Do Cars That Park in Garages Last Longer?

Do you keep your car sheltered inside a warm garage, or outdoors exposed to the elements? You might not be surprised to learn that cars parked inside garages are better protected from being worn down by the weather! Not to worry though - you can still expect your car to last for years if you keep it outdoors.


This is not a hard and fast rule, however. You should also be aware that storing your car in a garage in cold climates can accelerate rust problems

Let’s explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of keeping your car inside a garage: 

  • Keeping your car inside a garage can increase resale value. This is simply because it is more protected from the elements, so is more likely to remain in a good condition when it comes to its paint job and the condition of the engine.
  • It can reduce the impact of rain on your car. From reducing unsightly streaks to preventing a build-up of rust in your engine or exhaust, keeping your car inside a garage obviously limits exposure to rain!
  • Be careful in colder climates! It is not always advised to park your car inside a garage in freezing temperatures. If you move your car from cold air into warm, unventilated air, several issues can occur.

These issues arise because your car does not get the opportunity to dry properly with air flow it would receive if it were outdoors. This moisture can lead to road salt becoming retained in your car’s engine and making slush cling to your vehicle. Of course, added moisture also contributes to rust, even becoming a problem inside the car if the moisture finds a way in.

To prevent these issues happening in colder climates, make sure you give your car a wipe-down with a towel to get rid of the excess moisture before parking it in your garage. If you do not leave your car covered in condensation, you can park your car in your garage in all climates!

  • Your engine will stay well-lubricated. Parking your car inside a garage means your car will always experience the same temperatures when parked. This means that engine oil and other fluids will be kept stable, contributing to a smooth running of your engine.

Jack Vale is a writer in partnership with fencing manufacturer Viking Fence.

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