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moving car tucsonDo you head to Tucson from New York every winter, but this time, want to bring your golf cart?

Or are you a new graduate of the Air Force Academy and just got assigned to Davis-Monthan, so now you have to get yourself, your gear ... and your motorcycle, of course – to Tucson?

If you’re a dealer, a family, a student, or an individual, with a Fiat, a Ferrari or an F-150 – we can do your car transport in Tucson. It can be hard to use your own best judgment when choosing an appropriate agency to ship your vehicle, but we make it easy!

How much does it cost to ship a car in Tucson?

There are certain aspects of your quote that affect the total. Are you a parent needing to send the Jeep to your daughter at the University of New York? Needless to say, it’ll cost more than if she went to University of Arizona (wishful thinking).

Are you needing luxury car transport from Tucson? Go to the BBB website to see we get it done. In the case of expensive or rare vehicles, you want the car protected as it's shipped across the United States, so you probably want enclosed shipping.

Is it a corporate relocation and you have to start on Monday? You can pay extra to use our express transport service, where you have more control over deadlines.

Are you a Stargate West resident? We offer a discount to active military and their families when they ship a car, truck or SUV. It’s our thanks to you for serving.

With our Quick Quote system, which enables you to find out the cost online with an easy online form, but even better – we guarantee you that price for two weeks! The industry average price lock promise is about 7 days.

How long does vehicle transport take from Tucson?move truck tucson

Are you in a hurry? We'll do our best to accommodate your move date with excellent car shipping service. We can offer you 24-hour pick-up most of the time, using our express auto transport service. For standard vehicle shipping in the state of Arizona we can usually get to you from 2 days to a week, and the time needed for the car relocation depends on several factors. Our BBB business profile will confirm that since 2003 we have not had any complaints.

Specifically, where your car shippers have to go affects your timeline. If it’s a major artery – like I-8 straight to San Diego – that’s a pretty speedy route due to the high volume of transactions for it. But if your company’s sending you to Crested Butte, Colorado, it could take longer to get your car shipment.

Are you crossing the Rockies? Ascending mountainous terrain takes time, plus if your vehicle’s going through winter weather sometimes auto shippers experience delays.

Handing over the wheel to us - car shipping experts - enables you to get back to your golf game or visit another art gallery - or the Grand Canyon even! Let our transport coordinators know if you have specific needs or move requirements pertaining to your delivery schedule.

move car tucsonWe do motorcycle shipping and truck transport in Tucson.

Did you enjoy puttering around in your golf cart so much that you want to bring it home with you to Duluth or New York or Washington? We can provide you with golf cart transport from Tucson to your house – with door to door service.

We are not just a transport company for cars – we also arrange for shipment of all types of vehicles in a variety of situations.

Do you have trucks in El Presidio Historic District that need moving? Whether they need to go to a construction site or they won’t start and need to be hauled somewhere for repairs, we have the equipment to transport almost any size. We can ship a truck in Tucson, even those with camper shells or lift kits.

Did you buy a Harley this year, but found a Kawasaki you’d rather own – but it’s in New York? You can ship a motorcycle to Tucson through us with the same process as a car.

Did you get a corporate relocation, but someone in your family uses a handicap van? We provide van transport of hundreds of those with handicap ramps every year.

Looking for an instant car shipping quote? We can provide you with a free auto transport quote right on our site, or give us a call. Or do you need additional car shipping information? We also offer free online car shipping resources throughout our site. Even more questions? Call us! We can guarantee the accuracy of information given, always - it's just a matter of policy.

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"Great doing business with! Very helpful and did all they could to get us the vehicle promptly! The cost was only $379 from Dallas area to San Antonio for a Commercial van…" - George Gonzales

Dallas, TX to San Antonio, TX - $399

Car Photo

2005 Ford E350 Cargo Van

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"As a Fleet Manager, I look for a company that is efficient, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective. For the past 4 years, I've used ECS for all our Fleet Vehicle Transportations needs. I can honestly say that I have not had any issues with any of our vehicles not arriving safely or in a timely manner to their final destination. David Miszti and his team are a "Class Act" all around. Thank you for all that you do." - Maria Diaz, ENGIE Services, U.S

Pasadena, CA to Roseville, CA - $699

Car Photo

2018 Chevrolet 2500 with Utility Bed

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"Picky buyer, pleasant delivery. Thanks again for making sure everything went so smooth with this delivery. Another happy buyer. You guys make it seem so simple." Cross country transport made easy. - Corey Wallace, Sales Rep, Jaguar of Dallas

Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL - ENCLOSED - $1399

Car Photo

2016 Jaguar F-Type

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"I needed to move my car from NJ to CA, over the Christmas holiday. I didn't even think about the fact that drivers might be taking time off during that time to spend with THEIR families, making the days available for transport quite challenging. David and his team were able to make suggestions that were workable for both me and the drivers. My car was picked up & delivered on the scheduled dates (that was not the case for my coworkers using other companies!). They were even kind enough to hold the car for a couple of days until I arrived. All at a very reasonable cost. I would gladly recommend them and use them again if needed. Thanks to all at ECS!!" - Nicole Wojdyla

