX - $1129

Car Photo

2017 BMW X5

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"Extremely pleasant experience. They got me my car in one day. Driver was honest and extremely flexible. So nice to deal with a company that was professional and knew how to get the job done. Definitely recommend." - Jeanne Johnson

Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX - $719

Car Photo

2008 Ford Ranger

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"I can't say enough about this company. I found them online about five years ago and have using them ever since. I am in the automotive business and so far they have not let me down." - Joey Roudakov

Santa Monica, CA to Houston, TX - $859

Car Photo

2015 Volvo S60

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"Quick delivery. Saved me from having to walk everywhere. No issues with anything." - Noah Valentis

Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA - OPEN TRANSPORT - $729

Car Photo

2007 Yamaha V-Max

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Why choose us for vehicle transport to or from Sacramento? 

Looking though different companies and choosing the right transport company for cars in Sacramento is a big decision, especially when the stakes are high, such as a classic car transport from car dealers to customers. That’s all the more reason you want someone with experience in the transport service that can deliver the car direct to you.move truck sacramento

We’ve been in the car business for three decades, and have successfully completed everything from shipping tractors to exotic car transport. No matter what size or condition, we get your vehicle where it needs to be with door to door service.

We know the possible snags in the process of auto shipping services, and with the level of ongoing communication you get with us, the bumps in the road feel more like smooth sailing. The driver keeps you informed so you’re comfortable with the safe, reliable door-to-door delivery you’re getting. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Also, our Quick Quote guarantee is twice the industry average, which is 7 days. So there are no financial surprises.

Our customers consistently keep us at an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 – higher than our competitors. And it’s probably obvious, but car shippers are not all the same. Just take a look at Yelp, or even the Better Business Bureau, to see why we have notable reputation in providing an excellent car shipping service to our customers with our years experience.

Is an open car carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Enclosed car transport in West Sacramento to a new location is advised for a few situations in particular. If you’ve consulted CarMax and your car is valued at $70,000 or more, we advise you to choose an enclosed car transport service. This kind of walled-in style of auto transporter ensures your car, or even your customer's vehicle is protected against dirt, rain, snow and sun when shipping the car direct to you.

For golf cart transport in Sacramento and surrounding zip code we also recommend the closed carrier, because it’s a more secure method for lightweight cargo. Motorcycle shipping in Sacramento is the same – safer in an enclosed setting due to its weight.

Open carriers can stack 7-10 cars on their trailer beds, while an enclosed trailer usually holds as few as 1-2 vehicles, or up to 6 vehicles on long distance routes. It’s a kind of “first class” method of vehicle shipping in Sacramento, providing your car the additional attention it needs - while providing you with excellent service from pickup to delivery.

ship car sacramentoAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

Yes, you get comprehensive insurance when you ship with us, and it’s included in the low price quote. There’s no big surprise at the end, with a whopping addition to your bill. You’re covered under the carrier’s cargo insurance and there is NO deductible for you.

Are you moving to new home? We ask that you don't place any household goods inside of your vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, only items pertaining to the actually car is allowed to be inside during the shipment. If you're looking for more car shipping information, check out our site. We have lots of free online car shipping resources - or give us a call!

Part of our service, as a broker, is to be sure the appropriate insurance is in place. The limits to the insurance are spelled out, which are “Acts of God” such as a tornado. In that case, coverage would revert to the owner’s vehicle insurance.

The best insurance you get from us is our promise that your vehicle is our top priority, from the time we book the pickup to the complete door to door delivery - the entire process. Whether it’s a Porsche or a truck transport in Sacramento, it’s our expertise.

We help dealers, buyers, sellers, movers, bus companies, contractors – you name it. We assure you that virtually any auto transport in Sacramento is available – even challenges like a truck that won’t start or a van leaving a job site. We have a range of options for you, regardless of your situation - making sure you have an excellent experience shipping your car whether it's your first time or fourth time.

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