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move car los angelesIn the largest city of about 10 million residents working in every industry imaginable, you’d think you could find your dream car. But in the event you have to reach outside Southern California to find “the one,” you need reliable transport to safely and securely get your new purchase to you in San Diego. Or maybe your son or daughter is going to college out-of-state and needs the Honda at school. You’re just hoping it’s fast and easy to book student vehicle transport. Are they going up to University of Washington? Or cross country as far as New York University? No problem!

Job transfer? Bought a car from auction? Or you'r moving your car after paying months of storage? We have the car carrier to meet your specifications, whether you need to get the minivan to your new home or you’re not ready to part with your luxury car.

Even if you’ve got inoperable vehicles on a job site in Woodland Hills that you have to get back to the company for repairs, we can get it transported for you with our exceptional service.

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from the city of Los Angeles?

As transportation brokers, we can offer the most competitive prices in the industry, because we have access to numerous carrier companies. Once we get your input about what you need and details about your car relocation, we can quickly arrange a pick-up for your car or truck transport. 

Our knowledge of the best routes, team of professional movers, and seasonal challenges makes us better qualified than a lot of transport companies who don’t have the years experience to include all the details in your quote. We make sure to cover all the bases, and when you use our Quick Quote system, we lock in the price for 14 days – guaranteed. That makes us one of the best car shipping companies across the contiguous United States. Call now to book your reservation!move truck los angeles

There are 7 factors that go into the cost of your auto transport service in Los Angeles.

Where is it going? If you ship a car to the East Coast such as North Carolina it’s more expensive than, say, a car delivery to Las Vegas, San Francisco or San Antonio. But also, it depends on the type of location it is. If it’s a more rural destination, one that doesn’t call for a lot of deliveries, it may affect the total cost. It's easier to book a route to major cities and surrounding zip codes, than to rural areas.

Whether or not your vehicle is running can be a factor as well. Plus, what type of vehicle: Is it a sizable truck? Or a car with modifications? It may make a difference, because it influences the type of carrier that can do the job.

What type of vehicle carrier you choose is a strong consideration. Open trailers cost less than enclosed carriers, because they can load up 7-10 cars at a time.

Did you order express auto transport? Standard delivery is less expensive. But if need your car moved last minute, it could be best to use express.

And lastly, whether it’s a classic transport or motorcycle shipping in Los Angeles, when you ship it matters. During certain seasons of the year, there are delays due to inclement weather or seasonal traffic. Those factors may affect the price.

Shipping cars is what we do, so we can guarantee you'll get our excellent customer service to have a great experience with your shipment.

ship car los angelesHow long does auto transport take to or from Los Angeles?

Do you need it shipped ASAP? Did you need the car here last week? You can use express auto transport if you have specific dates you need it delivered by. Usually, we arrange for a pickup for rush jobs in 1-3 days.

How much lead time is necessary to deliver to a populous state? Most of our clients call at least a week in advance, but the express service means we put a rush on it, especially when you’ve booked another auto shipping company that flaked out on the job.

Obviously, the farther your vehicle goes, the longer it takes. On shorter hauls, drivers cover up to 200 miles a day, whereas the trucks can make it closer to 500 miles per day on coastal car transport. Visit our FAQ page to get an idea the length of time required for each range of distance.

And depending on when you need car, truck or van transport in Los Angeles, sometimes there are unforeseen delays due to weather or construction, which requires more time to complete the job.

We work with you closely to make sure you’re happy with the timing of our shipping service so have the best experience shipping your vehicle.

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"Great service, great price, on time and easy to work with. Will use them again in the future if needed." - Ryan Stybel

Littleton, CO to Cleveland, OH - $889

Car Photo

2012 Toyota Camry

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"Honest and On Time- Thank you for working with me to get my car delivered within my time frames. I go to school all day and they delivered the car late at night to work with my schedule." - Jackie Flannigan

Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL - $789

Car Photo

2011 Dodge Caravan

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"I must say that they exceeded all of our expectations! David and Judy were delightful, informative and knowledgeable. They kept us informed throughout the process.The trucker picked up our golf cart in St. Louis and delivered it to CT within 48 hours. The driver was pleasant and unruffled as he maneuvered his trailer through a residential neighborhood with narrow streets. And the price was very fair, especially when compared to other quotes. We highly recommend ECS." - Maggie Palmieri