Newark, NJ to Newport Beach CA - $1639

Car Photo

2020 Jaguar F-Type

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"I'm a private buyer who is doing car sales as a hobby and this company is perfect as far as price and service." - Yacoub Nasrallah

Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD - $1199

Car Photo

2011 Toyota Sienna

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"David at Easy Car Shipping saved us! We originally had a booking with a different company that fell through. I reached out to Easy Car Shipping only 1 week before we had to have the car shipped, David responded within minutes and said he would try to get a driver (this was during the 4th of July weekend). He was very honest and informed me that it would cost a little extra because the prices had gone up. He did not require any deposit of any kind. Our deadline came and we still didn't have a carrier for our car, so David offered to store our car at their location in Santa Ana until he could secure a carrier, at no extra cost. We finally got a carrier and our car was picked up only two days after we left. We were told about 7 days of delivery (cross country, from CA to NJ). The car came 2 days ahead of schedule! David, thank you so much for your help! I could not be more pleased with your exceptional service!!" - Patrick Bell

Fairlawn, OH to Hollywood, CA - $1489

Car Photo

2012 BMW X3

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"Thanks Judi. You made it simple and easy to transport our van to our daughter going to school in MI. I'll be calling you back when she graduates!" - Terry Boucher

Tampa, FL to Detroit, MI - $989

Car Photo

2013 Honda Odyssey

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Is an open car carrier right for me – or should I choose enclosed auto transport?

If you’re a dealer with an out-of-state customer base, you may be wondering how you can safely get cars to their buyers in perfect condition. Do you sell Honda sedans and older model SUVs? Most car transport services are fine for your average vehicle.

Do you broker cars like Citroens or 1970s Corvettes? For classic car shipping, and for a luxury car like a new, top-of-the-line Audi, you really want the protection of enclosed car transport, instead of an open carrier. The vehicle gets more TLC and fewer cars are transported together. An open auto transporter can stack about 7-10 on a trailer, while enclosed carriers transport 2-6 at a time.

ship car tucson

Most car transport companies would suggest you use the enclosed service for exotic car transport in Tucson and surrounding zip code also. Do you like to spend time surfing the internet, doing research on cars like Bentleys and Bugattis? For vehicles valued at $70,000 and above, we recommend using enclosed transport. It costs more, but you keep it from the damage you can get with rain, hail, dirt, and sun exposure. So if you're a luxury car dealer shipping to a customer, give that car a car wash, ship it enclosed, and surprise your client when the vehicle rolls out of the trailer in perfect quality.

Want to know more about pricing and car transport quotes? Give us a call or check out our site to get your free quote. We offer competitive auto transport moving quotes for any vehicle you need shipped no matter how you need it shipped. Have questions? Call us! We always guarantee accuracy of information given.

Why choose Easy Car Shipping for vehicle transport in Tucson?

When you look into auto transport companies in Tucson to et your car to

California to New York, how can you tell if you’re getting reliable auto transport? One good way is to look at what their clients say about auto moving companies. Take a look at the online reviews our previous customers posted. We’ve maintained a reputation for high performance and great customer service as a broker. We earn an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars regularly. Whether you take a look at our Yelp or even the Better Business Bureau, you'll see our notable reputation as an auto transport broker.

Not only are you getting an added measure of competence and experience from an industry leader, you’re getting a good deal for it with our auto transport quotes. Our Quick Quote 14-day guarantee is a favorite feature of most of our customers.

We have 30 years of experience in the industry and know a lot about cars! We can guarantee all accuracy of any information given about your transport - it's a matter of policy.. We follow through to see your job done right, so you won’t (and your car won’t) get left stranded. If you purchased the car of your dreams on ebay, you want it to get to you in one piece with door to door service. That’s what we do – provide you with quality auto transport to Tucson. And if you’re the seller, we do the same in reverse! Our BBB business profile will show our company's size, complaint information, nature of complaints, and our firm's responses. The BBB is an excellent resource to look up business profiles. Following auto transport delivery, we welcome your online review.

moving cars tucsonAm I fully insured on the transport vehicle during auto shipping?

You want your car protected – of course! That’s why we only garner drivers with professional licensing and adequate insurance to cover an unlikely event during the shipping process. You’ll find it in the original quote you receive from us. Look at it this way – you wouldn’t travel without insurance, and we feel the same way. Professional car movers need to have proof of insurance coverage or we won’t use them at Easy Car Shipping. You can have that added peace of mind knowing it’s in place. We can always guarantee accuracy of any information given, because we know how the industry works with our high volume of transactions.

A military man (ask about our discount!) or a student at U of A – either way, you have our undivided attention. Keeping your vehicle in forward motion with a minimum of hassles is our goal. We want your satisfaction.

Finding a car shipping company with professional licensing in Tucson isn’t that easy to find, especially when you have high standards. So it's always good to use your own best judgment when searching through reviews to find the appropriate agency. Deciding to transport your vehicle through Easy Car Shipping is a decision for seasoned professionals and solid communication with you for the duration of the job. You can trust the quality of our work as well as a good relationship. We're among the best auto transport companies across the contiguous states.

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