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ship car laguna beachIf you need a vehicle moved from point A to point B you’re not alone. Is your company moving you out of state with a long distance move? Are you sending your daughter to an East Coast university? For many people, Laguna Beach is a

"top of my request" destination for international destinations. But, you get to leave there. No you need your car delivered.

There are so many scenarios – and vehicle types – you may need transported, and you’re hunting for the most reliable transport in Laguna Beach.

Or you can't wait to start your year-round retreat to the entire state of California?

Look no further!

Did you pore over issues of Car and Driver to find your next “driving machine”? Do you want your car “babied” by your transport company professionals? We can arrange that for you. We make booking easy.

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from Laguna Beach?

Even residents in affluent communities want the best value they can get. If you’re a dealership in Orange County, like Laguna Cadillac GMC, you don’t want to cut into your profits by paying an arm and a leg to transport a vehicle to its buyer.

No matter who you are, you want a great deal for your car relocation. With us, you get the most competitive pricing, because of numerous contacts we’ve acquired from our years of experience of working with Southern California’s most trusted sources. We find you the most economical auto shipping services in the city of Laguna Beach.moving car laguna beach

Here are some of the factors affecting the price of vehicle shipping:

Where is your destination? Long distances cost more. If you ship a car across the country to Oklahoma City, Miami, or New York City, the cost is obviously higher than a car delivery just out of state, such as San Jose or Las Vegas. But it also depends on the type of location it is. Because fewer carriers go to more rural destinations compared to major cities, that type of delivery can have a bearing on the price. 

Is your car in working condition? That can be a factor, plus what type of vehicle it is. If it’s extremely large or has a particular modification it may affect the type of carrier you need. Open auto transport services cost less than enclosed carriers, because they can load up to 11 cars at a time, while enclosed transport in Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel is sort of the crème de la crème.

The speed is also a factor. Do you need express auto transport? Standard delivery is, of course, less expensive.

Are you a military personnel? Ask about our discounts for active military - it's our way of saying thank you for serving our country.

The best news, when it comes to cost, is that transport for all types of vehicles in Laguna Beach and Long Beach, our Quick Free Quote system locks in the price for 14 days – guaranteed (the only company that can promise that!). Plus we don't need a credit card to give you a quote. Other auto transport companies, for the most part, only guarantee the price for 7 days. It's no wonder why we're among the best car shipping companies across the contiguous United States! With our years experience in the auto transport industry, we will make sure you receive great service to meet your auto transportation needs. Customer satisfaction with your booking is one of our top priorities.

How long does auto transport take to or from Laguna Beach?

How quickly do you need your vehicle picked up and delivered? While we generally schedule pick-up in 2-7 days, you can use express auto transport, which moves it up to 1-3 days from the time you contact us. This service costs a little more, but if you have specific dates you need it delivered by (to avoid using public transport) it’s a good idea for your coastal car transport. If you live on or near Pacific Coast Highway it may be difficult for the carrier to park his truck on the main road. No worries, you can meet the carrier at of the parking lots along the road. There is no shortage of hotels the carrier can park at and you can always take an Uber or use the local free trolley to get back home.

Most of our clients call about a week or more in advance, but express service has come in handy for people who’ve booked another shipping company that flaked out on the job.

move car laguna beach

Once the job gets underway, there are various details affecting the transfer time. On auto, truck or SUV transport from Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, or Los Angeles to, say, Phoenix, San Juan Capistrano, or San Francisco, drivers cover up to 200 miles a day. But for nationwide auto shipping, the trucks can make it closer to 500 miles per day. Also, the area can affect timing. It's easier to book routes to major cities compared to rural communities. Some residential areas can also be difficult for a trucker to fit on the narrow streets, so he might ask you to meet him at a safe and convenient location for delivery. Visit our FAQ page to get an idea the length of time required for your job.

Whether it’s a sedan, a sports coupe or motorcycle shipping in Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel, timing matters. During certain seasons of the year, car shippers can experience are bad weather delays or seasonal traffic.

Most of all, we want you to be satisfied with the time frame for your delivery, so we work with you closely throughout the entire process. This is one of the features that makes us stand out from other auto transport companies. We understand it's most peoples first time needing auto transport services, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you while giving you the best price, so you can have a peace of mind. By the way, once you are in So Cal, I recommend you visit laguna beach app for many helpful tips on where to visit. There are also may local newsletters you can pick up at local markets.

Want a car transport quote? Just fill out a simple online form to get your instant and best price quote - or give us a call! We can guarantee that quote for 2 weeks, while different companies can only guarantee it a week.

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"I could not imagine a better experience. Obtained contact from local Lexus dealer. Had informative introductory call, including quote, then email. I made reservation that day. A couple of days later, they contacted me with pick-up, delivery dates, which perfectly met my needs. Car was picked up and dropped off right on time." - Bob Eckert

Chicago, IL to Denver, CO - $899

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2015 Lexus RX 350

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"These guys are the best in this business. They will take care of you in no time. Your car will be picked up and delivered in a timely manner. Must try!!! David and Judy are awesome. I would give out more than 5 stars if possible." - Mamadou Diallo, Fashion Troniks Inc.