Saint Charles, MO to North Branford, CT - $759

Car Photo

2015 Star AP Series

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"Easiest experience I've ever had! David was incredibly helpful and on it at every point. Incredibly satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend." - Wailana Geisen

Anaheim, CA to Austin, TX - $729

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2019 Mercedes-Benz C250

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"Excellent service- the driver was very familiar with the area and delivered our vehicle on time and at a convenient location. We would definitely use this service again." - Elizabeth Robinson

Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ - $719

Car Photo

2014 Land Rover LR4

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"Everybody involved in the process made me feel like they cared, because they really did!!! That was so refreshing.  The experience was well handled and very professional from start to finish. I've been in the business since 1972 and have done a lot of interstate purchases. It was a pleasure dealing with this company, from all departments.  The driver was as pleasant as the person who answers the phone." - Dale Reynolds

Laguna Beach, CA to Kansas City, KS - $859

Car Photo

2015 Subaru Outback

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"I was happy with the service provided.  My messages were returned even after hours and on Saturday. They took care of my transport needs and took all the worry out of it for me. I will use them again in the future." - Robert Sutmeyer

Sacramento, CA to Santa Fe, NM - $739

Car Photo

2013 Nissan Rogue

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Why choose us for vehicle transport to or from Los Angeles? 

What you see with a lot of auto transport companies is a lack in years experience of quoting jobs accurately, or not offering you the level of ongoing communication you get with us. Your door-to-door delivery is done safely and reliably, plus the driver keeps you informed about any potential delays or other concerns.moving cars los angeles

We have over 30 years experience in the car industry and we know what we’re doing. In fact, you can read reviews from our customers, who have rated us an average of 4.6 out of 5! We have an awesome customer service team that's ready to help throughout the entire process to ensure you have the perfect moving experience.

Car shippers are not all the same. You want to do your homework to know we can be relied upon. So whether you take a look at our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation of having competitive prices and great communication.

Our Quick Quote System is a huge draw for clients in Los Angeles. Most car shippers only guarantee their quotes for 7 days, but we adhere to our promise to you for twice that – 14 days (the only company to do so!).

There are few places you can trust to safely perform a luxury car transport in Los Angeles. But we have successfully completed the transport of every type of vehicle imaginable for all car enthusiasts, from Mini-Coopers to Escalades, and in price points as high as you can count.

We understand that if it's your first time shipping a car, you're searching for the best price. We not only offer competitive prices, we provide great service to make sure your first move is easy and hassle free.

Is open transport right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Enclosed transport in the Golden State isn’t as widely available as open carrier service. And the fact there are fewer closed carriers isn’t the only reason they cost more than open vehicle haulers. They offer first class service.

Is your car more like a member of the family than just a tool for getting from here to there? Then you may want to consider enclosed auto transport.

The open air variety works perfectly well for the vast majority of car shipping services and is the best price to ship a car. But when it’s an exotic transport, such as a Lotus or an Aston Martin, you probably want the TLC you get with enclosed shipping. If you’ve spent your valuable time consulting Car and Driver to find the perfect ride, you don’t want to take chances.

We also recommend having 4 walls surrounding your lightweight vehicles, such as the case of a motorcycle or golf cart transport.

Open carriers are less expensive, but they stack 8-11 cars per haul, and your vehicle may get exposed to sun, rain, snow and dirt along the way.

moving car los angelesAre you from Downtown L.A. Auto Group or another busy dealership and need to get new cars to a loyal new owners? If the automobile needs maximum protection, you may want the service of enclosed carriers, where only 1-2 cars are transported at a time. Whatever type of vehicle you need transported, we can get it done while keeping great communication and service with you.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

You’ve driven L.A. freeways enough to know that sometimes stuff happens, so you’re concerned about the kind of insurance you need when you use auto shippers.

Your quote from us for vehicle shipping includes insurance, our vow to seek out the best value and timing for your delivery, and a course of action in the event there is damage or another dispute with the carrier. We offer these features from the time you book the service, but your card isn’t charged until your vehicle is picked up.

Are you moving to a new home and need help moving household items? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the only items allowed to remain in the vehicle during shipment are items that pertain to the vehicle. Everything else needs to be removed for the safety of your car and the driver.

Your biggest insurance, however, is our track record in the City of Angels. We’ve been in the car business for over 3 decades and with major success. Read reviews from our customers to see what we can do for you.

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