Transporting your electric car versus driving across the country

Do you need to move your electric vehicle to the other side of the country? Perhaps you are moving to a new home, or just relocating for a while and need to take your electric car.


There happens to be advantages and disadvantages to driving across the country or arranging transport for your electric vehicle. The first thing to know is that it is definitely possible to drive your electric vehicle long distances! Volkswagen set out to demonstrate that one of its electric cars could manage a 6,700 mile expedition across the country.

Volkswagen managed to drive an ID.4 electric car across the country, making stops in cities such as Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco. They stopped to charge the vehicle 32 times over the course of their journey, as the vehicle has approximately 250 miles of range. This is something to bear in mind about driving the car yourself - allow plenty of time for recharging!

So, if you have the time available to take a leisurely cross-country drive with your electric vehicle, it is more than possible. However, if you need a speedier solution, you could definitely look at vehicle transport.

Here are the main things to remember about shipping your electric vehicle across the country:

  • Take steps to reduce the danger of transporting lithium ion batteries. It is well-known that lithium ion batteries can catch fire or explode when overheated. This has been seen to occur in smartphones, laptops and other devices. Since the battery in your electric vehicle is much larger, the manufacturer should take preventative measures like liquid cooling systems and battery protection against collisions. A professional vehicle transport service will know how to move your electric vehicle safely.
  • Using a professional company is usually the safest and fastest option. Although you will need to pay for their services, an auto transport company can move your electric car safely and securely across the entire country.
  • You don’t need to do much yourself. All you need to do is make sure your lithium ion battery is secured correctly before shipping. You don’t even need to drain it beforehand. Simply clean and empty your vehicle of any valuables, and take a note of your car’s condition before handing it over to the courier.

It is clear that transporting your own electric vehicle can be seriously time-consuming, or even dangerous. Leave it to a professional auto transport company to ship your electric vehicle safely.

Jack Vale is a writer in partnership with Faxage online faxing service.

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