Greenwell Springs, LA to Dallas, TX - $479

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2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude

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"I spoke with David and he gave me his price. I thanked him and began my research now that I had a starting point and then put it out to bid. Well when the dust settled a week later, David's price was still the best. He was very upfront and told me everything I should expect. And the price he quoted was the exact price I paid. There were no hidden fees or extra charges. He delivered 100%. I could not be happier. I am very glad to recommend them. Oh...the Driver was Michael. If I could give him a review it would also be five stars." - Jeff Robb

Chesapeake, VA to Denver, CO - $1289

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2018 Ford Escape

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"Super fast and easy quote process.  More than fair price vs the competition. I checked around and they had the best price for the turnaround time and covered-transport type I wanted. Great customer service." - Martin Knotts

Denver, CO to Atlanta, GA - ENCLOSED - $1689

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1970 Dodge Challenger

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"Incredibly easy and professional service. They were flexible with changing my dates last minute and I was never concerned about not having a driver! I've had horror stories with shipping companies, but they proved reliable and trustworthy." - Elizabeth Incrocci

Hollywood, CA to Greenbrae, CA - EXPRESS - $819

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2021 Mini Countryman

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"Thanks for all the help with my dealer trades. Its reassuring knowing I can call anytime with all my transport needs and they just get it done." - Tom O’Connor, McGrath Lexus

Westmont, IL to Boca Raton, FL - $949

Car Photo

2016 Lexus LS460

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"I can’t say thank you enough! They gave me a quote really fast and picked up my car much sooner than I had expected. I had my Pacifica shipped from Oregon to Illinois, they had it to me in 5 days! Excellent communication from the company and the driver along the way, I had no worries at all! To top it off they gave me the best quote around! Very pleased with my experience!" - Traci Kessell

Clackamas, OR to E Saint Louis, IL - $1229

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2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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Is an open carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport? 

Enclosed transport in Laguna Beach and San Diego costs more, but you get a lot for your money - making it an overall good price. The best description for it is “first class” vs. standard California car shipping, which is like flying coach. If the type of vehicle you’re shipping is the brand new baby you researched through Motortrend and you’ve been saving up for, or if it’s an exotic car transport to a customer, you’re wise to consider this service. This service is greta for dealers or private individuals.moving cars laguna beach

There are fewer auto moving companies with closed carriers than open vehicle haulers, plus you’re getting a lot of extra TLC, so the added expense is usually reserved for car enthusiasts with a luxury transport or other exclusive vehicle transfers. But if it’s nothing like a classic car transport, just a family van you found on AutoTrader, open air carriers work well for those kinds of shipping services in Laguna. But in the case of lightweight vehicles, such as motorcycles and golf cart transport, we recommend an enclosed vehicle trailer.

Open carriers keep your costs down, but they stack 7-10 cars per haul, and your vehicle may get exposed to sun, rain, snow and dirt along the way.

Whichever way you decide to ship your car, we can guarantee you're getting the best price with the best value - so you'll have a great experience from beginning to end.

Interested in a free quote for your booking? We offer instant competitive auto transport moving quotes on our site - just fill out a quick online form.

Why choose us for vehicle transport to or from Laguna Beach?

There are auto transport companies in Laguna Beach that might get your vehicle where it needs to go, but our 30 years experience in the car business means you’re getting reliable auto transport at the best price. Not only do we have connections to broker the best deal, we guarantee you the price on the all-inclusive quote you get from us. Our Quick Quote System is a way for you to get all the information up front, and you can be sure it’s locked in for 14 days.

If you’d like to read reviews from our customers – who have rated us an average of 4.6 out of 5 – visit our website for their comments. Whether you check out our Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as a professional auto transport company because of our guarantee of a good price and great experience.

Do you have unusual circumstances and move requirements? Car shippers are not all the same. As an auto transport broker, we've successfully completed the transport of every vehicle imaginable, from Mini-Coopers to Caterpillars, and with values in every price point imaginable. Shipping cars is what we do.

move truck laguna beachWant an auto transport quote? Give us a call or fill out our easy online form for instant pricing. I am sure you can't wait to cruise down Pacific Coast Highway parallel to the seven-mile stretch of sand or maybe you can't wait to get the vehicle register and get you personalized license plate so you can drive it up to SF and cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

Am I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

You know enough from L.A. and San Diego freeways to see that sometimes stuff happens, so you’re probably wondering about the kind of insurance you need when you hire a company in the car transport industry.

Your California auto transport quote from us includes insurance, along with our vow to seek out the best value and timing for your delivery. In the event there’s any sort of damage or a dispute with the carrier, we carry the insurance. It’s available from the time you book the service, but your card isn’t charged until your vehicle is picked up.

Are you using nationwide auto transport to move to a new home? According to the Federal Safety Carrier Administration, household goods are not allowed to be shipped inside the vehicle. The only items allowed to remain inside are items pertaining to the vehicle. Everything else will need to be removed for the safety of your car and the driver.

We are always open and honest, and welcome your concerns and feedback. We want you to be 100% happy with the entire process – from the time your vehicle leaves the Golden State to the time it arrives on the other end.

You can be worry free when the seemingly awesome task of California auto transport comes your way. With our service, we’re convinced you’ll find the experience is a smoother ride than you expect.

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